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Author's note: Sometime after Borrowed Time


Chapter 1: Awkward introductions

  The girl walked inside the noisy club where she had gone to get a drink and relax after a long day of looking for a job that would hold a roof over her head. Seattle, another meaningless town. Blurring with all of the others in the past and how the ones in the future would be until she found what she was looking for.

The girl, Lexa, leaned against the bar as she drank the beer that was foaming over onto her hand. Her eyes scanned the people packed wall to wall on the dance floor grinding against one another. She sipped her beer and watched the crowd on the dance floor move almost as one to the Pre Pulse techno song. It wasn't really her type of music but it had a good beat and she found her mood improving as she listened.

Lexa checked her watch and began to worry. It was a quarter to eleven and Vin still hadn't got there. Hmm maybe he's lost. It's not like him to be late..


Original Cindy, Alec and Max walked into the club, they were going to meet Herbal and Sketchy here. It wasn't their usual hang out but Crash was closed due to some much-needed repairs. They stood just inside the door next to the bar and scanned the crowd for their friends. "There they are." Alec pointed out Sketchy. They were sitting at a table on the other side of the dance floor. Alec rubbed his hands together and said "My, my I wonder which one of these lucky ladies will get to come home for an unimaginable good time with yours truly tonight?" as they weave their way through the crowd to the table.


" Please. Get over yourself." Said Max rolling her eyes and giving him a look of disgust at his comment. "Is it that hard to believe that some ladies find me irresistible Max?" Alec replied with a cocky grin.

"Well, as far as Original Cindy is concerned there is definitely something resistible about you sugar, but as for this fine shortie I have my eye on over near the bar, that is a whole different story." OC said turning to face the bar.

"Speaking of bars, I believe you owe me a beer Alec." Max said with a grin. Alec, shaking his head started for the bar. He still couldn't believe he had lost at foosball to her. He headed to the bar without another word.

Moving back through the crowd toward the bar he spotted a pretty female leaning against it, eyes scanning the crowd. He reached the bar and signaled the bartender. " Two beers," he said pulling some money from his walled and handing it to him. " Thanks pal."

He turned to the woman and gave her a once over. About five foot five with shoulder length hair the color of chestnuts and a slim figure, she was wearing tight black pants with a red long sleeve shirt that dipped low in front with a black vest over it. Not the typical skirts and other club wear the other females were wearing. That interested him. She turned to face him and the first thing he noticed was her eyes. Warm brown around the edges moving to gold and the finally a deep green in the middle. He knew that he wanted her right away.

"Hi, I'm Alec," He turned his "I know you want me" smile on her. He had done this enough times than he could count. To him it was all game.

Great just what I want, Some guy who thinks he is perfect hitting on me. If he only knew. Where is Vin?

She thought to herself. She turned to him "And?" She said hoping to discourage him. Then she got a look at his face. And eerie sense of familiarity settled over her.

Wait a minute, this doesn't usually happen.Alec thought to himself. Trying again he said "Are you here alone?"

"And this is your business because?" Lexa replied. Brushing off the feeling she tried to get rid of him.

Alec was taken back by this. He was been blown off. That had never happened before.

"Because I was wondering if I could buy you a beer."

Max and the gang back at the table were watching Alec stumble over himself and this new situation. "I have never seen Alec fail with a girl. He's like, THE MASTER." Said Sketchy with his mouth open.

"The girl's got taste, good for her." Max replied with a smile, obviously taking enjoyment out of Alec's situation.

"Original Cindy has to agree with Sketchy as weird as that may be. Your boy does have a way with females. I wonder if she hits for the all-girl team?" said Original Cindy adding her opinion.

Just then Logan walked up to the table. Since everyone's attention was focused elsewhere he asked "Just what are we looking at?"

" We're watching his royal-pain-in–the-ass get shot down by that honey at the bar." OC answered before Max could open her mouth. "As I like Alec as much as the next guy, do you think we should really take this much enjoyment out of his discomfort?" Logan said. "Of course." Came the answer from Max and OC in unison.

Back at the bar…

Lexa gave Alec a good look, his face was so familiar. "Look, I'm all set thanks anyway." She raised her beer indicating that is was nearly full. There he will get the message now. She thought.

Alec wasn't going to give up. He looked over at the table and saw the group looking at him. "Well, then how about a dance?" her refused to think that she could just flat out pass him over.

Lexa saw she wasn't going to get rid of him that easily. Besides Vin was late and she owed herself some fun. "Fine. If I agree to dance with you will you leave me alone?" she asked. "One dance." Confirmed Alex.

She looked out at the dance floor and sighed. Of course a slow song had come on. It was just her luck. Now she would end up having to talk to him.

Alec told her that he would be just a moment and went to deliver Max's beer to her. As he set them both on the table he realized he was hurrying to get back. Was he excited? Maybe it was just the challenge she presented.

She met him halfway on the dance floor and he put his arms around her.


****Next Chapter: The dance and we get to find out who Vin is..

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