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I take my beloved flower from home. Its roots now blossom into a garden outside your window.


The strength in her fist subdued. She desperately clenched her hands but watched in starry fascination at the deadening power fall almost wickedly from the order.

"This is the only way it can be done." Rooted behind his table Haruka stared grimly at his documents. His somber crimson eyes unable to meet those of his daughter's. "I know you are angry—"

"You know nothing!" Astounding her-self by the murderous scream that echoed straight from her pained heart. "You know nothing…" Yuki whimpered, all too soon tears soaked her satin and ebullient face. "Is your title, your power all you care about? Your people, your job, your popularity—is that all you see?" She screamed.

"Lower your tone, Yuki." Haruka felt his own emotions rise in apprehension. "I know how hard it is but it's important."

"Do you see me at all, otou-chan?" Tear-free, Yuki gazed at the dominating pureblood.

"Of course, I see you, Yuki." Haruka slowly moved out of his chair. "I see you clearly."

"You don't." She snapped violently. "You don't see how much your decision is hurting me or that I'm a grown woman who doesn't want to be sold to protect your honor. No, otou-chan…" The pain was too brutal. He was too brutal. Now everything was unbearable. "In less than a minute you turned me from your daughter into a commodity to keep your label."

Then she tore away from the room. Her heart shrieking blindly but she was surefooted, her head and shoulders straight. The only trace of her ache was the betraying tear falling from the corner of her eye. The door sealed into a booming echo, locks clicked solidly further barricading Haruka's calls from breach. Guards flattened against walls as Yuki strode without a single glance of her vigilant army. When she reached the screen doors her sturdy hands nearly cracked the portal off its hinges. Yuki descended the stoned stairs and let her beautiful silk skirt pool around her legs and drag across the mud, no more caring of her physical mien.

The court ladies gaped at their red-eyed princess. Her flaring long hair fell bountifully over her shoulders and lean back. The pins dressed precisely to sculpt each hair lock fell to the ground. She was little ways into the heavenly garden her mother tended to but before she drifted into the comforting smell of jasmine, roses and sakuras she lost her will and collapsed on the grass, heaving and punching her heart as sobs chocked out of her vocal cords.

Birds within the sky traversed over the palace, crept into the garden and clamored on branches, lured by the sound. Maids galloped altogether and demanded what had unsettled her. Yuki refused to answer and turned away. So she sat like a lonely infant, searched the mysterious blue sky that spurned her questions like always. Yuki wept some more, listened to the hallow thought of having to leave home, her family, friends and leaving behind all the memories of living in the comfortable palace since she was a baby.

It was too real.

Her father had done this to her. Against her will he turned a treaty between two rival countries into kinship. The most horrible thing Haruka could do was send her away to a foreign region forever. As if exiling her out of her beloved country. In spite of the tickling tears that left an unremitting trail on her young face, in spite of her lavish gowns and sophisticated home, in spite of being blessed born a royal pureblood and in spite of the calm and loving life she led, Yuuki could easily give up everything and live a peasant's life than live elsewhere.

There was utter turmoil clouding her soul. Its black waves coarse and repugnant in its wake. She wanted to scream at the sky and at all living things and curse them for glimpsing at her ache. Yuki sputtered into sobs again, feeling her body sway from the terrain of hostility for her father and for being born a damn pureblood.

She hated everything then. How beautifully pure and strong the sky gleamed. How wonderfully soothing the birds sang. The buzzing chorus of concerned maids and her father who would rather take care of his social status than his only daughter.


"You should have consoled her." Whispered the lithe figure standing against the brilliance of the noon. She shifted and glanced back at her riveted spouse. In the shadowed office the window light faded as she did,and only the jeweled pins of her hair glowed, indicating that she was still standing there or Haruka would have no clue.

Juuri's flowering kimono glistened for a second and darkened like the rest of the room. In the looming silence she came toward his desk and spoke. Her melancholy reading into his gloom so specifically it made Haruka cringe and resent himself.

"She is your only daughter. You'd rather lose her?"

"I don't want to lose her." His words drifted laboriously.

The mere notion of losing Yuki forever tormented Haruka. He held her preciously in his arms when she was born, loved and taught her nearly everything he knew, prided and gave her the best things the world could offer. Yet having to let her go so suddenly, so quickly after years of being together was like cutting a ventricle of his heart.

"This decision wasn't easy for me. I can't let our people down." He urged his feeble soul. "I can't."

"Losing your people's trust is not an option and giving your daughter to a country that was considered a rival at one time denotes you are investing trust, faith and are hopeful for a new beginning between two nations." Juuri was on his side, her gentle hands caressed his sullen cheek. Another effect of his strenuous decision was losing appetite.

He had decided a long time ago and only recently informed Yuki about her imminent future. During that time Haruka was tortured while he watched his careless daughter bounce vivaciously around her home. His heart bruised when she gaily smiled, unaware and cruelly innocent but also prided with the knowledge of the values he bred in his potent daughter.

Her long fingers cupped his check. Slowly Juuri tilted his head against her own as she knelt. "Before you send her away, make up with her."

"She hates me." His eyes stung and he rubbed them with numbed fingertips. "She doesn't want to see me."

"You're her father. Of course she'd want to see you." Her warm lips caressed his cheek. "Haruka, trust me."

He knew Juuri was right but when he stood in front of Yuki's room, her sullen looking maids were already filed outside of her quarters.

"Hime-sama hasn't come out in a week. She doesn't eat." The cowering maids whispered.

"Yuki." Haruka touched her door, "Please, open up. Let's talk." Despite he didn't expect an answer he waited for a while and listened for movement inside. He wondered if she was inside at all. "This is unhealthy, Yuki. You must come out of there sometime. If you don't I'll order the guards to break the door and then you'd wish you had opened up when I asked you to. You don't want to cross me."

He stood in the silence, letting it saw him. Haruka turned around and beckoned the guards. They tore her door but Haruka had left the scene a long time ago. His resistant child didn't eat, sleep, talk or leave her room. Compared to Juuri's motherly persuasion, Yuki's stubbornness was unbeatable. The evening before her last day in her home Haruka summoned her. She came unwillingly, brought by guards and maids into the hall. Without looking or addressing at her father Yuki glumly glared at the ground, contemplating his words.

"This is ridiculous. You're treating yourself horribly and making us uncomfortable. You're leaving tomorrow and you keep refusing to do what you're told. You can't keep this up." Haruka warned, pacing all corners of the room. "You have to understand that I did it for our nation, for our people. I offered them what was most important to me."

"Were you threatened to give me away?" She sneered suddenly. "Did they hold a knife to your throat and order you to sell your daughter?"

"I didn't sell you." Haruka grounded his feet and looked upon her critically. "It is a marriage."

"Not to me." Her crimson eyes held rage like none other he had seen. "This is considered selling a slave to another country."


"I will not swallow my voice today. You refused to listen to me and pushed me into a corner. I'll never forgive you!" She pushed between the wall of guards, shot into the halls.


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