Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own Swat Kats or The Family Feud. Sorry if its written kinda funny but its supposed to be set up like a game show and I wrote this about a year or two ago when I first started writing at 3AM.

Tonight the show Cat Family Feud was hosting a special. For once the two groups that protected the city would go against each other and be rivals once more in the game show.

Announcer enters the stage "Welcome to The Family Feud, I'm your host. Mike Catterson."

Applause erupts from the crowd in the stands as several spot lights roam around the dimmed room until they suddenly land on tonight's contestants.

Announcer smiles widely "Thank you, thank you. Ok lets meet tonight contestants."

Camera pans in on Feral, Felina and swat kats who wave at the camera.

Announcer waves his arms at the group "Tonight we have the Feral family, vs. the Swat Kats. Oh geez, and these four are rivals in real life too! OK, lets begin. Felina, Razor, you're up!"

Razor and Felina enter the stage and hover their hands over the buttons as they wait for the first question.

Announcer: OK, your first question is, 'what do men wear to bed'.

Felina slams hand down "Condoms!" She then bursts out laughing and face palms.

Ferals head shoots up and hes blushing furiously. Felina and swat kats all laugh hard as Felina and Razor high-five.

Announcer was awe-struck but shakes his head back into reality "Ok lets see if its condoms?"

An X flashes across screen as Incorrect also flashes over the X.

Announcer: "Oh. So its not condoms? Well it should be, Anyway over to you Razor."

Razor, while still laughing answered; "Pajama Pants?"

* board flashes as 'Pajama pants' appeared o,n the board and a 'DING' is heard*

Announcer: "Ok, thats 20 points for the swat kats family. Next two members, you're up!"

Razor and Felina exit stage, Feral and T-bone enter and also hover their hands over the board.

Announcer points to Felina "Though I still think Condoms should've been correct. Anyway. Um, next question: whats something you take from a hotel?"

Feral slams his hands down and speaks very bluntly "The lamps!"

The Announcer is in shock "WHAT!? OK, lets see if its the lamps!"

X flashes on board and so does the word *Incorrect* also flashes.

Announcer: "Um I got to ask you, do you have any experience in taking the lamps?"

All contestants laugh but Feral still looks dead serious.

Announcer: "OK, over to you T-bone."

T-bone answered just as blunt; "Soap?"

Board flashes and another loud 'DING' is heard.

Announcer: "That is another 20 points for the swat kats. Which brings the score to 40/0"

Feral looked pissed off that the Swat Kats were showing him up again. "Oh come on!"

Felina laughs and mutters "The lamps."

Announcer: "MOVING ON!"

T-bone and Felina enter the stage and take their places yet again.

Announcer: "Ok what people usually think of when they hear 'the big one'"

T-bone slams his hand down: Mother in law

Board flashes and the Swat Kats get another 20 points.

Announcer: "That is correct."

T-bone and Felina exit, and Feral and Razor enter the stage and copy their counter-part's actions.

Announcer: "Ok, When a man falls out of your boat you yell 'man over board' now what do you say if a women falls out?"

Feral answers first "Full speed ahead"

Board flashes correct and everyone but Felina laughs. Feral stops a second later and realizes they are still behind. Luckily though, the Deputy Mayor soon calls all four of them to report an attack on City hall is in full swing.

Announcer "I'll tell you what, who ever catches the criminal wins."

They all turn to him and took off running down the all "YOU'RE ON!"