Feathers from Heaven – A series of random, non- sequential one shots.

Most will focus on the three year period in which Booth and Bones were separated. If you haven't read Tears from Heaven, I suggest you read at least the first 12 chapters, and further if you'd like to get to know John Keller. Reading Tears will explain a lot about the focus of these one shots. Special thanks to Angie my wonderful Beta.

Chapter 1 - Dr. Brennan it's time to go…

"Dr. Brennan it's time to go," Keller said then moved to rest a hand on her shoulder, which she shrugged away annoyed. Instead, she stepped even closer to the edge of Booth's bed and that much further away from him.

All John could think was that this woman had some serious balls, her threat to the Director of the FBI had definitely been something to watch, especially when it had been done by a woman who was going into the program not so much to protect her own life but that of everyone around her. The prior week they'd met briefly and he had immediately known. Had it been only her life hanging in the line, she wouldn't have left. She'd have stayed to catch the killer even if it meant risking her own life. She was sacrificing herself.

Immediately after they'd snatched her from the scene of the explosion, she had demanded to speak to Harris. He'd been a little more than shocked to hear her one-sided conversation. "Director Harris, I will not enter the program without my own reassurances. I must confirm for myself that Booth is alive and will heal from his current injuries," she had requested into the phone. "You've staged his death before I'm not taking any chances this time, "She had added, muttering under her breath.

Sitting across from her, John Keller had watched as her jaw tightened and then how her voice had dropped dangerously low; he knew that tone. It had the quality of a non-negotiable requirement, he knew she wouldn't be swayed by anything Harris would one would go to Dr. Brennan now and that Director Harris would have to recognize it.

"I repeat, either I see Booth or you can call this whole thing off," Brennanhad stated firmly. She had sat back abruptly as she waited for the inevitable. A brief smile curled his lips as he recalled the moment; Dr. Brennan was a force to be dealt with, and he'd be smart to remember that. After a few moments, she had handed him the phone with a slight smile of victory.

"Keller," John announced as he had taken the phone.

"Take Doctor Brennan to the hospital, she won't cooperate until she's sure that Agent Booth isn't in any physical danger," Harris grounded out exasperated that Dr. Brennan was now dictating terms. "Then get her the hell out of there and make sure no one sees her. You got that Keller?" Harris had demanded.

"Yes sir, we'll manage," John had replied then closed the call.

"Campbell, bring us to the hospital's back entrance. Dr. Brennan will be making a brief stop before we meet the plane," John barked out to the agent driving, frustrated with the last minute change of plans. Unbelievable, as much as he admired her guts, it annoyed him how easily she managed to overrule WITSEC's protocol, a protocol meant to keep her alive. After a moment he focused on her face, now serene with the knowledge that she'd be allowed to see Agent Booth. All her anger had melted away. He sighed, hopeful that those mere minutes would be enough.

They managed to sneak her in having borrowed scrubs and a surgical mask from the linen cart. She'd been able to walk unnoticed to Agent Booth's room.

They entered his room silently; the only sound heard was the occasional sounds emitted from the equipment monitoring Booth's vitals.

The moment her eyes rested on his face, the strong, controlled woman instantly melted away. She released a sigh of relief and move quickly to his side. Brennan gently picked up his uninjured hand and held it to her chest. Her eyes scanned his face, committing every detail to memory. Something John was aware that she may have to remember for years. Unless Jack-Jack was apprehended, she'd be in witness protection for the rest of her life. Dr. Temperance Brennan would cease to exist.

Booth had been sedated due to his injuries; he would never have allowed her direct contact otherwise. Knowing that Booth would have no memory of this visit, he leaned back against the door and watched. He'd been briefed of course, Dr. Brennan was cold, logical and brilliant, a certifiable genius. Booth and Dr. Brennan's track record was nearly unmatched, they made a formidable team which made the transformation that much more startling.

John observed how grief changed her. He couldn't help but be drawn as she said a final goodbye to her partner, as though their roles had been reversed and Booth had died instead of her. He watched as one tear followed another. Brennan raised her eyes momentarily and they met John's across the distance. She saw the understanding in the denim blue of his eyes and nodded gratefully. The pain reflected in her eyes nearly destroyed John's resolve, but he knew it was his duty to keep her safe. Even if it'd be easier to let her stay, too many people depended on her 'staged death' and they both knew it.

He kept his eyes trained on the monitors as he straightened himself, knowing that he would have to be strong for the both of them. Booth's life would be at risk if they couldn't get Dr. Brennan out of D.C. undetected. He acknowledged that several people would likely die. His eyes swung back to her the moment in which he heard her choke back a sob. He was mesmerized as he watched her lean her forehead against Booth's allowing a few rebel tears to fall onto his face.

Brennan dipped her head and pressed a kiss to her partner's lips. That definitely caught him by surprise, not exactly what he'd been expecting, not at all. John couldn't help but wonder at the relationship Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth had shared. His briefing had simply identified them as having a long standing, successful partnership that spanned over half a decade.

Striding forward, John looked for a distraction. He pulled Booth's chart from the end of the bed and read aloud, "Grade 3 Concussion and a fractured ulna."

She nodded, "He'll heal quickly." She swiftly wiped the tears from Booth's face then pressed a hand over his heart. She leaned in and whispered loud enough for John to hear, "Booth, you have my heart, it's always been yours. Just know that I love you." Brushing a tear away she continued, "Though you can't hear me, please don't feel guilty about my death. This is my doing, my choice. You've brought me such joy and happiness."She pressed her lips to his and added "Remember me," her eyes never straying from his face.

John told her firmly, "Dr. Brennan, we have to leave now."

When she raised her eyes to meet his, he was nearly knocked backwards. The raw, turbulent pain, the doubt and the guilt, he could see it all reflected in them.

With one final squeeze of Booth's hand, she answered, "I'm ready." She turned one last time towards Booth, one last attempt to memorize the face that she loved so dearly, the one that she'd never forget. Her heart breaking, she allowed John to escort her from the room.

The silence of the room was broken as a male voice raw with pain cried, "Don't leave me?" A tear streamed across his face. He knew he'd lost her.

A/N: If you'd like to keep up with this story, as I said… this is a random series and I have at minimum 20 OS to add to this, though not beta'd. My intent is to keep "Tears" alive because I have a planned Sequel for winter 2012.