Chapter 12: Eyes Open

When I finally regained conscious, I was still in Dally's arms, my head rested on his shoulder and legs swinging back and forth from the motion. His chest was rapidly heaving up and down, dirty curses escaping his mouth. A couple I had to widen my eyes at- the creativity ws astounding.

"Dally?" I whispered, opening my eyes a bit wider. Everything was still a jumble in my mind; waking up in the snow, Dimitri hovering over me, the pain…

"Dally!" i choked out again, tears springing to my eyes- again. I knew this would happen… I knew i would never make it out of here un touched. "W-w-why?" I sobbed, my eyes never leaving his face.

Slowly, he looked down at me, his eyes slightly red. My heart stopped, my sobs seizing, eyes glued to his sorrowed expression. Dally had cried for me; Dally the man who was as tough as steel.

He kept walking glancing down every couple minutes until he finally got to his cabin; the American's cabin. Pushing open the door, six pairs of eyes snapped to me. Startled, and embarrassed, I turned my head into my saviour's shoulder, trying to ignore their stares.

"Dal, everything alrigh'?" Johnny asked as we grew closer.

I felt Dally sit, shifting my weight until he and I,were both sitting comfortable.

"Where were you, Dal?" Steve asked, his hand reaching out to grasp my arm.

I jerked, a whimper escaping.

Silence filled the room, waiting for one of us to speak… but I couldn't. Not yet; not this soon. The shame and information still hadn't processed with me yet, leaving me confused and scared.

"Guys…" Dal began, one hand stroking my head, 'Adina…"

They didn't have to be told anymore. Between me silence and ripped clothing, a infant would be able to know what had happened out in the snowy night.

Shouts and growls suddenly erupted.

The shouting and yelling had calmed down now; an hour later. I had left Dally's arm to curl up with Sodapop with Ponyboy next to him, stroking my hair.

I still shivered every time I felt his hand on me, but I had to keep telling myself this was Ponyboy. The innocent boy who was trying to comfort me; not Dimitri. Not the man who had forcibly put himself on me; leaving me to scream and cry unheard…

"Shh, it's okay baby," Sodapop whispered, wiping away my new- yet so old- tears, "everything is going to be okay."

"If the guards weren't there already I would've gone back and killed them all." Steve growled, his fist clenched.

Two-Bit was silent, his eyes passing between myself, and Dally who was sitting in the corner looking ready to murder the next thing that touched him.

"Their gonna be coming for you soon Dally" he said, eyes darting to the door.

"Let them," he growled back, leaning forward, "let em. I'll show them how scared I am of them."

My heart stopped. No. Dally couldn't get in trouble by beating up the guards because of me. I'd seen men whom fought with officers come out of the cells the next day; looking like they'd been through Hell and back. Some hadn't ever survived the night.

"N-n-n-no Dally" I cried for the first time, trying to stand from Soda's lap. The minute my feet hit the ground, my legs started to shake rapidly and turned to jelly, letting my body hit the cement hard. Before I heard the thunk, my eyes had already closed and taken me away from reality.

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