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Final Fantasy 7 – Tempted

The generals are sent into Wutai to save Zack and the rest of his unit and return with an extra unexpectedly. Can they help and love this warrior for who he is or will it turn out badly? A/G/Z/C, S/R/R other parings noted, gender switch.

Chapter 1

A young woman with blond dirty hair, wearing ragged clothes continued running down the hills, carrying her unconscious child close to her, to scared she could drop him. You see there was a war going on between Nibelheim and rogue scavengers who had attacked their village. The child's father, from an old prodigious clan was the last of his clan, and now so was the child.

She was exhausted but there was no way that she was going to stop, she knew they would train her child to be nothing more than one of their warriors or worse a slave. Holding her child closer, she continued her trek. No where was safe, no even Banbora where she had been born though she was raise in in Nibelheim when she was twelve. Where they stayed for two days for rest before she continued onwards as she knew they were only three days behind her, every step she took, they were getting closer.

She was now close to Wutai now, her energy was failing her. She finally stopped for some rest, sitting down while leaning against a tree. Smiling softly she looked down at her sleeping child, his face so calm that no song could me made to match his calmness. Her eyes were becoming blurry, she wouldn't live long enough for her child to escape. Holding her child close than the child. Feeling her child's warmth on her cold skin made her feel calm and happy but sad at the same time as her child wouldn't know anything about his father or her She knew she wasn't going to live long enough to see her child grow up. Her husband died before he was born.

As she felt the last of her energy leave her body, she saw a blurry image of somebody kneeling close to her, she couldn't understand what he/she was saying. But she managed to mumble something to he/she, hoping they could understand what she was saying. "Please look after and protect my son." 'I pray that they'll never find out unless my child wishes it...'

'….Of course, what's his name?"

Wutain than, "It's Strife, Cloud" she answered smiling softly as she felt her heart stop and the last of air leave her body.

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