This takes place after New York (2x22)

Quinn POV

There's first love and there's true love. Finn was my first love but Sam is my true love. I learned that you can often get them confused. But in your heart you know who your true love is. I look at Finn kissing Rachel and I feel nothing. I look and Sam kissing Mercedes and I feel sick. It's not that I don't like Mercedes. I love her, but I love Sam. If I wasn't so madly in love with Sam I would think they're a cute couple. But I am. I look again and I feel sick. That should be me kissing him. I made the second worst mistake in my life kissing Finn again. Beth was the worst mistake I ever made, but right now I feel like kissing Finn was the worst. I have to win Sam back. I'm so miserable now. Right now people might think I'm a bitch but it's because I'm dying inside everyday seeing Sam and knowing he could never be mine again. I'm not gonna sabotage Sam and Mercedes though I will try to break them up. But all I need is a good plan. I look around the room. Perfect.

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