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"Tou-san (daddy)! Tou-san! I did it! Did you see that! Did you!", cheered a girl who looked eight years old. She had bright long red hair with yellow around the end of her hair, bright ocean blue eyes, and had a round face. She was about 3'1". (sorry don't really know how tall eight year old are). She wore a red t-shirt and combat pants.

"That was great Narumi-chan!" appalled a man with spiky blond hair with two long bangs down the side of the face. He had ocean blue eyes and an angular face. He was more handsome than most males. He wore a dark blue long sleeve shirt and black sweatpants. Stood about a height of 5'10". This man was Minato Namikaze, the fourth Hokage of Konohagakure and the Yellow Flash of Konoha. At the moment Minato was watching his daughter train.

The girl now known as Narumi was the daughter of both Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze. She look liked an exact copy of her mother with the exception of her blue eyes and the yellow strands that outline her hair and the fact that she is younger. Narumi smiled and continued her training on sensing her chakra and calling it out. She just started training with chakra and her dad was teaching her how to control it.

"Great job Narumi-chan, you will be a great kunoichi in no time." Said a redhead who just came in when she saw her daughter call out her chakra. She stood at a height of 5'8", had maroon hair, and a heart-shaped angelic face. She wore a hairclip on her hair, wore a red t-shirt and sweatpants. She had a body of a Goddess that would make any male or female die of a nosebleed. With long slender arms and legs, and an impressive bust ranging from C cups to D cups. This woman was Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, wife of Minato Namikaze and Konoha's Red Death.

"Thanks mom! I can't wait until I become a great kunoichi like you!" replied Narumi with a smile. Both Minato and Kushina smiled at their child energy and attitude.

In the distance stood a boy who was the same age as Narumi. He had wild spiky blond hair that went everywhere, electric blue eyes, and a round face. He stood about the height of 3'5", and at the moment was wearing a gray t-shirt and sweatpants. He looked like any normal healthy kid, but one thing different about him was the three whisker marks on each side of his face. His name is Naruto Namikaze son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, and older twin brother of Narumi Namikaze.

At the moment Naruto was glaring at the nice family scene that was happening at the family private training area. Naruto just sighed and walked away, into his room where he did training of his own. When Naruto got into his room he laid down on his bed and remembered what happened a long time ago that made him to be what he is now.

FLASHBACK 3 years ago

"Hey tou-san can you teach me how to do some cool ninja stuff!" asked a young blond Naruto who was hoping his dad would say yes.

"Sorry Naruto I can't. I have to teach Narumi." Replied Minato, Naruto frowned.

"Why can't you teach both of us at the same time!" argue Naruto ignoring the smug look his sister was giving him.

"Sorry Naruto I don't have time to do that." Naruto was going to respond with his father until his mother came in.

"Naruto go to your room and don't bother your father. He will teach you when he feels that you are ready." Said Kushina in a demanding voice. Naruto not wanting to argue with his mother looked at the ground and walked to his room.

"Why can't I learn how to be a shinobi but Narumi can? How comes she gets everything." Said Naruto out loud to himself when he reached his room and close the door so no one could enter or hear him.

Naruto was consider a genius or prodigy, he was smart beyond measure, and had skills to learn anything really fast, so it didn't take him long enough to figure out that his family favored his sister more than him, seeing as she got mostly everything she wanted. He also noticed the villagers treating her like a hero.

Naruto on the other hand barely got anything he wanted, even on his birthday he would get one or two gifts while Narumi would have tons. He was also hated by the villagers. Sometimes when he would walk around the village alone he could see some of the villagers giving him cold glares. His sister also had a lot of friends; every kid would try to get to know her. While he didn't have any friends, kids would avoid talking to him for reasons he doesn't know.

Naruto knew that his sister had the Kyuubi's power in her, and that she was seen as a hero, but he didn't understand why he was so hated by the villagers. He lay on his bed and close his eyes so that he could some rest.


Naruto suddenly woke up to see that he was in a sewer and in front of him was a giant gate with a seal on it. He didn't know where he was so he called "Hey! Anyone there?" His response was a giant roar from the other side of the gate, which scared him greatly.

"Who dares disturb my slumber!" roared a giant beast, which Naruto could make out was a fox with red fur and nine tails. Naruto just stood there too shocked and scared to say anything. The fox looked down and saw Naruto and started to chuckle.

"So my jailer finally grace me with his presence." Said the fox. Naruto got out of his shocked and looked at the fox confused written over his face.

"Jailer? And who are you and where am I?" asked Naruto.

"Yes you are my jailer, and to answer your question I am the great Kyuubi and we are in your mindscape." Replied the fox now known as Kyuubi. Naruto eyes widened in shocked, the Kyuubi sealed inside him? He heard stories of the Kyuubi but didn't really pay attention because he was too small and didn't go to school yet.

"Y-y-you're the Kyuubi? Stuttered Naruto, who shakily pointing at the giant fox. The Kyubi nodded its head. "Are you going to kill me?" The Kyuubi shook its head and looked at Naruto.

"No I won't kit, I saw your memories and I must say that your parents and the villagers are idiots." Said the Kyuubi, and Naruto was confused so he slightly turned his head showing that he was confused. The Kyuubi saw it and continued. "Your father, who did the sealing, sealed my powers in your sister believing that she could control my powers, while he sealed my soul into you. Also because of this he is still alive for using the Shinigami to seal me, seeing that Shinigami didn't seal all of me into one person but split me up and sealed me into two babies. But in return he probably lost about half his lifetime making him die early then he is suppose to." Naruto nodded showing that he understood and is taking the information in slowly.

"Your father is training your sister early so that she can control my powers, which is like impossible without the soul being me because of the pure hatred, and destruction that it contains." Naruto eyes widened a bit and then laughed at how his father made a stupid mistake. After taking a deep breath the Kyuubi continued, "Many people died during the Kyuubi attack, many people lost family members, friends, brothers and sisters. Somehow the villagers know that you have the Kyuubi soul sealed into you, and hate you for it seeing as it reminds them of the people they lost. They think that you are the Kyuubi and that is why they hate you."

Naruto nodded sadly understanding what the Kyuubi was saying and looked at the ground sadly think that the villagers were right about him being the Kyuubi. The Kyubi saw this and said "Naruto don't think that you are the Kyuubi because you aren't, you are you and I can't influence you in anyway remember that. And just for your information I am not a blood-thirsty demon who just random kill for fun."

"Then why did you attack Konoha?" the Kyuubi flinched a little and was then sad.

"I was controlled."

"Controlled by who?"

"Uchiha Madara"

"Who's that?"

"He is the founder of the Uchiha clan."

Naruto nodded then realization came to him. "Wouldn't that make him more than a hundred years old?" The Kyuubi nodded.

"Yes but because of the Ethernal Mangekyou Sharingan he is immortal, and also used his Sharingan to trap me in a genjutsu to control me." Naruto only nodded since this was a lot to take in for a guy his age. At the same time he was thinking. He suddenly came to a conclusion and looked the Kyuubi with determination in his eyes.

"I will beat this Uchiha Madara guy for you!" yelled Naruto shocking the Kyuubi.

"You seriously think you can beat him?" asked the Kyuubi still shocked.

"Yeah! Only if you train me!" The Kyuubi looked into his eyes and saw the determination he had and smiled.

"Find then kit but it won't be easy." Naruto smiled.

"Wouldn't ask for any other way." With that his mindscape started to grow faint.

"What happening?" asked Naruto confused.

"You're waking up from your nap. I will open a link where we can talk without you always going into your mindscape." Naruto nodded happy to know he didn't have to be asleep or knocked out to talk to his new sensei.

"Oh before I forget can you change your mindscape to something more comfortable since sewers isn't that nice."

"Sure thing Kyuubi-sensei"

"One more thing Kyuubi is just a title, my real name is Yoko." With that Naruto faded out of his mindscape and woke up still in the same position on the bed.

End Flashback

Throughout the years he has and still has been training very hard everyday. Everyday he would train himself until he was exhausted and couldn't move. He would usually train in his room or in a secret training area where he wouldn't be caught.

Since he was a kid he couldn't lift weight or else it would stun his growth, so Yoko (Kyubi) gave him a routine he would have to do everyday. He mostly worked on his endurance and doing workouts like push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and crunches. He also would work on his chakra control since he had a really large chakra reserve being at the moment high genin to low chunin.

His routine everyday would be one hundred push-ups followed by one hundred crunches. This would usually take about an hour or so then he would usually take short break and to one hundred pull-ups and sit-ups this took about another hour. After he would run around the village three times, which took about two hours, and spend three hours doing chakra control. He would do this everyday and wouldn't cheat or take any shortcuts.

When he first began his training he started doing twenty of each, then as time came by he started to do more and more. Eventually he came to where he is now, doing hundred of each.

Eventually he was interested in seals and started to read about fuinjutsu, he guessed it ran in the family seeing as his father and mother were seals masters. He read how to do simple seals like the storage seal. He figured out how to make a simple storage seal from scratch, but during his study he came across one seal that caught his attention. It was the gravity seal, it was a seal, which applies extra gravity on you making it harder for you to move, but when released you become faster and stronger. Naruto knew the gravity seal would helped him greatly with his training so with the help of Yoko he figured out how it worked and applied it to himself.

Also during his training Yoko told him to go to the library to read some books on jutsu or scroll he may find. He did as he was told but couldn't find much, so Yoko told him to sneak into the Hokage's library and find a scroll that said forbidden move. Naruto did what he was told and surprisingly he actually got in. Yoko then told him to find a jutsu called Kage-bushin no Jutsu(Shadow Clone jutsu) and for him to know the handseals and how to do it. It didn't take him long to find it seeing as it was the first thing on the list. After an hour or so of reading he figured out how to do it, and put the scroll back where he found it and went back to practice what he learned.

When he master the Kage-bushin, told him the secret of the Kage-bushin, how when a clone does something when it dispels it sends all its information, and experience to the real person. Naruto was surprised with Kage-bushin he could even do training and learn more making him even stronger.

With many good things there are also bad things. As time passed by the villagers at first started with cold glares then changed into beating hear and there. Once every two weeks or so there would be a crowd that would corner Naruto and beat him senseless. They didn't do anything crazy since he was the son of their beloved Yondaime but they would show him, his place. Naruto at first would fight back but he realized that would have made it worse, so now he just lets them beat them though it didn't really hurt since he was strong and could take weak civilians punches.

The children around Naruto's ago wouldn't hang out or talk to him, instead they would fall flaunt over Narumi or give him cold glares. Some of the people who tried to be his friend only did it so that they could get close of Narumi. During the academy he would be ignored, but Naruto didn't really mind since he was pretty much alone from the start.

Though there were very people that befriended him. Them being Kurenai Yuhi, Anko Mitarashi, Yugao Uzuki, Uchiha Itachi, and finally Uchiha Mikoto. Kurenai, Anko, and Yugao helped Naruto one time when the villagers beat him, after that they became friends but at time he would stay a safe distance away from them so that the villagers wouldn't hurt them too.

Itachi found him during one of his training routine and watched in silence. He was impressed by Naruto's determination and hard work and eventually talked to Naruto. He asked why Naruto was training by himself and where his family was. Naruto's answer was "I am nothing to them, only extra baggage." Itachi was shocked but understood what he meant, he often seen Naruto walking behind his parents with an expressionless face. After that Itachi often visited Naruto as much as he could and helped Naruto with his training, seeing as Naruto was consider a prodigy like himself.

Uchiha Mikoto found Naruto walking alone around Konoha one day. She asked why he wasn't with his parents, where he gave them the same answer as Itachi. Mikoto was furious and was about to march over to the Namikaze estate and give them a piece of her mind. Naruto tried to stop her saying it wouldn't matter, but she didn't listen to him instead she dragged him with her to the Namikaze estate. He still remembered what happen.

Flashback 1 year ago

Uchiha Mikoto barged into the Namikaze estate dragging a blond hair boy with her.

"Kushina Namikaze! Come here now!" yelled an enraged Mikoto. Moments later Kushina and Minato came into the front of the door to find Mikoto holding their son.

"Mikoto why are you here and why is my son with you?" asked a confused Kushina, she thought that Naruto was in his room.

"I'm here because I found your son walking around Konoha alone!" Replied Mikoto loudly.

"Really! Oh! Thanks Mikoto-chan for finding my son we will take it from here." Said Minato telling Naruto to go to his room, which he did. Though stayed back so he can hear the rest of the conversation since he noticed that Mikoto haven't went home yet.

"Did you even know that your son was outside?" asked Mikoto still mad.

"No but I thank you again for finding him." Replied Kushina. Mikoto narrowed her eyes and in the corner of her eyes, she noticed a red head that was training in the family training ground. This got a question that she wanted to ask them.

"Why is Narumi training to be a ninja early while Naruto is sent to his room."

"We decided to train Narumi early."

"And why not Naruto?", Mikoto's tone getting colder and colder by the second, which was starting to scare Kushina and Minato.

"That's because Narumi has the Kyubi's power sealed into her and has to know how to control it, we will start teaching Naruto when he get into the academy." Mikoto stood there with glaring eyes at the two. "I understand sorry for asking a stupid question Namikaze-san." Minato and Kushina flinch at the sudden change in their friend but just toss it aside thinking at it wasn't anything serious.

Mikoto turned around and walked away too mad to say goodbye.

Flashback end

After that Mikoto would help him as best as she could. Sometimes cooking him lunch to giving him advice on his training, since she herself was a jonin before she retired when she got married and had two kids. She tried befriending him with her youngest son Sasuke but too her disappointment he adopted his father personality at a very early age, which was being arrogant to the max.

Sasuke would say things like, Naruto wasn't worth his time, or that the Uchiha are the best to Naruto's annoyance. But at least Itachi befriended him, which made Mikoto happy though she wished he had a friend his age, which Naruto didn't mind.

His relation with his family became worse. As his parents train his sister Narumi in the family styles and jutsu, Naruto watch in the background always hoping for attention. He would suggest the family go the movie, while his sister would suggest they go and eat ramen, and too Naruto's disappointment they always chose whatever Narumi would suggest. After a while of watching and hoping he gave up and trained even harder to show them that he didn't need them. He stayed in his room not bother to go out and talk with his family. Only time he saw them during the day would be dinner but even then he would stay silent, he would just finish his food as fast as he could, wash his own dishes and go back to his room and train.

When the family went on walks around the village he would stay a few feet back from the rest of the family while Narumi would usually lead. He avoid attention as much as possible being quiet or staying in corners where no one would see him. During parties he would only be there for an hour or so until he got tired and left. Sometimes Narumi would ask him to play with her, but Naruto would turn her down and said that he was busy.

On his free time, Naruto would usually read books about stories, jutsu, seals, or anything ninja related. He also painted and drew on his free time. When his parents weren't around he would work on improving his funijutsu, hoping that he would surpass his parents since they were seal master.

Naruto got up and started to do his daily workout. He took a short break, walked to his desk and took out a sheet of paper with things written all over it. 'Do you think this will work Yoko-chan'

'Don't know until we try but I'm pretty sure it will." Replied Yoko. After the meeting with the Yoko the first time, Yoko opened a link for them to talk telepathically so that he wouldn't have to always go to his mindscape.

Since then he always talk to Yoko, to him Yoko was his mother/friend, he would tell her things that are happening. In return Yoko would teach him anything from jutsu to reading and writing. Yoko also gave helped him with his training.

As time went by their bond grew and grew. One day Yoko told him to go into his mindscape and said that there was a surprise waiting for him.

Flashback 2 years ago

Naruto entered his mindscape and saw a giant field of grass. He looked around and saw a giant few fox and started to walk up to it.

"So what's the surprise Yoko-sensei?" asked Naruto wanting to know what the great surprise was. Yoko looked down at him and smirked. Then suddenly to Naruto's shock a bright white light surrounded Yoko and he noticed the light was shrinking had a form of human or something like that. When the light disappeared his body shot back because he suddenly got a massive bloody nose.

In front of him was what could be said as a goddess made human. Yoko had crimson hair, and blood red slit eyes. Had perfectly heart-shaped face, and two crimson fox ears, making her even more adorable, and sexy. Her body was that of a goddess, with a perfect hourglass figure, long slender arms and legs, and an impressive bust ranging from D-cup to DD-cups. She stood about a height of 5'10", and had a tan skin. Above her butt were nine crimson tails.

Naruto got back up, but shortly after shot back with another bloody nose leaking out more than before. Why? Because when he got back up and looked at her he saw her in all her naked glory. With nothing to cover her showing everything to him. He may be a kid but he was a genius so he knew some stuff at an early age. Yoko smirked when he got his second bloody nose.

Naruto got back up once more to still see her naked, but instead of getting another bloddy nose he covered his eyes and shouted "Put on some clothes!" Yoko pouted but reluctantly put some clothes on. She wore a crimson kimono with flower petals. After she said she was done, Naruto opened his eyes.

"So Naruto-kun did you like what you see?" asked Yoko with a smile on her face. Naruto only nodded still dazed from seeing such a sight. He quickly shook his head to get away from his thought at the moment.

Truthfully when Yoko told Naruto her name he figured out that she was a girl, but didn't think that demons would have human form. Also didn't think that it would be that hot!

"I didn't know you had a human form." Said a slightly till dazed Naruto. Yoko giggled a little and replied "Course I do, how did you think I walked around the human world without causing suspicion." Narutdo only nodded.

"Anyways if that all you wanted to show me then I'll be leaving then." Said Naruto turning around to leave. Yoko pout, "Awww Naruto-kun your such a killjoy" Only for Naruto to smile but Yoko didn't see it because his head was turn so she couldn't see her face.

"Bye Yoko-chan" Yoko face grew a little red with the suffix, too bad Naruto couldn't see it.

"Bye Naruto-kun"

End Flashback

"I guess its back to training." Naruto told himself, he put the paper back into his original place and continue his training routines. After Naruto finished his daily training routine, took a quick shower and changed into his nightgown. After he went to the restroom to brush his teeth. After he was done he climb into his bed, and took out a calendar book.

"In two days will be mines and Narumi's birthday." Said Naruto looking at the date that said October 10.

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