Chapter 1: The Beginning, And Before


That was the only thing on my mind everyday other than staying alive in the depths of the Soviet Gulag in Siberia.

My parents were taken not too long ago due to World War 2, the Nazis killing them instantly, leaving me to be taken to their boot camp where they work their criminals 'till death.

I'm only 15 years old, but they found it funny to stick a child in a place where men kill each other to get enough food, and work in mines and roads for hours each day. This was the place they wanted to stick a young Jewish girl for her whole life, 'till the day she dropped dead from over exhaustion.

I've only been here for a year only, but I still remember the beginning where I would try to kill myself every second of the way. The thought to leave a place like this melted in my mind, comforting me as I tried to cut my major veins in my wrists with old knifes, or suffocate myself in the freezing deep snow. I don't know how many times I have tried but I never get pulled away by the darkness. There is always someone there who stops me; trying to talk sense into me. Most of the men here are innocent; kind. They keep an eye out for me, keeping me safe from the real criminals who give me a hard time. I don't think I would've lasted this long if it wasn't for the selective men here looking after me.


I whipped my head around to face a worn out man around his 50's. His name was Mr. Smith; he never told anyone his real first name. He was from America, brought in here to deal time, though again, nobody knew why.

I stared back at him, my gaze never leaving his haunted eyes. He was the first person I met when I came to this camp 1 year ago. He made sure nobody ever laid a hand on me, in return, he asked for me to keep a low profile of myself.

"Adina" He repeated, this time saying my full name.

I sometimes forgot who I was; spending so much time in this Hell Hole. My name was Adina Cohen, and I was born July 14, 1946. Due to the recent haircut I had been given, I have pale blonde, chin length choppy hair; bangs included, thanks to myself. My eyes are a pale hazel; the one thing I inherited from my father. The rest of my features are from my mother such as a curvy body, almost like an hourglass figure, full pink lips, arching eyebrows, and thick lashes. I was called beautiful here at the Gulag; but inside, I felt dirty. I was a 15 year old girl living in a boot camp because the Germans wanted to get a kick out of something in their lives. I dreamed of getting married one day, having kids, growing old with someone, and dying with my grand children surrounding me. But dreams don't always come true; I've noticed.

"Adita, stop daydreaming, and look at me!" Mr. Smith whispered loudly; snapping me out of my daydreams once more.

"I,I,I,I'm S,s,s-orry, I w-was think-king." I stuttered, pulling my coat closer to my cold body.

"Never mind that, the new arrivals are here. From America; I've heard. We're being called outside right now." His voice was firm; his gaze holding a hard look.

I got up, pulling the coat tighter, and went outside into the snow with him, trying to get a better look at the new comers. I couldn't see them yet; too many others were in front of me, also trying to get a glimpse of these Americans.

We always got new people coming into the camp, but none of them were ever Americans. They were usually only from Poland or Russia, only here because they were wrongly accused of being spies.

"Get into your lines, all of you!" One of the officers yelled, making my heart stop for a split second. They were scary, even scarier for girls then men. Being posted in the cold mountains wasn't good for middle aged men; creating them to become anxious when females were around. Luckily, I haven't been bugged by them… Yet. But they still look at me sometimes, always making my neck tingle by their stares.

I shuffled into one of the lines beside Mr. Smith; also a line right at the front, AND in front of the newcomers.

"Welcome, Americans, to Hell. Here you will be working half of your time, and trying to survive the other half. You can't run; you can't hide. If we don't kill you; nature will. You can't escape. The only way you can do that is by dying. And trust me, we don't mind you dying. Isn't that right, Adita?"

My breath caught in my throat as I slowly lifted my head towards the officer; his twisted evil smirk upon his lips.

I knew what he was talking about. My best friend, one that I made 2 months in at this camp. Gavriel Levy was his name. Another Jewish boy from around my town I had been living in; only 12 when he first came. We had been instant friends as we were the youngest here. Only a few months ago did he try to escape, getting shot just as he took off for the woods. He promised to sneak me out as soon as he thought they assumed he was dead. They didn't have to assume anything.

"I asked you a question, Adita"

My head cleared as tears formed in my eyes. I bit my lip, daring to keep them from spilling down my face.

"That is right, Sir" I chocked; looking down straight after the words left my lips.

"Hey Man, ain't this a guy camp?"

My head whipped around at the owner of the voice. He looked 17 almost, his 6-foot body overpowering my curvy 5'3 figure. His hair was dark brown, falling across his dark brown michivious eyes. He almost looked like elves I read in my stories; with his pointy ears and high cheekbones. He was a different type of handsome, a mysterious kind.

'You don't speak directly to a Officer, got it?" Another Officer said, taking a step towards him.

He grinned and flipped him off, leaning on one leg. "I talk to whoever I want, Pal"

The Officer smirked, pulling out his gun and resting in on the boy forehead. "Zavershenie yebut vverh, ili ya zastrelyu tebya v pervyĭ den." He growled in Russian, pushing it deeper into his forehead.

The boy's eyes opened wide, his hands going up in a sign of backing off.

The Officer smirked, putting the gun back into his belt and walking back to the front.

"Think of this as a survival game, Americans. Try not to die to fast, we have lots of work to be done here."

Those were his final words before turning on his heel and walking back to the Officer cabins.

I let my breath go, turning towards an angry looking Mr. Smith.

"Those fuckers ain't have no right to be doing that to you, Adi." His voice controlled by his temper.

"I dealt with it; didn't I?" I shot back, my eyes going into slits.

"You're not a superhero, Adita, you can't protect yourself from everything. You need others helping you, and you need to get tough. Ain't no tears in the eyes gonna stop them from raping and killing you!" His voice was now rising, attracting mostly everyone's attention.

His words stung, and tears burned at the back of my throat. "I'm not weak, Smith!"

"You're not strong either!" He yelled, gripping my arms roughly.

I yanked my arms away; tears now spilling down my cheeks. "I'm getting away, Smith, whether I die before crossing the fence or not, I'm leaving. I'm not dying here without leaving anything in this world. Gavriel wouldn't have wanted that." Tears now came down my face like a snowstorm on an average night here in Siberia. I was now shivering from the cold, and anger, but I didn't have the strength, emotionally and physically, to pull my coat tighter against my body.

Mr. Smith sighed, his eyes going back to their normal hardness, escaping the ones that took over when he was upset. "Forget it." He said slowly, roughly pushing his way past me over to the cabin we, and 7 other men shared.

"Zavershenie yebut vverh, ili ya zastrelyu tebya v pervyĭ den."= Shut the fuck up, or I shoot you on your first day.

Hey Guys! Hope you like it so far! I have so much more coming for this story, hope you stay tuned!