A/N: This is kinda sequel to my Suicide mission fic, though you dont have to read it, before reading this.

It concentrates on Arrival DLC... I wasnt really satisfied i couldnt bring anyone with me, so this is my way of fixing it ^^

Admiral Hackett just finished debriefing me, when I heard the doors open behind me. My first reflex was to take out my gun from holster, as I knew nobody ever entered my cabin without ringing first. I resisted that urge, as I didn't want to appear on edge, seeing as how there would be alarms all over ship if there were indeed intruders onboard.

As I turned around, I saw Miranda with a determined look on her face, coming towards me.

"What...?" I tried to ask her what was she doing here, when she cut me off.

"I will not let you go alone on a mission in battarian space." She said, stopping right in front of me, her arms crossed bellow her breasts.

I frowned at her "How do you...? You know what? Never mind, I don't think I want to know." I turned my back to her and went to get my armor. "But I have a mission I need to prepare for, so if you would mind?"

I glanced at her, and I saw that she was still watching me, arms folded, and no-nonsense look on her face. Finally, after a few moments, she spoke "I'm coming with you."

I turned sharply to face her "What? No way! You have obviously heard Admiral when he said this needed to be done QUIETLY. I cant take anyone with me, because the battarians will kill their hostage if they even suspect that we are coming!"

She smirked at me, the look in her eyes telling me I'm in trouble, as she closed in on me "Are you saying that I cannot be as stealthy as you can?" I started backing down, trying to keep some distance between us, as she continued her advance, her eyes never leaving mine.

"Or are you saying that I am not perfect enough for you? To be on your top-secret, elite team?" As my back hit the wall, she put a hand on my chest, pinning me there. She leaned in, to whisper in my ear "Or maybe you don't trust me? After everything we've been trough?"

Images from the engine room flooded my mind, as my heart started beating faster. I had to resist the urge to throw her on my bed and ravage her body in lust.

"I, uh..." Focus Shepard, damn it! Cant think. Damn this woman. She really knows how to press my buttons.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I felt her lean back a little. She brought her knee to my thigh, caressing it up and down.

Shit. I shivered before I finally opened my eyes.

She was looking at me, a triumphant smile on her face, like she already knew my answer. "All right, you can come." I let out throatily.

She moved away from me, clasping her hands "Excellent! See you in shuttle in ten minutes!" With that she turned around and, swaying her hips deliberately, exited my room.

I let out a sigh, as I slumped down to the floor, my head between my hands.