A/N: Yeah, I don't know either.

She could fall in love with Finn.

But that's not exactly how it works.


She takes his virginity because it's the easy thing. She wants power, control, the upper hand. She coldly calculates each move before it happens, and moves her piece to check-mate position. In her mind, she's won some sort of warped game of chess - she's won his innocence and now he's hers forever.

That's how you get a man to follow you forever. (Right?)

As it so happens, he trails after her magnetically, two polar opposites who somehow come together reluctantly in the end.

She doesn't love him and he doesn't even like her, but all the same, all the same.


He's getting better at understanding her.

"How do you turn it off?"

She thinks of Brittany, her eyes soft and warm and the love in her eyes that isn't directed at Santana. She thinks of what it really feels like to love someone.

Santana laughs weakly and shakes her head. "You don't."

Finn watches her silently, finally averting his eyes. "I love her."

For some reason, she knows he's not talking about Quinn, and that makes it all the sweeter.


"Do you have a secret?"

Finn ponders it for a moment and sort of nods.

Santana nods a little too and in the darkness of his room, she whispers, "I'm gay."

He looks at her sharply and his mouth forms words, but she begs him to not say anything.

She hasn't cried in front of anyone since -

But Finn holds her and she does.