The locker door slammed shut in Helga's face as she turned to find Rhonda with a devious smile on her face. "Have a nice Spring Break, Helga?"

"Fine," she curtly replied as she turned to reopen her locker in an attempt to ignore Rhonda.

"Well, we certainly enjoyed your antics at the party last week," Rhonda said, with a derisive snort. Helga's face flushed a little, but she managed to remain stoic as she rummaged in her locker and pulled out various textbooks. "You definitely gave us quite a show," baited Rhonda.

"Hope you enjoyed it, because I know exactly what happened," Helga haughtily responded while banging her locker shut. A small laugh escaped Rhonda.

"And to think you did it all in front of Arnold! Oh what he must think of you know." Rhonda let out another tinkling laugh while Helga's face flushed even more. Next thing Helga knew, she felt a pair of lips crashing against her's as a pair of arms enveloped her body. A loud gasp that surely came from Rhonda met Helga's ears as she realized who was kissing her. She smiled and passionately kissed back before breaking apart and staring into a pair of brilliant green eyes.

"Morning, Rhonda," Arnold kindly greeted acting like his usual self.

"Uh, Arnold! Morning! Wow, uh…so are you two like a thing now?"

"We really ought to thank you actually," Helga said with a mischievous grin. "If it wasn't for your party and your so called prank, then I'm pretty sure our spring break would have been a lot less eventful."

"True. Ready to go to class?" Arnold looked at Helga with a smile as he placed his arm around her shoulder. Helga nodded and the two turned away from Rhonda, who still remained with an expression of complete surprise and bewilderment. She was so surprised by the recent turn of events that she didn't notice when Harold came up behind her.

"Whoa, so they're going out now?" Harold asked. Nodding, Rhonda turned to face him.

"I can't believe it. I sincerely thought that she would completely embarrass herself in front of him and destroy her self esteem. I can't believe we didn't crush her! Ugh, the whole prank was for nothing."

"She seems nicer though. At least she's not a mean old bully anymore from the looks of it," he observed as he attempted to pat Rhonda on the back. She swatted him away and leaned against the lockers, simpering. Nervously, Harold asked, "So, do I still get my end of the deal?"

Disgusted, Rhonda tersely replied, "Of course not you buffoon! The prank failed! Besides, why would I ever kiss y-" She was interrupted as Harold swiftly planted his lips upon her's. Rhonda fell back upon the floor as she spat and yelped in disgust. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?"

"Just fulfilling our deal, Rhonda. Besides, I know you li-" He wasn't able to finish his sentence as Rhonda had clapped her hands over his mouth. Noticing that some of their peers were looking at them, she let out a nervous laugh and quickly removed her hands.

"You dare mention that again, I will end you," she warned in a low voice before turning on her heel and walking away in a huff, leaving behind a dejected Harold.

Near the end of the hall around the corner, Helga and Arnold sniggered at the scene that had unfolded before them. "I think she got what she had coming to her," Helga whispered to Arnold, who nodded in response before lightly kissing her, causing her to melt.

"I'm glad I'm with you," Arnold breathed as they broke apart.

A sigh escaped from Helga before she responded with a soft smile, "Me too."

A/N: Thank you all for your patience! I'm sorry that it took an age for me to write the epilogue and I apologize for how short it is. Thank you again for reading this story and I hope you stay tuned for my future works! :) You're all AMAZING!