Shang watched as the Fau family ate their rice and drank their tea. This was the first time in years that they spoke at the table. While the family gossiped and sang Mulan and Shang gave each other knowing looks. Shang moved his hand slowly over hers and massaged her palm. Mulan blushed and peered up towards Shang. Was he always this beautiful, or was it just her perception?

Shang spilled a few grains of rice on his lap. Mulan giggled at his clumsiness, but then watched as began dropping more rice grains. *What's he doing?* she wondered.

Slowly he spelled out a message…it read: Meet me outside after dinner.

After dinner Shang and Mulan walked outside to the courtyard and Shang grabbed Mulan's hand. He pulled her close and rubbed her face and shoulders. He moved his hands slowly, yet respectfully down her chest and to the bottom of her bellybutton. She giggled from the ticklish feeling she got. He took her hand and kissed it gently. Shang kneeled and looked Mulan in the eyes,

"Will you marry me?" he asked……