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Someone like You

EPILOGUE – It's Fate Not Luck

October 23, 2002


I saw it…I saw the future through their eyes.

Edward and Bella would be married. They would spend four years together without admitting their feelings for each other. Bella and Edward had a house that has an art room and Bella had paintings with notes on the back. I saw that Bella was going to die because of brain cancer. Edward would grow old alone.

I opened my eyes. My head hurts.

"Alice!" Bella said as soon as my eyes opened. She's still alive! She's here!

She was sitting on the side of my bed and she was crying. I pulled her into a hug and I cried with her. It was just a dream, she really didn't die.

"Bells, why are you crying?" I asked weakly.

"We thought that you won't wake up anymore. You have been unconscious for almost three days already," she answered.

Three days only? I dreamed of something that happened for almost five years and it had only been three days? So weird.

Were there chances that what I had dreamt of will come true?

I had this ability to see the future, but nobody believes me. Some even thought that I was crazy. It was true, I really could see the future, but I have never had a vision while dreaming and never through a person's eyes. This was the first time that this thing had ever happened. Still, there were chances that it might come true. I have to warn Bella, I have to tell her that when she finds out that she has cancer, she should get treated immediately. The vision was shown to me for a reason, and the reason was, she needed to live. She should not die.

"Bella, where am I? What is the date today?" I asked anxiously.

"We're in a private room in the hospital and it's October twenty-three," she answered.

She knew already that they were engaged. I knew that she had no plans on telling me until our parents announced it.

"You and Edward are getting married, huh?" I said and I smiled mischievously.

She gave me a shocked expression.

"How did you know? Esme told me that nobody knows about it except for us…and you've been asleep so there's no way that you can—"

"I had a vision," I cut her off.

"You had a vision?"


Of all the people who I had told my talent about, only Bella believed me. She knows that they do come true, because she saw it with her own eyes.

"It's about you and Edward," I told her.

"What about us? Will you tell me? What will happen to us in the future?" She asked hurriedly.

"Easy, okay? You don't have to rush. I'll tell you about it, just to warn you." I raised an eyebrow.

"Wa…warn me?" she stuttered.

"Yes. Bella, in my vision, you will die," I started.

Her mouth opened in shock and her face paled.

I continued, "You are going to have brain cancer just like Gran Marie. But it won't happen if you will undergo the treatments as soon as you know about it. I'm sure that you will live and you and Edward will be happy."

"I…is that true? That's not a good joke, Ali," she warned me.

"Do I look like I am joking?" I retorted.

She shook her head.

"Tell me everything, please. What else happened?" She pleaded.

So I told her everything, from the beginning of their marriage, her paintings, their feelings for each other, the day that she found out about her cancer, their fourth wedding anniversary where she passed out in the grocery, the confessions, their stay at Isle Esme, their second wedding and her death.

Bella was so entranced with my visions. She had a hard time believing, but I assured her that I was sure of what I saw. At the end of my talking, she was crying. It was like I was telling her a sad love story. Well, their love story would surely be sad if Bella would die, which I would never allow to happen. Bella would not die as long as I am here. I will make sure that she will be going to the right path of her future, I would always check on her. No more mistakes for them.

There was one part that I kept as a secret, and that was Jasper. In my vision he was there. He was going to be my boyfriend. Even though that I had only seen him in my dream, I knew that I love him, and we were meant for each other. I am really anticipating that day that we are going to meet. I can't wait for him.

August 13, 2011


Alice's vision was right. I did have brain cancer.

Just like she said, as soon as I found out about it, I immediately told Edward. That day Edward admitted that he had feelings for me and he had been keeping it for so long. He told me that he loves me, and I told him that I love him too.

He asked me to promise him that I would get better for him. So I did. I have undergone numerous therapies. I had undergone two surgeries, which were all successful. I really felt bad when I lost my hair. I was also thinner. I feel so ugly at that time. My self esteem really drowned deeply. My family had been so supportive. They had been there during my dark days. Edward always stays with me during his free time and he promised that when I get better, we are going to have a vacation in Esme's private island.

Every single day that I had spent in the hospital was worth it. Only few people survived this disease and I am one of them. Yes, I am a survivor of brain cancer, and I'm very proud of it.

It had been a year and a half since I was healed. My hair had grown and it reached my shoulders. I actually missed my hair, and I had been doing everything for it to stay healthy. I even come with Alice to the hair salon once a month for the treatment of my hair.

So today was our fourth wedding anniversary. Today was the day that Edward was supposed to find out about my cancer for the first time.

I was just getting the lasagna from the oven when the front door opened and I heard footsteps going towards here in the kitchen. I'm sure that it was Edward.

He was speaking about something, but I was busy ton transferring the dish to the plate.

"Bella, were you listening? I just told you that Esme said that we could go to Isle Esme this weekend and we'll be staying there for three weeks," he said impatiently. Of course, what tone would I expect from him if I had not been listening to what he was saying?

I froze for a minute.

"Really?" I asked ecstatically as I faced him.

"Yes. It's her gift for our wedding anniversary," he answered.

I launched myself to him and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"We are going to have a great time there. It will just be you and me, alone in that island. I can't wait," he whispered alluringly in my ear.

Hmm…that really sounds nice. I'm sure that he and I will make love a—

I blushed at my thoughts and I'm sure that he noticed it since he chuckled.

"Nothing's funny," I told him aggravatingly.

"You're really beautiful when you blush," he said and he chuckled again.

I shook my head. Maybe it's the right time to give him my gift.

I tried to pull away from him, but he only tightened his arms around me.

"Edward, let me go," I said as nicely as I could.

He didn't budge.

"I swear, if you will not move, you will not receive your gift," I warned him.

He loves gifts, I'm sure that he would let go of me.

And he did.

"You'll give the gift now?" He asked like a kid.

"Yes," I answered, I couldn't wipe off the smile on my face.

I took a small box out of my pocket and I gave it to him.

"Open it," I told him and he complied.

I watched his face as he opened the box. When he saw what's inside, he froze.

Wait…was he shocked? Didn't he like it? Maybe I should've not given it to him yet.


He pulled me to him and he kissed my lips softly.

"Thank you," he said lovingly through my lips.

"No, thank you. I have never been this happy in my life," I said in return.

"I love you, Bella Cullen. Happy anniversary."

"I love you too, happy anniversary."

So we continued kissing until we were out of breath. I was about to attack his lips again, but my stomach growled. Looks like someone inside me was hungry.

"Let's eat. My stomach is protesting already," I said and I pouted.

"Sure. I don't want him hungry," Edward said playfully.

I placed the foods on the table and I waited for him to join me. He placed the box that contains a pregnancy test with two pink lines inside his pocket before joining me in the table.

Maybe I need to thank our great grandparents. If not because of them, I would not be the person that I am now. I wouldn't be this strong and determined. And of course, without them I wouldn't have Edward. Arranged marriages were not that bad….if you were arranged to be married to the right person. ;)



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