Skip Beat! Truth or Dare!

Disclaimer: I do not own Skip Beat! All the characters belong to Nakamura-sensei!

Summary:This is a Truth or Dare game for the Skip Beat cast! Please participate in this! Interesting event and ask our players and question or dare them to do what ever you want them to do! All you reviewers can make Truth or Dares on Kyoko, Ren, or Sho, and many other characters!

Pia: Hello guys! And welcome back! :D I've got a lot of reviews full in my hands and I don't think I can take much of it T^T And I'm soooo sorrryyy!~~~~ I published this yet another very late chapter! _ BUT! ... hehehehe! *creepy giggle* There are 7 new members who will be joining us! it's the one and only... OURAN HOST CLUB MEMBERS!

Tamaki: HELLOOO MINNA! It's such an honour to be in this show!

Hikaru & Kaoru: Please to meet you!

Kanae: Dopple ganger!

Chiori: And they spoke at the same time!

Pia: ... *rolls eyes*

Tamaki: Why is this room so small?

Kyoya: Is that the first thing you ask, Tamaki?

Hunny: Uwa! Mori, mitte, mitte! The audience is huuuge~!

Mori: *blank face* ... Ah...

Kyoko: Uwa~! It's nice to meet you all!

Kanae: ... This blonde here is stupid too isn't he?

Haruhi: It's nice to meet you all too, but please don't mind Tamaki-senpai. Because he's always like that... stupid like that...

Kanae: I knew it...


Haruhi: I've always been calling you stupid!

Hunny: Haha! Tama-chan is sad! *clings on Mori's arm*

All: ... *stare* Mama?

Kyoya: That would be... me.

All: *shock*horrified*thinking* MAMA? ! ? !

Kyoya: Don't get the wrong idea.

Hikaru & Kaoru: Hahahaha! As usual, boss get's upset easily!

Kyoya: So... ready to introduce? *glances at Pia*

Pia: Ah! Right, I almost forgot! ahem Hey everyone! Please meet... the Ouran Host Club! First, this here, the blonde guy is Tamaki Suoh!

Tamaki: HI! =D Please to meet you all! *shakes hands with every SB cast*

Pia: This guy here is Ootori Kyoya! And... his folder ^^

Kyoya: Yoroshiku. *rights something on folder :P*

Hikaru: AND!...

Kaoru: We are...

Hikaru & Hikaru: The Hitachiin brothers! One of us is Hikaru and Kaoru, guess which is which!

Haruhi: Still playing that old game again? You guys got to find something new...

SB Hikaru(Since there are two Hikaru's I'll put SB next to the Hikaru that's from Skip Beat! so it's not confusing): Oh! My name is also Hikaru!

Hikaru: Nice to meet you Hikaru! Feels weird saying my own name.

SB Hikaru: Nice to meet you too!

Pia: Hope it won't get confusing with those two names! Oh! And this is Fujioka Haruhi!

Haruhi: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Yuusei: Hey guys, I heard that one of you are a female, is that true?

All: *stare*

Pia: Hmm... Should I tell them? ... *blink*

Haruhi: It's up to you...

Tamaki: Agh! NO DON'T TELL THEM! My daughter will be snatched away by these horrible men!

Sho: We haven't even met yet!

Reino: Daughter?

Ren: Errm... - has no interest in any other girl :P

Hikaru & Kaoru: *grin* Don't tell them! It's more fun if they didn't find out!

Chiori: So there IS someone who's a girl...

Pia: *grin* Well... they'll find out later! =W= If any one of you has noticed that one of them is female, DON'T tell anybody else! =W= Okay? Because it's interesting that way!

Yashiro: *sweat drop*

Tamaki: It's so nice to meet you! *shakes hand fast* You're the famous Tsuruga Ren! I'm a HUUUGE big fan of you! Please sign on this paper! Please! Please! Please!

Re: Uuhm, sure. Okay.

Pia: Okay, this dude here, is Takashi Morinozuka aka Mori. He's the quiet type, doesn't say much.

Mori: Yoroshiku.

Yashiro: He's the same height as Ren!

Maria: *sparkle eyes* Uwaaa~ He's like Ren-sama! Can I call you Mori-sama?

Mori: ... Ah...

Hunny: Eh? Takashi... *teary eyes* are you leaving me?

Mori: *shock*

Pia: And this little guy here is Mitsukuni Haninozuka aka Hunny! He eat lots, I mean LOTS of cake, so don't mind him :P

Kyoko: Kawaii!

Hunny: Nice to meet you all! *eats cake*

Pia: Now, then to introduce the Skip Beat! cast! :D First, this is Mogami Kyoko!

Kyoko: Hello! It's nice to meet you!

Kaoru: Orange hair? That's a weird colour to dye...

Hikaru: Don't you get bullied for being a ginger?

Haruhi: Hikaru... Kaoru... people who has orange hair shouldn't say things like that to other orange haired people.

Kyoko: *piku* Well... It's nice to meet you.

Pia: This is Tsuruga Ren obviously, I'm sure you guys must have heard the famous, top hottest male in Japan, right?

Tamaki: Uwaaa! Kyoya! Look, look! I got his autograph! Amazing isn't it?

Pia: And this blond here is Fuwa Sho, you must have heard of him too.

Hunny: Waaah! It's the real Fuwa Sho! I want to shake his hands! I want to shake his hands!

Mori: Mitsukuni... you shouldn't listen to his kind of music.

Sho: What's wrong with my music? *piku*

Hunny: Uwaaa! *grabs Sho's hand* I love your music! I listen to it almost everyday!

Sho: *grin* Why thank you... errr... what's his name again? *glances at Pia*

Hunny: *teary eyes* uu... uuu... Takashiii~~! He forgot my name! *cries*

Pia: *sweat drop* Err.. right, this here is Kotonami Kanae aka Moko-san!

Kanae: Don't add the 'Moko-san' in it!

Kyoya: Kotonami Kanae? hmmm... I've seen one of your drama.

Kanae: Th-... thank you...

Pia: *grin*... Well, here is Amamiya Chiori.

Chiori: Yoroshiku *writes on notes*

Hikaru: *peek* What are you writing?

Kaoru: She's like Kyoya-senpai... who write on their note books/folder all the time...

Chiori: *glare* Mind your own business!

Hikaru & Kaoru: *looks at each other*eyes glint*evil grin*

HC(Host Club): *thinking* The sign of when your screwed...

Pia: *sweat drop* Erm... This here is Reino aka Beagle!

Kyoya: ... Beagle?

Tamaki: OHH! He's the famous singer Reino from Vei Ghoul!

Haruhi: We have a lot of celebrities here...

HC: ... Beagle?-

Reino: Vei ghoul... *thinking* I don't want everyone recognising me as Beagle...

Hikaru: Ne, Beagle *not listening*

Kaoru: Do you like wearing dark clothes?

Reino: .. Because... it's my style.

Tamaki: SO DAYO! (that's right!) Everyone... HAS STYLE!

Pia: *ignoring* And this is Takarada Lory, he's the president of LME.

Hunny: What's with Taka-chan's clothes? There really bright...

Lory: Taka-chan? Call me uncle!

Mori: *stare*

Pia: Aaaand...~~~ I can't be bothered to introduce the rest, everyone just find out what their names are your self :P

SB(Skip Beat): *stare* Lazy.

Hunny: So? So? Are we going to start the game?

Tamaki: I can't wait! I will try my best!

Haruhi: I really can't be bothered to do this, is it okay if I leave?

Pia: No! People who has took part must NEVER leave! If they try to they will be severely punished! =W= *evil smile* Hehehehe, be prepared... minna.

HC: Guh... *flinch*

Pia: *grin* So... let's start already! :D AH! one more thing! To people who was asking that they want Kyoko and Ren together already, well... I can't do that because this genre is mainly for humour and melodrama, I can have a bit of romance in it, but I can't pair up with anyone. This isn't a story.

Tamaki: AH! I want to pair up with Haruhi! My lovely number 1 daughter, we must be together all the ti-

Haruhi: Tamaki-sepai, stop speaking nonsense and let us carry on already.

Tamaki: *blobby tears* AHH! Haruhi got angry with me! Scary! Scary, scaryy!

Kyoya: Damare Tamaki, your being annoying.

Tamaki: Even Kyoya! Uwaaa!

Pia: Shut up everyone!

From: WitchMagicCat

To: Sawara

Truth: Did Kyoko stalk you day and night till you admitted her to LME? (Of course we know the answer to that but only a few people know this in the SB cast!)

All: *stare* ...

Kyoko: *sweat drop* errr...

Sawara: Uhm... yes. She did stalk me.

Lory: BAHAHAHA! She wanted to get into LME to the extent of stalking Sawara-san! Now that's what Mogami-kun would do!

Kanae: Your that kind of person?

Kyoko: NO! It's for the sake of getting my revenge on Fuwa Sho that time!

Sho: Seriously? You freak!

Kyoko: Shut up Shotarou!

Sho: Geh!

All: ... Shotarou?

Kyoya: *types on laptop* I see that in my data, Fuwa Sho's full name is actually Fuwa Shotarou, he changed it because he thought it was embarrassing and kept it from everyone else, and the only one who knows this is Mogami-san.

Sho: *shaking* Oi... do you really have to say the details out loud? *piku(vein popping sound)*

Hikaru: *grin* Sho-

Koaru: *grin* -Ta

Hikaru: -Rou!

Sho: Shut up! We are getting way off topic here!

Pia: Hmm... he's right! Let's move on! And leave Shotarou alone!

Sho: You should say that to your self too!

FrOm:Swt Cutie

tO:Ren and Kyoko of course!

dArE:kyoko has to model for Ren, 10 dresses that Ren picks out! pretty ones plz!

Hunny: Pretty clothes! Hikaru and Kaoru's mum has pretty clothes, you can ask her!

Mori: Yeah.

Kyoko: I didn't agree to this!

Yashiro: Ren did! He's gonna do it!

Ren: Yashiro!

Kyoya: *writes on folder*

Hikaru: We agree!

Kyoko: I do NOT agree!

Kaoru: Too late!

Haruhi: Geez, you two are being too harsh!

Hikaru and Kaoru: But your harsh too you know! To Tono(lord/leader)!

Tamaki: *wide eyes*smiley face* EH? :D

Haruhi: Of course I am! And everyone else too! He's annoying anyway so it's natural to be harsh to him.

Tamaki: *depressed* Uuh.. T.T

Hikaru: See? You did it again!

Pia: Anyway, Ren you can choose which every clothes Kyoko would wear, if you don't want to, I'll have you two tied up, up side down on a tree for an hour!

Yashiro: *whisper* C'mon Ren! It isn't that hard and look the punishment is worst than the dare! So it's not too bad!

Ren: Hmm.. but does it have to be 10 dresses?

Pia: Dunno, up to Kyoko I guess.

Kyoko: ONE! Just one is enough!

Hunny: Aw~ That's boring!

Lory: Yes! Yes! I can choose for Mogami-kun!

All: No!

Pia: Lory... We all know how you can be when choosing a dress... this dare is for REN! Not for LORY!

Lory: Tch!

Pia: Is it okay Swt Cutie?

SwtCtie: NO! 5 then! On each chapter, Kyoko has to change to a different dress! Make sure it's pretty!

Kyoko: Hmph! Fine!

Sho: Pssh! As if Kyoko can dress up nice, she has no sex appeal!

Tamaki: Haruhi has sex appeal! C'mon show them! Strip!

Haruhi: I don't have anything to do with this! Hentai!

Tamaki: *shock* H-...HENTAI!

HC: *rolls eyes*

Tamaki: UWAA! Mummyy! My own daughter called me a hentai! What should we do? !

Kyoya: It's not 'we' it's you who should do something about it.

Haruhi: Seriously! Can't I take a break from him?

Pia: Uh... Helloo? While you guys were bickering Kyoko has (finally) put on a dress Ren has chosen for her! After all that yapping on about being disrespectful and unworthy of the dress, Kyoko has put it on!

Kyoko: *pout* Still... it doesn't look good on me...

Ren: *small smile* You look good in it.

Kyoko: No I don't!

SB Hikaru: a red dress, it looks really nice on you Kyoko-chan.

Yashiro: Indeed!

Hunny: Too bad they didn't choose them from Hikaru & Kaoru's mum's designs, ne? Takashi?

Mori: Yeah.

Pia: NOW! Let's wait until the next chapter to choose another pretty dress for Kyoko!

From: HoneyDrop3

To: Kyoko

Dare: I dare Kyoko to call her mom (Saena) and tell her that she was always a b*** xD!

I wanna see Saena's reaction! It's about time kyoko sticks up for herself! :P

Hunny: AH! Look! They have the same name as me! Can you see? Takashi?

Mori: *smile* Yeah

SB: *stare*thinking* First time seeing his first expression in front of us...

Kyoko: M-...mother? Im... impossible! I cannot do it!

Pia: Nu uh! Nope, this isn't acceptable! No rude (strong) words in this story! Sorry, but you'll have to do another truth or dare because this isn't appropriate!

Kyoya: *writes on folder*

Kyoko: Phew!

Haruhi: What's wrong? Something happened?

Kyoko: Well, sort of. But that's just in the past long ago anyway!

Kyoya: So this story is only for kids?

Pia: Yeah, it's a FUN-!


Pia: - and ENTERTAINING story! And participants can take part when ever they want to! (the reviewers) And players can take part in it! Except... that they can't leave! that's is the rule of this game! And the penalty will be any punishment I will choose! Fun isn't it?

SB: Only for you!

Chiori: *writing on note book*whisper* This is torture, this is torture, this is torture, this is torture...

Kyoya: I see... *writes on folder again*

Tamaki: OH! Sound's fun!

SB: *wide eyes* You will regret for the rest of your life after you said that!

Pia: *pout* Geez! Is it that bad?


Pia: Fine! Then I'll make it BETTER!

SB: NO! When you make things better, it'll only do the opposite affect!

Pia: How did you know?...

SB: *thinking* SO WE WERE RIGHT! *shock*

Haruhi: Just hearing this wants to make me leave...

Pia: *glare* You dare leave, I swear you will get the worst punishment you wont ever be able to stand!

Haruhi: *flinch* Ha-...Hai!

Tamaki: Hey! Don't be mean to Haruhi!

Pia: *smile* This is a strict game you know, once taking part... *false smile* You will never leave.

HC: *flinch*

Hunny: Takashi... do you think it's a good idea that we joined this game?

Mori: No...

Kyoya: I had the feeling that this is the kind of game that we have (mistakenly) joined.

Hikaru: I think it's fun!

Kaoru: It's funny to see everyone doing those things!

Kanae: No... It's not funny when on of you guys do it.

Chiori: Pia isn't the kind hearted type.

Kyoko: You'll have to wait and see what kind of a person she is...

Maria: Onee-sama's right *pops up from behind*

Hikaru & Kaoru: Geh! When did you get there?

Maria: *ignore* You wont believe us when we just tell you what Pia is.

Haruhi: Now I really want to leave...

Yashiro: Don't worry! You'll hang on after a while... or maybe a long while since your group is the energetic type.

Pia: *smile* Moving on now? *searches through Truth/dare box*

Hunny: Scary... I wonder what kind of face she has behind that smile, ne? Takashi...

Mori: Yeah...

From: Mari of the Bookfreaks

To: Shouko-san and Sawara-san. (YOUR SILENCE HASN'T FOOLED ME MWUHAHA!)

Dare: Sawara-san has to wear the "Bo" costume and Shouko-san has to play badminton with him.

Sho: What the hell? Isn't that during that time when-

Pia: *ignore* C'mon! Shouko-san! Come out of your closet!

Sho: Hey! Don't ignore me!

Shouko: ... Dammit. *thinking* Just a little bit more and I could've escaped.

Sawara: Me? As in Bo?

Haruhi: Isn't that the mascot of the popular TV show? Something called er... Bridge rock?

SB Hikaru: That's right!

Yuusei: You watch our show eh?

Shinichi: That's great! Want our autographs?

Haruhi: No thanks. So when are you guys going to play? And where are you going to get the badmintons?

Pia: *pop* Right here!

Tamaki: Ah! Look! look! Guy's did you see that? The badmintons just popped up from no where on her hands! What a miracle!

Pia: That's because I'm the author! I can do whatever-

SB: Here she goes again...

Pia: URUSAI! Now, you, Sawara. Put on the chicken costume!

Sawara: Ugh...

Shouko: What do I do?

Pia: Here's the bandminton, and when Sawara is ready you serve right away!

Maria: Sawara-san has put the costume on already now!

Pia: Start!

Shouko: Okay... this isn't too bad.

Pia: * evil grin* There will be a surprise attack during the match

SB: *thinking* Not a good sign...

Tamaki: OH! I want to play too!

Kyoya: This is only for Sawara-san and Shouko-san's, you can't play Tamaki.

Haruhi: Just stay put Tamaki-senpai... *whisper* who knows what Pia will do if he does whatever he wants ¬

Kyoko: Go go! Sawara-san!

Maria: Come on Sawara-san! beat her! beat her!

Lory: If you dare lose, I will fire you!

Sawara: P-president!

Kanae: That's going too far president!

Lory: *whisper* I was joking, I want Sawara-san to win!

Sho: Shouko-san, don't let that old man beat you!

Haruhi: I don't know who to cheer on...

Tamaki: Gooo Sawara-san!

Hikaru: Why are you cheering on for him? It's the pretty girl who we should cheer on!

Kaoru: Go go Shouko-san!

Pia: And the winner is Shouko Aki!

Sawara: I'm going to get fired!

Kanae: President was joking, so don't worry Sawara-san.

Sawara: President... you so cruel, after all that hard work and this is what I get?

Lory: Well, it'll be boring if you didn't try your best anyway...

SB: President... -.-

Lory: What?

Sho: So? What does Shouko-san get?

Pia: Nothing, that was just for entertainment!

All: EH?

Shouko: I worked had for nothing!

Kyoya: As expected already.

Tamaki: So? when is our turn? We haven't even got a truth or dare yet!

Pia: Well, you'll just have to wait! Anyway, that is it for this chapter, hopefully there will be some truth or dare for the OHSHC from our reviewers! Can't wait! :D See you soon!

All: Byeee!