Here you go! Part II! I´ve really tried to work on Will´s POV this time, so I hope I please you all! Future angst and adult content!

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Will´s POV.

If he had to be perfectly honest with himself, he absolutely disliked the fact Emma wasn´t at McKinley any more. Yes, it was selfish of him; but those feelings kept cropping out on him as weeks passed.

At first both of them were excited, especially Emma. She seemed nervous but her determination to be good at her new job and her optimism for this new step they were facing told Will he had to swallow his feelings and silenced his disagreements.

After having an honest conversation, both had decided he would take fewer students during the afternoon and in addition she wouldn´t stress and take her job as easy as she could. That understanding worked perfectly fine at the beginning.

He would go to St. George´s to pick her up for the occasional lunch during week. They would send each other cute and corny texts saying how much the missed being around each other. It was true; Will longed for the end of the school day terribly; even sometimes, his eyes were fooled by someone´s silhouette walking across McKinley hallways.

But missing her that much made their encounters much more passionate and loving. Every evening, when she walked in the apartment looking tired and glad to be finally home, he hurled himself towards her, like it had been weeks without her presence.

"Will!" she would exclaim with giggles against his mouth, every time he did that, "Well, hello…". Initially, Will recognized, despite the little down he felt, Emma working somewhere else had been a positive change in their relationship.

However, after a month Will started noticing his fiancée more beleaguered. Every day, after 4 he had personal Spanish students which he had previously agreed with Emma he would keep teaching. Then he would drive home and wait a couple of minutes until she arrived. But it was Friday already and she had been getting home later every day.

He sighed in frustration, knowing exactly what was going to happen in the following months, but also optimistically thinking this was just a special time of the year that kept Emma so busy.

C´mon, now… Stop it. He told himself. She´s happy, why can´t you be happy for her?

He was happy for her; extremely happy. But he also felt distressed and selfish.

"Will…?" Emma´s voice came from the living room.

"Right here!" he answered from the kitchen. He didn´t throw himself on her that occasion. His own egotism made him gross. But there wasn´t a chance he would tell her.

"Hey…" Emma said softly after plating a single kiss on his cheek.

"How was your day?" he tried to look natural.

"Exhausting" a deep breath came out her mouth, "I´m so tired…" her eyes flew to the vegetables he was chopping, "You didn´t have to…" she muttered, "but thanks"

"No prob" Will replied with a smile and then took a bit of the carrot he was slicing and introduced it in her mouth, "Go take a shower. Dinner will be ready in 20"

Emma´s POV

Talking to Figgins in the first place had been harder than Emma thought. He was quite shocked when she told him she would leave McKinley and even when she was determinate to make that decision, the Principal had made it very difficult for her. But she also knew he couldn´t possibly offer the salary St. George High School could.

After lamenting Emma´s decision for a while, Figgins told her with a sympathetic smile, "I understand Mrs. Pillsbury. But please remember, if you ever want to come back, McKinley´s doors will be open for you"

So her life had finally taken a new course. It was scary at first; dealing and socializing with new people made her nervous, but she had adapted faster than she believed she would thanks to Dr. Begler´s help and the anxiolytics.

she had prescript Emma after a few weeks she had taken the new job.

She found her duties quite challenging at first but Mr. Johansen turned out to be a very accompanying leader; Emma thanked his assistance eternally, because he would always remain with her after school, guiding and lending a hand every time she needed one.

Quickly, her career at St. George blossomed; her work was recognized not only by her equals, but also by parents and school authorities, causing Emma to feel the work pressure she never felt at McKinley´s.

However, in opposition to her professional development, her personal life had become something she would never think. It wasn´t like this at first. In the beginning, she and Will couldn´t wait to see each other; sometimes, he would take her out for a quick lunch between classes, just because they missed each other so much. Meeting him at home, before dinner was a singular event; she loved the way he held her every time she crossed the front door. But now, after two months things were different. And she felt she wasn´t being the partner she was a time ago.

Nights had become something she could easily see on a TV show: both of them resting their backs on the headboard, each working on their own delayed paperwork, typing something on their laptops, or simply reading a book.

She found herself too tired for romantic moments, too anxious to spend one single hour making sweet love to her fiancée. That broke her heart, because even when they did, her head was somewhere else.

Soon, she found herself internally repeating almost automatically, this was for both of them. For our wedding. This sacrifice is worth it. It´s worth it. It´s worth it….

Will´s POV

Rapidly, School year reached to its end and Will couldn´t be more happy about it. It had been a rough year both for Emma and for him. Too many changes and too many responsibilities. The Glee club had had a wonderful season, and his extra students had gone from being a couple to a lot. In exchange of his accomplishment sensations he had to sacrifice weekends with Emma and evenings of entertainment. But working arduously definitively would pay back. Financially, they had progressed in comparison to months ago.

Still, if he had to make a survey of the past year, the wane of his relationship with Emma would come out above the achievements from last year. He loved her as much as always, but things had been thorny between them. And both knew it.

Fortunately, summer was a time off for both and things really changed between them during July and August. They finally were 'Will and Emma' again. No pressures, no feelings to be swallowed, no stress. The laughter, the teasing, the intimacy returned into their lives like a clean and familiar breeze. "What do you think about spring?" he asked Emma one afternoon while their tangled bodies rested together on a hammock. They were visiting Emma´s parents in Virginia once again.

"I like spring…" her naïve answer caused Will to chuckle.

"I mean for the wedding, Em"

Her eyes were bright and promising, "spring´s perfect"

"You better start looking for 'the one'…" he teased her, guessing her next reply.

"I found it long ago…" her fingers traced patters on his pecs

"When did you buy a wedding dress?" Emma laughed loudly and tightened her grip around his waist. "I´ve found the perfect place for our wedding, Em…"


During their recess, Will never mentioned how good it was to have harmony again in their lives, how pleasant it was to lay next to her and feel her body relaxed instead of the characteristic stiffness from months ago. He didn´t intend to ruin the moment.

And Will´s typical good spirit set him a trap once again because when classes commenced, everything changed for the worst all over again.

Little by little, November came to Lima and their relationship had reached a stage of 'un-said' which Will had hard times dealing with. Unpleasant feelings were unspoken, discomfort was denied. Emma never said a thing. He couldn´t tell if she didn´t realize what was going on or if she actually felt the same he did and was afraid of talking. In fact, Will felt their relationship had become something used, like if they had been together for years and they were sharing a threadbare marriage: the two of them too busy to pay attention to the other.

All the excitement and twist they had talked about during summer had vanished to give place to a monotonous routine, quite different from the one they had when they started living together. And the more Will thought about it, the more frustrated he got.

Nevertheless, he wouldn´t stop fighting for their future together. He was determinate to put up with everything that bothered him because the love he had for Emma was stronger than any distress. So, even when school year was practically reaching to its first half end and it was natural for both to be occupied with activities and staff reunions to assist, Will thought about taking Emma out for dinner. And the reason was very simple: it was a year since they move in together. Maybe it was clichéd and old fashion, but due the way things were developing he really wanted to make something special for her.

So that Thursday afternoon, Will postponed his singing classes and called to make reservations in an elegant restaurant downtown. He bought champagne and flowers and arranged the apartment to give it an intimate and romantic appearance.

You´re overworking it, William.

And maybe he was… Lately, he didn´t know what was he doing.

He called Emma around 5 in order to check at what time she might finish work. "Uhm, probably in an hour…" she had replied, her voice sounded tired.

"Ok, I´ll pick you up at 6.15. What you think?" Will asked cheerfully.

"Sure, I´ll be in my office… come straight in, you already know how to get here" she teased him, remembering the time he had got lost in the building.

"Very funny! I´ll see you in a bit"


He pulled over on St. George´s parking lot just a few minutes later than he expected, thinking that would give Emma the extra time she would probably need to finish her tasks and directed towards the pompous entrance.

Will walked across the wide hallways carrying a simple but elegant bouquet of jasmines. He knew Emma loved white delicate flowers, and jasmines perfume was something she always enjoyed.

The school was totally empty and quiet, except for a joyful giggle (which he recognized right away) resounding in the air causing his eye brows to wrinkle in confusion.

He got to Emma´s opened office and he couldn´t help his stomach to flip at the scene taking place inside. Emma was sitting behind her desk giggling like a teenager at something the Principal was saying. But what had caused his physical reaction was Johansen´s body language.

Why is he sitting on the edge of her desk with his hand over my fiancée´s shoulder?

Will coughed, still standing on the doorway, suddenly understanding how Emma felt when she saw Shania´s hands on him. Not a nice feeling at all.

"Will!" Emma greeted him spontaneously standing up, Johansen following her "Hi!"

He entered into the office timidly. He abruptly felt out of place there. It wasn´t McKinley, after all. "Hey, Em" he kissed her lips softly, "Sorry I'm a little late"

"It´s ok, I was finished already. Do you remember Peter?" she asked stepping aside so he could salute Johansen.


"Yes, of course". Will showed him his best smile. He certainly remembered him and the awful first impression 'Peter' had caused him. He couldn´t tell why, but he thought Emma´s boss was a snobbish and arrogant men, trying to look interesting. "How do you do?"

"Hello, Mr. Schuester" he replied with a displayed-teeth-smile as she shook his hand, "Let me tell you once again, what a wonderful fiancée you have"

"I know; that´s why I'm marrying her" was his half serious-half joking respond. 'Peter' didn´t reply, "So, you ready to go?" Will´s words were directed to Emma, who was looking at him in question.

"Yes, let me grab my things"


Will drove uptown in silence, Emma seated next to him. None of them said anything for moments. He didn´t know why she remained silent, but as far as he was concerned he needed a minute to swallow his pride and made no comments what so ever about her boss´s attitude.

"Uhm, Will…?" Emma called him softly. Her hands were fold on her lap, "where are we going?"

"It´s a surprise" he answered with a smile at the same time his heart clench by the realization Emma had forgotten about what day was despite she had told him she´d always remember it.

"Ok... Will…?" his name escaped her lips once more; she seemed shy, "are those- are those flowers for me?"

William, you asshole. "Oh, yes… ". He turned off the engine, due to the fact that they were there already, "These are for you" he handed her the delicate bouquet, "Hope you like them".

Emma looked at the white flowers, then at Will, "I love them… but…" her eyes traveled outside the car and opened wide at the awareness of where they were. "Oh my god, Will…", the words came out bundled.

"Happy Anniversary, Em". Will used that word on purpose, quoting the words Emma once had used. He immediately regretted it.

Emma covered her mouth, her eyes firmly closed. "Oh my God" she repeated as a flush tinted her cheeks, "I can´t believe I forgot…" her voice slightly trembled.

"It´s ok, sweetie" he tried to comfort her, struggling to dismiss the lump forming in his throat as he noticing how much this had upset her.

"No, Will… it´s not ok… I´m so sorry"

"No c´mon, Em… it´s ok, really". It wasn´t that ok, but seeing her in the edge of tears made his knees go week. "Let´s enjoy dinner, ok?"

They did. The evening went by pleasantly; Emma´s laugher and her gentle touches made him forgot how he felt about the office´s incident. Nevertheless, while they were waiting for dessert, Emma´s phone rang.

"Oh, Geez…" she whispered when she read the lightened screen, "I´m sorry… Let me take this. Hello, Peter?" she answered the call softly.

Will´s body tensed up. What the fuck does he want now?

"Yes, yes… Uhm, I'm not at home at the moment" Emma kept on speaking, sending Will apologetic look, "But I thought that was already solved… Hold on a sec" She covered the speaker, told Will she would be right back and walked away to the restaurant´s entrance, leaving Will alone.


"I told you I was sorry, Will" Emma told Will for umpteenth time when they walked in the living room, "What else was I supposed to do?"

"You could have ignored the call" his words were harsh, disguising how he really felt: hurt, ignored, not appreciated. "You could have called him when you got here…". For a reason he couldn´t understand, not even become conscious of, he was only revealing one feature of his inner whirling: anger, but not the pain Emma´s unawareness was causing him.

"I´m- I´m sorry… I didn´t know you´d get so upset. Will, it´s just a phone call"

"Just a…?" he rubbed his face with his hands, exasperated. "No, it´s not just a phone call" . He was worn-out and let his body tumble down on the couch, "Emma, I'm trying… I really am… I just-I can´t fight for this relationship for both of us…"

"I´m not asking you to…"

"But you´re acting like you don´t care, or don´t notice, I just don´t know…"

"I don´t care? Will, I´ve been working like an ass for our-"

"I know! And I´ve been too! But I never asked you to-"

"And what I was supposed to do?" her words were low although Will´s was raised with frustration.

"I don´t know… just… not this" He couldn´t structure one coherent phrase any more.

Emma´s POV

Just a phone call couldn´t be the reason of his reaction. Actually it could, but only if it unchained something that was previously there. And there was definitively something else there. She watched Will sitting on the couch for a moment. His hands massaging his temple as he tried to get a grip.

She walked toward him, taking a seat next to him. "What´s going on?"

"Are you serious?" he looked at her, like if he didn´t believe her words. "I just told you, Emma". He seemed to be done with the subject.

"I´m sorry, Will. I told you. I´m really sorry. You were right about being upset because I took the call, because I forgot about what day it is today, but there´s something else. Please, tell me. All this isn´t just because of that"

He sighed deeply and long, intending to keep his composure, "You want to know?"

"Of course. Will, listen" It was time to say it. After months of eating her feelings up, of noticing things between them were rocky, of dealing with it the way she could, "I know we´ve been through a… a rough time lately. I´m aware of that. You think I like being with you like this?" She swallowed, stabbing to keep the sobbing out of this, "I absolutely hated it. But I kept on, because of you. Of us. Because I want to marry you. And I´m willing to make this sacrifice if this leads us to a happy end together"

"Then you must be stronger than me" Will´s reply was simple. Emma stared at him with quizzical eyes. "I´m not willing to make the sacrifice, Em. I mean, I am. I´d do anything for you. But… this is killing me"

"Talk to me, please" she practically begged him. There was something hidden behind his words, something he wouldn´t dare to say, "Will… you can tell me anything…"

"I´m so proud of you" he began with low voice. "So proud of the advances you´ve made. With your therapy, with me, with your job… But…" he paused for a second before continuing and lowered his gaze, "I felt underrated. I tried to give you all the encouragement you needed, I tried to make our relationship work, to be a good teacher at school, to save money for our wedding… and I feel you were just focused on one thing. And yes, I know you were doing everything for us. And-"

"What…?" She asked when she noticed he stopped himself. "Tell me…" she squeezed his hand in support. His words still echoed in her mind. How could she have been so blind?

"And today, when I saw you with him… laughing, looking loosen up. I wondered why", a profound silence fell between them. Emma looked for Will´s eyes, but he kept on avoiding her gaze, "I wondered why you were like that at work, and so different here. I wondered why you looked at him like that…" Emma´s heart sunk. This was the first time he was this opened about his insecurities regarding other men. She didn´t know if she should feel grateful for being trusted that much, or indignant for being distrusted, "I wondered why you let him touch you" he finished with tears tossing out his eyes.

"He never touches me…" she meant to defend him, but her voice faded before she could even end. The truth was Peter was a great boss, she was comfortable around him; but then, if she thought again, this time more carefully, a series of situations between them came to her mind, which she never misread until now: accidental-and not so accidental- touches, first name calling, staying with her after work. That couldn´t be just a typical cooperative leader attitude.

But Peter wouldn´t do that. Right? He couldn´t be trying to make a move on her.

"Will…" she couldn´t think in anything to say. Doubt had plagued her mind and he felt cheated; feeling which she knew very well because she felt it once. "Will… He wouldn´t do that…". Emma didn´t know why she kept denying something plausible. And she immediately regretted it.

"Except for today"

Will´s POV

"What was I supposed to do? Tell him 'get your hands off me'?" her voice quivered again and she covered her mouth to suppress a snivel.

"Just keeping it professional or-" he replied coldly, wishing he could ask her to leave St. George, to come back to McKinley. But he couldn't possibly say something like that; he needed to let her be, but the truth was this was affecting him more than he could control it.

Emma´s whimpers filled the room, "What do you want, Will? What do you want me to do? I´ll do it… just tell me"

He turned his face to lock eyes with her and what he saw broke his heart into pieces. How everything went so wrong?. Their knees were almost touching, but there was a drained summit between them. Without a word, he curled his arms around her waist, bringing her body close to him. She let him embrace her, unwinding her muscles under his strong arms.

Will remained unspeaking for some minutes, breathing Emma´s fragrance, providing her for the warmth he had previously disallowed her.

This is what he wanted. Peace, quiet, intimacy, forgiveness, love. Nothing more.

Emma´s POV

Will holding her tight was the last thing she needed to realize what she cared for: his affectionate hands running across her back, his gentle kisses on her forehead. Simplicity was something she had always held up for. And this was simple, painless, beautiful…

"Will…" his name came out yielded from her lips, "I-I don´t want a big wedding anymore"

Her words stunned him, "What?"

"If this is what´s gonna happen to us while trying to make one… I just don´t want it"

"Em, I want you to be happy…"

"And I only want you" Her lips met his in a smooth kiss, "I´m not willing to make this sacrifice any more" she kissed him once more, this time slower, "Unless you ask me to."

Emma came across with his hazel eyes; the hurt had vanished to give peace to serenity and gratitude, and soon his mouth was firmly pressed against her lips.

"I wouldn´t ask you" he mumbled between kisses; her hands roved across her back to finally remained tangled in her red curls, "I don´t want you to"

Will´s POV

He kissed Emma with all the passion he had, her arm snaked around her, pressing himself against her lying body even more as his free hand cup her chin to hold her face. Their lips danced together with perfect cadence, licking, sucking, nibbling each mouth's.

Will pulled away for a moment longing to see her gaze, to tell her what he couldn´t minutes ago, "I didn´t mean to be the jealous boyfriend, Em. I hate being like that. It´s just… I-I can´t stand other men to looking at you the same way I do…"

"Will…" Emma´s mouth move to his jaw

"To know someone could love you, want you-"

"Will, stop it. Don´t do that" she whispered lovingly, tightening her grip around his back, "You´re the only man who can have me"

With that said, he kissed her again, this time with his mouth fully open wanting to show her how much he had to give her; how much love he could offer. Emma responded by opening her mouth as well and letting his tongue meet hers with ardor. He could hear her breathing was already labored and when his hand went down through her sides to rest on the border of her skirt, she involuntary rotated her hips encouraging him to keep stroking more skin.

"Stand up" Will commanded gracefully. He took her hand and gently pulled her up so both were kneeling on the mattress. Her eyes were dark with lust and expectation. "You´re so desirable, Em" his hands slowly slide her blouse up and over her head, exposing her smooth and freckled skin. He could never get tired of staring and kissing her, "I wish you could see what I see every time I look at you"

"Do you want me, Will?" the question was tinted with need; her fingers start undoing his pants leaving him only in his boxers. His shirt was gone a long time ago. "You have me". Will could never get tired of Emma´s boldness in bed. She could put him down on his knees just by batting her eyelashes.

His hands quickly removed her pencil skirt and lacy bra and tossed her petite frame to loll on her back. Will pressed wet kisses against her collarbone, his hands traveling south to tease with the waist band of the only cloth she wore.

Emma let out a moan when his lips closed around her breast to suck it slightly. "Will…" she panted raising her hips desperately looking for more friction. He smiled against her skin and moved himself lower, forging a line from her sternum to her belly bottom and beyond. She let out a sharp gasp when Will´s lips explored a place he had never kissed in the past. He was amazed by Emma letting him do that to her. With one quick move, he removed her panties and buried his face between her thighs, kissing, sucking the skin he had never tasted before. She called his name once more and instinctively bucked her hips on Will´s mouth. He could feel the heat from her skin and the moisture of her folds against his own lips. Emma´s howls filled his ears and felt powerful for being the only one causing to cause those noises. He kept on conquering her soft flesh, his tongue moving to her core electing a loud cry from Emma as her inner thighs shivered when she reached her orgasm.

He wanted to make her feel all the love she had been deprived for all that time; so, before she could came down from her peak, he removed the last piece of cloth he had, positioned at her entrance and pushed inside her firmly. "Oh my God…!" her back arched in relish as her cries filled the bedroom.

"Emma, my Emma…" his voice was thick against her ear and her arms looped around his neck and so did her legs on his hips, shortening the few inches separating them, gluing their muggy skin even more. She joined him by swinging her hips along and he pushed inside her again as his hands roved along her sides until he reached the inner side of her arms and gently pulled them over her head and tangled their fingers together. Her mouth twirled into a delight grin and bit her lip trying to delay the imminent orgasm about to strike her once more. Will felt her walls start shuddering around him and his thrust became more powerful every passing second.

"Will, Will" she kept repeating his name as her moans of release filled his ears, pulling him to the edge with her. He collapsed on above of her, and so did his body; their breathing fast and patchy. Eyes locked for what seemed to be hours and lips connected in a devote kiss. "I don´t want to fight anymore" she whispered caressing his cheeks, "I just want to marry you; do this for the rest of my life with you, is that ok?"

"I love you, I love you, I love you" He said planting a kiss on her freckled skin for every word escaping his mouth. "I just want our old lives back"

"We´ll have it. I promise"