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In silent agreement Max drove not to either of their apartments but to Vin and Lexa's. Alec let them in with a key that Lexa had given to him one day last week when she had needed him to run an errand for her.

They entered the living room that was still in disarray from Max and Vin's "encounter." Alec looked at the CD's that Lexa hadn't gotten around to picking up, remembering how she had been upset about them being on the floor.

Max saw her shirt in a heap by the couch and remembered their hurry to remove their clothes. She saw Vin's boxers next to it. Alec crossed her line of vision and moved to the shelf with pictures on it. He picked up the frame that held a picture of Lexa and Vin when they were first moving in. He traced Lexa's face with his index finger, an expression of longing on his face.

Max looked away, feeling she was invading on a private moment. A loud noise startled her and she looked at Alec who had sunk to his knees sobbing. "I should have stayed." He said brokenly.

Max kneeled beside him and put her arms around him. "If you had stayed then they would have put you through reindoctrination and you won't be able to get them out." She reasoned. Tears flowed down her face also.

"But I love her so much Max. And the baby.." He said his voice trailing off.

"Did you know she was pregnant?" Max asked.

"I wasn't sure, but I thought she was. I was going to ask her when the time felt right." He said looking up at her. "Who knows what they will do to them?" He asked bitterly.

"They won't have time. We are going to go back for them." Max said.

"Max, we don't have a chance, just the two of us. They're hurt." He said. He sobbed again. "There was so much blood. Lexa and Vin's. It was all over."

Max was unnerved by this show of emotion from Alec. He had always been closed off around her. Then again, her sister seemed to bring out the most in him.

She stroked his hair. "We are going to get them back Alec. Vin and I just got together, I will not lose him to Manticore."

She pushed back from him and said. "Why don't you go take a shower? You have blood all over you."

"Their blood." He said dully looking at his hands.

Max didn't reply. She simply pulled him to his feet. He shuffled to Lexa's room and returned a minute later with some clothes.

"Before we left, Lexa said there was something wrong with the baby." Alec told her.

Shock was evident on Max's face. She recovered quickly. "You know that they will do what ever is needed to take care of them. They are worth too much." She said trying to reassure him.

Alec went into the bathroom and took a shower.

Max went into Lexa's bedroom and made the bed with the other set of sheets Lexa had in the closet. Then, to try and comfort Alec she sprayed a little of the perfume Lexa had on her dresser on the sheets.


Alec stood in the shower watching as the pink water swirled around his feet. Alec took the bottle of liquid soap from one of the shelves in the shower. Flipping the lid open he took a deep breath and the tears flowed again as the scent he remembered from Lexa's skin enveloped him. He took up her washcloth and began to wash her blood from his body.

When Alec came out he went in to Lexa's room without a word.


Max checked on Alec after her shower and saw him curled up on Lexa's bed with one of her shirts. She gently closed the door. Max then allowed the sobs she had been holding in to rack her body. The tears burned paths down her cheeks.

She had held it together long enough to be there for Alec. He had been there for her many times despite all of the bad things she had said and did for him. Without him to care for she let it all out.

She crawled onto the bed and gathered the red sheets from the foot where Vin had tossed them only two days ago. She could still smell the both of them on there. She drifted off to sleep.


Original Cindy opened the door to Vin and Lexa's shaking her head. "They must be really depressed if they are forgetting to lock the doors."

She walked into the living room to see Alec in the kitchen pulling a bottle of Scotch from a cabinet and Max slumped on the couch staring at the floor. A glass half empty holding a clear liquid hung limply from her hand.

Original Cindy then got angry. She had rarely seen Max so upset that she drank hard liquor.

"Okay, that's it. Get your ass off that couch and change yo' clothes we are goin' out." She said to Max firmly, then turned to Alec. "And you, put that bottle down." She said. She grabbed his jacket off the bar. She tossed it to him and turned back to Max who was still on the couch.

"Didn't Original Cindy tell you to go change?" She asked.

"I don't want to go no where Cindy." Max said still staring at the floor.

"Original Cindy didn't ask you if you wanted to."

"Cindy please." Max started.

Original Cindy lost her temper. "Don't "please Cindy" me. For the last week this girl ain't done nothing but cover for the four of you for a week. Now Original Cindy know that you and Alec are upset. So they moved the facility they were at. That's why you get up and start searching for them. YOU LIVE." She said.

"Go to Logan, have him help. If you two don't stay well, you can't go get our friends back. They aren't dead so stop acting like it. Now get your asses into clean clothes and let's start this. We'll go to Logan's and ask him, then we will go to Crash, have a beer and talk."

Her sudden outburst shocked them back to reality. Max stood slowly and nodded. She went in and changed.

As Max changed her clothes she thought of Tuesday. She and Alec had started out before first light to do some recon for the next rescue mission. They had arrived to find the facility empty. The had gone through the whole building to find nothing. The blood on the carpet in the conference room was even gone.


When they had went to Logan's he had been reluctant to help at first. Then Original Cindy had "kindly" asked him to help and he got right to work. Every day Max or Alec would stop by or call to see if he had found anything. One day, two weeks from the day he had first started Alec had stopped by.

"Just seeing if you had anything for us on where they are." He said. His hands were in his pockets, his shoulders slumped dejectedly. Logan could see a necklace around his neck that he had seen once on Lexa.

"I'm sorry, nothing yet." Logan told him. Alec nodded and turned. Logan started to miss the fire that had once been in his eyes. True the man had annoyed him but he almost hated to see anyone go through anguish like he was. It reminded him of the time that Max had been taken back to Manticore. When he thought she was dead. Those first days had been hell, a hell that Alec seemed to be going through himself.

"Alec." He said stopping him.

Alec turned. "Yeah?"

"Today I found some data on Lexa and Vin that was recorded right after you left. I was wondering if you would want to see it?" Logan asked. He could see a spark come to life inside him. He regretted not telling him sooner.

"Yeah." Alec replied moving hurriedly to the computer. Logan moved so that the other man could sit down.

Alec sat in front of the computer for an hour. When Logan came back from eating dinner Alec was still sitting there staring at a picture from the ultrasound. Logan had been afraid to return, afraid that the information would be too much for Alec and it would upset him. Alec reached up and traced it with his index finger. "This is our baby." He told Logan his voice held soft wonder. Logan nodded and put his hand on the younger man's shoulder.

Alec brushed it off and stood to go. "I am going to go tell Max what you have found." He seemed almost excited. "Thank you."

Logan reached into a drawer in the desk and pulled out a couple of sheets of paper he had printed earlier.

"Here." He said handing them to Alec. They were the printouts of the ultrasound. Alec smiled slightly.

"Thanks." Then he left.

The look on his face gave Logan renewed energy and he got back to searching.


Eventually Logan and Asha's relationship suffered and she broke it off claiming that he was too busy "helping the furry friends" to be a boyfriend. Evidently she had become tired of coming by every day to find Logan sitting in front of the computer or talking to Alec or even Max.

Things went back to as close to normal as they could be. Max started staying at her apartment more, they both went to work. Max noticed that Alec slept at his apartment more and more. When Max would go to Lexa's and Vin's she would notice that it would be clean and tidy like it was waiting for them to come home.

Max closed the door to the apartment. She had stopped by on her way to work to see if Alec was there. She went to his apartment and picked the lock letting herself in. Alec looked up from the orange juice he was drinking.

"You could have knocked Max, I would have let you in you know." He said.

Max looked at him. "I just wanted to make sure you are okay."

"I'm always all right Max." He said with his trademark grin.

Max shook her head. If he wanted to play it that way fine. As long as it helped him stay sane.

They turned to leave for work and start another day. Something caught Max's eye as she was looking. She turned and saw that it was a picture from an ultrasound taped to the fridge. Along side it was a picture of Vin and Lexa. She had seen another ultrasound picture inside his locker.

That very picture had deterred most of the females at work from hitting on Alec and the ones that did never got far. His heart just didn't seem in it.

Max closed the door and sighed. Time for another day.


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