Hey guys! Just wanted to say THANKS FOR READING my last fanfic! So, this is something i´ve been thinking about since I finished "Looking for Paradise". I´d have loved to publish it before but I could only find the time to sit and write this morning. So, basically it´s about several Wemma situations after they decide to start a relationship. This first chapter happens a week later they spent the first night together.

The upcoming chapters will be updated soon (as I find the time to write them… I have lots of ideas!). They will be published in chronologic order, but the time line is gonna be a little blurry, so I apologize in advanced for the future inconsistencies.

I wanna thank Nicole (ma1teo) and Ruby (glorifiedgleek) for reading it and helping me correct all the mistakes!




There were only two more weeks left until classes were finally over. Most of the kids were not present at school anymore so the halls and classrooms were practically deserted. Teachers were still going to school as they always had and were working late as the students records had to be completed. Willwas not the exception. He always left that boring and long work until last minute, hoping Figgins would forget to ask him to deliver the papers to
the guidance counselor.

Emmawas actually very busy, because just like Willall the school staff procrastinated and refused to submit their papers on time. The truth was she forgot about her boyfriend irresponsibility as she was distracted by the reading, collecting, organizing and filling out the students' records. Her desk was stacked with 2 huge piles of folders: done and to read. The
"done" pile was very minimal compared to the other pile and that freaked her

She sighed when she realized all the work that needed to be done before classes was finally completed. For the rest of the week her routine hadn't changed at all. Every morning some teacher came with a new pile of folders, she smiled gently not really saying what she was thinking ("Why didn´t you do your paperwork before instead of driving me insane now?"). She had skipped lunch, got a quick visit from Willwho asking her why she hadn't join him during the recess or telling her something that worried him, and then she kept on working. The truth was she was pushing herself more than she should of and she just wasn't very good at handling pressure.
Little by little her OCD tendencies started to appear in small details of her routine: lining her pencils with the books, wasting more Kleenex's to clean any surface, rubbing her hands with alcohol more times a day.
On Thursday, Will knocked at her door again, this time earlier than usual,
"Hey, gorgeous" he said to her with a smirk as he came in. He was carrying at least 15 folders. This is great, just great, Emma thought.
"Hi, Will" her voice sounded tired, "Are these…?" she intended to ask.
"Yeah… sorry it took longer than it should have," he said placing the folders on her desk and taking a seat.
"It´s okay," she lied as she stood up and rearranged her desk meticulously. Maybe too meticulously.
"Em…?" Will asked her cautiously, "You okay?"
"Aha…," as she said that she hadn't stopped shifting things around. She was clearly hiding something but he had no intention of pushing her. Now was not the time or the moment to discuss this.

"Let´s do something," he said to her causing her to lift her head to look at him. He continued, "Why don´t you come over tonight? I´ll cook and you can relax just for today. And tomorrow you start fresh. You know there´re no classes tomorrow, right? The school is being intensely cleaned."
"Uhm, I don´t know, Will" she said to him looking at the piles of folders on her desk; as every minute passed it became larger. She then continued, "If I go I know I´ll end up sleeping there and all my stuff is at home… "
"Fair enough" he cut her off as he lifted her hand, "then I´ll go to your condo and cook for you."
She remained in silence, as she wasn´t really sure if it was a good idea. There were a lot of things to be done, plus if he came over then she had to clean her apartment, plus she had therapy sessions with Dr. Begler after school.
"Em…?" he smiled at her but she could see concern in his eyes. Will stood up and walked to her until he was facing her, "I´ve missed you these last few days, let me… let me see you tonight, please? We´ll just relax a little…"
"Ok…" she said with a sigh; not that she didn´t want to see him, but his visit was something more to "worry" about. "Do you wanna come at 6?"
"I´ll see you then…. And don´t worry about buying anything. I'll bring everything I need," he said while placing a soft kiss on her lips and leaving her office.


Dr. Begler was pleased to know Emma finally took a chance with Will and dared to push her boundaries. She knew sex was complicated for her, but apparently Emma was ready to start a relationship with him. But this session she could see how nervous Emma was; her voice was about to crack and her hands moved nervously.
"Tell me what´s worrying you" Dr. Begler asked her softly, "is something related with the fact you and Will had sex?"
"Oh no…!" she shook her head "That… that was wonderful" she confessed slightly blushing, "he was… perfect, so gentle... now I see he´s the only man I could have been with… It´s just, it´s been a terrible week. I have so much to do until classes are over and every colleague insists to bring me what I need in the last minute… including Will"
"And I know he didn´t mean to do that, but it just bothers me… Why couldn´t he write his papers before? It´s… disappointing. Plus he wants to see me tonight… I mean he told me he wants to see me, to cook for me to make me feel good… And I want to, too, but you see, I- uhm…" Emma started rambling as she rubbed her hands together.
"Ok, Emma calm down"
"And my OCD" she said almost in a whimper, "I just can´t control it anymore… even Will noticed it"
"Emma, have you told him how you feel?"
"No" she confessed looking down "You need to start telling him how you feel… He´s your boyfriend after all, right?" Emma nodded, "You need to tell each other what´s going on in your
heads in order to make the relationship work. When you start getting things off your chest you´ll be able to control your OCD." Dr. Begler sentenced firmly, "He´s not going to leave you just because you tell him you´re mad at him." It seemed that Dr. Begler had read her mind, "and the same goes to him…".


Will got to Emma´s condo on time. He was carrying two bags with veggies, fruits, wine and candies.
"Hi, Em" he said as he came in and kissed her cheek, "how are you?"
"I was working…" she replied with monotony, "You?"
"Excited" he told her from the kitchen while he started preparing everything, "I found this great recipe on the internet"
"Good…" She closed her eyes, trying to control her breathing. What the hell is going on with you, Emma?, "Will, do you mind if I continue with what I was doing? I really…"
"Em… " He seemed a little disappointed, "Ok" he sighed, "but you´ll relax later, promise?" She nodded in respond and disappeared behind the office´s door.

Almost an hour later and 6 records finished, Willentered the room with two glasses of wine. "Hey" he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck smoothly, smelling her scent, "Dinner is almost done, why don´t we go to the living?"
"In a minute," her voice seemed empty and inexpressive. Her hands never touched him as she continued typing.
"Em…?" he looked for her eyes, but she avoided him, "OK, what´s wrong?"
"I just wanna finish this," she replied softly looking at him, but the truth was that wasn´t it at all. "I´ll be there in a min, ok?"
He left the room with a sigh, knowing she wasn´t being honest. He knew that look she gave him, there was something more. It was incredible. They were doing so great and suddenly everything was sticky; she didn´t talk, she was being avoidant, and clearly there was something bothering her but she didn´t have the… courage? to say it. He exhaled all the air inside him to release the tension. Calm down, don´t get frustrated he kept saying to himself.

Emmacame back a few minutes later to find the table set and dinner waiting for in the kitchen cleaning some dishes. He heardEmmaserving dinner so he stopped what he was doing to meet her.

"Are you done?" he questioned as he sat and started eating.

"Not quite" she eat as well, "wow, this is very good, Will"

"Glad you like it" he smiled at her and even when she smiled him back, he could see the tiredness in her eyes.

Dinner was more silent than usual. They picked up the dishes and cleaned everything. Frustration was growing insideWill, as he was doing his best to makeEmmafeel better, but it wasn´t working. She was sitting in the couch with her notebook on her lap.

"I thought you said you´d relax" he told her walking into the living with two cups of tea. He placed them on the coffee table and kissed her on the lips.

"I´m relaxed" she lied, her hands were a little shaky.

"What´s going on?" he asked her not moving an inch off her, "and don´t say nothing", Em. We both know that´s a lie" he wasn´t smiling anymore.

"I´m just tired" she looked down

"Then let´s go to sleep" he told her almost in a whisper

"No, I can´t…! I have to finish this… and I´m not gonna be able to do it if I relax and if everyday someone comes to my office with more folders…" she was about to burst into tears.
Will caught the underlying message away. He knew he had taken too long with his papers and he apologized toEmma; but he didn´t know she was actually mad at him.

"Why didn´t you tell me?" he wanted to know locking his eyes with hers. She didn´t answer, "I can´t fix things if I don´t know why are you upset, if you keep pushing me away."
"I´m not pushing you away," she sniffed.

"Really?" he asked her sarcastically, "I think you´re doing it now" she closed her notebook and stood up moving away fromWill. "Why didn't you say anything?" he asked her taking her wrist, Just say, "WillI´mmad at you so we can talk about it."

Emmalooked at him, eyes covered in tears, "I´m not mad at you, I´m mad at myself." Will looked at her not believing his ears. She continued, "I´m mad at myself because I can´t believe I´m putting you through this just because I´m not able to say what bothers me. Because I swallow every single feeling I have and because I´m going insane just because of some stupid records. And I didn´t have the guts to tell you that you should have brought me your stuff before" she breathed, "but that was just what made me explode … It´s stupid. I´m stupid."
Will brought her closer to embrace her little frame, "You´re not stupid" he reassured her massaging her back, "I´m just a jerk… I-I should have seen you were not doing ok. And I should have been more responsible. You´re right to be upset with me… Just, please you have to tell me when you feel like this, ok?"

She nodded, letting him hold her body. It felt so warm, so calm. She sighed, relaxing under his arms. "Don´t leave tonight," she asked him in a murmur.

"I wasn't gonna to" Will teased her, squeezing her body. He sat on the couch bringing her with him and he kissed her lips as tenderly as before. His lips dance among hers, "you need to get things off your chest, Em" he muttered between kisses.

"I know…" she whispered kissing him back

"I´m waiting" he teased her again pushing her nose with his. She bit her lip,

"C´mon, you know you want to," he chuckled.

"Will you´re so irresponsible… " she said closing her eyes, "how didn´t you notice I was going insane…? I felt you didn´t think about me…" a single tear felt down her cheek, "and I know I´m over react…"

He crushed his lips against her mouth, "I´m always thinking about you. And I know I was being irresponsible… just didn´t think all the school staff were too" he let out a small laugh, "Could you forgive me?"

She nodded, "I´m sorry too… I promise I´ll tell you every time something bothers me, ok?"

"Deal" he kissed her again.

"Now I´m gonna continue" she said intending to get up, but Will stopped her and brought her sited on the cough again-

"What on earth do you think you´re doing?"Emmastarted to stammer, "I don´t think you got what I told you…"

"Will I have to…"

"The only thing you need now is to relax, go to bed, get some rest and start fresh in the morning" he cut her, lifting her and taking her to the bedroom.

"Will put me down!" she giggled shaking her legs so he would put her down. But he didn´t go to the bedroom. Instead he headed to the bathroom and satEmmaon the toilet as he prepared the bathtub, "I´m not taking a bath now… I already did," she looked at him smiling cautiously.

"You´re not taking a bath, I´m giving you one" he told her with a grin.

Emma´s eyes opened wide as her cheeks tinged red.

"You… uhm- I-uhm.," she stutter nervously.

"Come" he told her bringing her on her feet. "Let´s get you undressed" he took his shirt off and started unbuttoning Emma´s blouse, "Em, I´m not trying to have sex with you," he let her know noticing her stiffness.

"Oh..?" she was surprised

"No" he laughed, "I´m trying to get a relaxing bath with my girlfriend", he took her blouse off, revealing her white bra.

"Ok" she said noticing her own shyness. Willundressed himself and got into the bathtub. She just stared at him She really was awe by his body; perfect arms, pecs and abs. It was like he had been sculpted based on a Greek god description. And she…well, she was skinny, no boobs, only hips.
She took her skirt off, facing him only in her underwear. She rubbed her hands with apprehension: it was ridiculous, why did she felt so exposed? It´s not the first time he sees her naked. Thought it was a whole different situation.

"Em…?"Willtook her out of her thoughts, "you ok?"

"Yeah… it´s, I don´t think you´ve seen me naked like… this… before" she rubbed her cheek unaware where to put her hands. For her surprise, Willstood up, revealing his naked body to her. His entire body. Emmalet out a silent gasp and locked her eyes with his.
"There…" he told her taking her hands between his, "now you´re in advantage. I´m naked, you´re not" he smiled, "you don´t have to be embarrassed, you know that right? I love you, all of you"

"I love you too" she replied unclipping her bra and letting it land on the floor. And then her panties went join it. She gave him a shy smile as she got in the bathtub with him. He rested his back on the tub and broughtEmmato rest her back on his chest, between his legs. She sighed when the hot water covered her body. The smell of the bubbles was extremely pleasant, not to mention Will´s body embracing her.

"Do you want to me to tie your hair up so it doesn´t get wet?" he asked her softly caressing her neck as he pulled her hair up. She nodded so he held it in a chignon. "There" he placed little kisses on her bare neck asEmmatotally relaxed her body against his chest, letting all her weight rest on him. She sighed again, closing her eyes.

"Thanks" she told him looking, "I really needed this"

"No problem" he kissed her neck again. Next he took a sponge and covered it with liquid soap until it was the white and scented lather was all over it, "Here you go" he said rubbing her neck softly, letting the bubbles cover her skin.

Emma let out a low moan, and bent her neck so he could spread the soap over the rest of her skin. She leaned forward exposing her freckled back and felt Will´s hand tracing circles between her blades and along her spine. She pressed herself against Willagain as he kept on rubbing the sponge along her arms until he reached her collar bone. Emmalooked at him over her shoulder, knowing what he was thinking. His hand was still resting on her chest, not knowing if he should move it. He didn´t want to take advantage because he knew she was really stressed. The truth was Emma was giving him that look and it was becoming pretty hard for him to keep it cool. She pressed herself against him again, gluing her back to his chest, and bite her lower lip sheepishly.

Will chuckled and brushed his lips against hers as he rubbed the sponge through her breasts. Little by little the kiss became more heated and moist and Willbrushed his tongue against her upper lip, demanding for entrance which she immediately conceded. Emmacupped his face with one of her hands as Willkept making bubbles and moving his hand south. When he reached her lower abdomen, Emmastopped him and took the sponge off, placing it on the border of the bathtub and positioning his hand back on her belly. Willsmiled against her lips as his hand started to trace patterns on her skin. Her breathing had become unsteady just by feeling his hand move and his growing erection pressed against her bottom. When his fingers made contact with her most intimate part, she moaned his name bucking her hips against his hand. He slowly slid a finger in her and stroked her deepening the kiss. She moved her hips following his rhythm and when he introduced a second finger in her, she moaned again.

"Will…" she murmured with heavy voice, "I need you."

With no hesitation he stood up bringing Emmawith him. He lifted her and walked to the bedroom placing her wet body on the bed. "Wait, I need to…" he took a condom from his trousers pocket and rolled it along his length. He pressed his body against her as she wrapped her arms on his neck, bringing him closer. Before he could even notice, Emmahad swathed her legs around his waist, urging him to keep going. And he did; he entered her slowly at the beginning but she was greedy, she needed more. Will noticed this by the way she pressed him firmly against her core and he moved on top of her, increasing the friction as much as he could.
"Oh, god, Em…" he groaned burying his face on her neck. Her sudden appetite was bringing him very close to the edge. She smiled, biting her lower lip to suppress a loud moan from coming out. They reached a steady rhythm right away and in a second his groans were filling her kissed her neck as harder than ever, sucking her skin with passion while Emma´s fingers came across his curls, bringing him closer if possible.

"Will…" she moaned announcing she couldn´t take it anymore. The increasing friction and his heavy breath was enough to make her reach a great pick of heat. He wasn´t going to last longer either so he pushed himself deeper causing her to whine in pleasure. She arched her back allowing him better access before she reach her orgasm and after his lasts pushes Emma´s walls started collapsing around him and with one last thrust he released inside her. He buried his face in her neck again, as he tried to recover the held her tightly, now her body relaxed.

He pulled away after a few moments and rested his back on the headboard, bringing her to lean on top of him. With uneven breathing she started giggling.

"What?" he asked her smiling

"I thought you weren´t trying to have sex with me" she teased him tightening her grip.
"I wasn´t!" he defended himself, "you provoked me…"

"Don´t blame me" she giggled. They remained in silence for a seconds, "still, I feel pretty relaxed now, so I guess I can´t actually complain"

"Maybe you just needed to take all that tension away" he teased her back.
"Maybe"Emma replied with a grin before closing her eyes and letting herself be taken by dreams.