Say It (당신이 그것을 의미처럼) Song Woo Bin *07* Not To You

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I sat in silence at the dining table that night, looking down at my untouched plate.
Both my parents were off in Japan visiting colleagues or people of importance – I never really bothered to familiarise myself with their friends because more often enough, it was both parties exploiting each other's strengths and weaknesses for profit (or, in some cases, protection.)
Dae-Hyun was away in Macaw on some business trip. He was almost always away for one reason or another – not to mention he seldom spoke of his work when he was at home.
No, it was just Woo Bin and I at home tonight. He hadn't uttered so much as a single word to me since Jan Di and I intervened with Lee Min's attempted suicide. I knew that he was angry, no, furious with me. And he knew perfectly well that I knew that- Oh, forget it.
Usually, I'd be happy, thrilled even, that Woo Bin was completely and utterly silent.
But this time… No.
It was a lot more serious than I had originally thought.
Woo Bin ate in silence across from me, his eyes never leaving his place. The way he had acted for the latter part of the afternoon, the way he had acted throughout his normal afternoon routines – it was like as though I was invisible.
For what reason could he possibly be mad at me for?
Stopping a boy from committing suicide due to his and his air-headed friends actions and influence over the rest of the school?
For befriending him and sticking up for him when the rest of the student population had ostracized him? When they tormented him to no end?
This was utterly ridiculous.
He had absolutely no right to be mad at me for saving a life!
I sighed inwardly, pushing my untouched plate away from me. Getting quickly to my feet, I turned away from the table and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Woo Bin glance upwards in confusion.
"M-miss Park," a maid who was standing nearest to me said quickly. "You haven't touched your dinner yet. Was the cuisine not to your liking? Shall I tell the head Chef tha-"
I held up a hand to silence her, the corners of my lips tugging upwards into a polite smile.
"No, no," I said with a shake of my head. "I'm just not feeling hungry right now. I've got far too much homework to get through, so I'll be up in my room."
After another quick smile in the maid's direction, I murmured a quiet 'Goodnight' before making my way swiftly out of the room.


Sitting in the center of my bed, Saja sleeping soundly in my arms, I stared absently at the rose coloured bed hangings that curtained me off from the rest of my room.
I had left the dining room roughly an hour ago and had passed the time staring off into space.
I wasn't exactly upset over the fact that Woo Bin was mad, so to speak.
No. It was more so the fact that I was furious with him for his lack of judgement and independent thought. Not to mention the nerve he has to get mad over that fact.
The bed hangings parted and Woo Bin sat down on the edge of the bed, swinging his legs up as he did so.
I sighed quietly, looking down at Saja's sleeping form.
"Don't get too comfortable," I muttered. Woo Bin chuckled quietly in response.
"Not hungry?" he teased. "You? Since when? You're always hungry."
Pulling a face, I lifted my gaze to meet his.
"I don't want to talk to you," I said softly. "Please just go."
Shaking his head, Woo Bin moved to sit beside me.
"Look, Kana," he said, his voice low. "You can't just deal with these things by hiding away inside your room."
I narrowed my eyes at him. "Oh yeah?" I challenged. "Then how do you suggest I deal with it?"
Offering a lazy, one-shouldered shrug, Woo Bin smiled gently.
"You talk about them. Simple."
I scratched behind Saja's ear and sighed.
"What am I supposed to talk about? How you and your friends almost caused an innocent person to jump to their death? No."
I turned my gaze away from him. "There's nothing to talk about. Not to you, anyway."
Woo Bin opened his mouth to say something, but paused, his forehead creasing as a frown played its way across his face.
"Is that what you're angry about?"
I resisted from rolling my eyes.
"No," I said as calmly as I could. "I'm not angry at that fact alone. I'm furious. Furious about the fact that you and your little gang of idiots think you can go around manipulating the entire school and making them turn on one person. But above all else, I'm furious that you even have the nerve to be angry at me for saving him!"
A small sigh escaped Woo Bin's lips and he draped an arm around my shoulders, bringing my back to lean against his side.
"Who told you I was mad at you, Kana?"
"Nobody. It was obvious."
Running his free hand through his hair, Woo Bin looked down.
"I wasn't mad at you. Your interpreting skills are a little bit off."
"Or," I retorted somewhat playfully in an attempt to hide my sarcasm. "You just lack the basic human spectrum of emotions. When you're happy – you look mad. When you're confused – you look mad. When you're contemplating something – you look mad. And, when you're actually mad – you smile. I mean, come on!"
Giving my shoulder a gentle shove, Woo Bin smiled.
"Does that mean I'm angry now?"
I stuck my tongue out, shaking my head.
"No, you are just very confused."
Woo Bin exhaled slowly.
"Alright, then what do I look like if I'm afraid?"
Afraid? What could you possibly afraid of? You're the heir of a Mafia. Nothing could frighten you.
I gave him a one-shouldered shrug.
"Mad, probably. It's a very generic expression for you. Extremely versatile."
A small, rumbling laugh echoed out of his throat.
"Well, that probably explains why you thought I was mad, Kana. I was actually quite afraid for you."
"Me? Why were you afraid for me?"
"Because," he said simply. "I told you to be careful. I told you to not intervene with Jun Pyo. He can be quite dangerous when he wants to be. And, I was just…" he trailed off with a quiet sigh.
"You just what?" I prompted, making a small, circular motion with my hand, gesturing for him to continue.
"Forget it," he mumbled.
I shook my head, sitting up, placing Saja on the bed next to me.
"No," I said firmly. "Tell me."
"Fine," Woo Bin grumbled in defeat. "I just… Don't want you getting hurt."

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