Here's my attempt to make a decent Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic. This is all OC and based around the situations in Yu-Gi-Oh GX (manga and anime situations along with my own original ideas). Please no flaming and like my Pokémon story I would appreciate it if you would give me ideas for OCs. Now please give these as PMs so that we can keep it a surprise for all the readers. This will require work in the fact that you will have to think of a 40 Card deck at least with archetype names, monsters, spells, and traps along with any Synchro and Fusion monsters you have also if you find it necessary tell me which cards are doubled or tripled. For the record I am not accepting decks with Exceed monsters. Just to shake things up I will not be having my OC be the main character. See if you can scope him out throughout this fanfic. Enjoy.


Duel I: Fate in the Stars

Lively; if there were one word to describe that room it would be lively. But then again it is the largest dueling academy in the country and maybe perhaps the world. In the north corner were professors, proctors, and other staff and administration; the south corner was full of duelists waiting their turn to prove themselves skilled enough to be accepted; the east and west corners were filled with alumni, actual students and friends of family of the applicants. In the lower area were separate stalls for the duels to be played out in with duels of every kind going on and triumphs along with failure.

"I activate the Spell card, Smashing Ground! Sorry, spook, but now your monster goes to the Graveyard because of it having the highest defense points!" the proctor announced triumphantly.

The applicant chuckled maliciously, "Do you honestly expect me to give up after that weak tactic? Spell card activate, Mythic Revival!" he called out as a spell card activated bringing his shadow-clad monster back to the field. "Now finish him, Kyuu Kasai!"

A set of glowing orbs appeared out of darkness and simulated the orbs piercing the proctor's soul. The proctor fell back as his Life Point gauge dropped from 1700 to 0. He grunted while returning to his feet and saw the applicant leave the room with a seemingly evil grin.

"I summon, Egyptian Spirit Anubis!" another applicant called out. "Go, Judgment Break!"

The hologram of the Egyptian god slashed through the proctor's monster and finished off his Life Points from 1000-0.

"Congratulations, you pass applicant." The proctor said neutrally.

"Humph…" the young boy responded with a thumbs-up to his proctor.

More duels continued to go on like the previous two with some ending in the applicant's defeat. Those who had completed their duels took their place back on the risers. The two duelist from before sat back down unknowingly next to each other the looked at each other and stayed in silence as the final applicant arrived for the day. She was girl about as old as the first applicant making her slightly older than the second.

"What do you think will happen?" the younger boy asked.

"Why do you care?" the older asked back. "It's not your duel, nor is it mine."

"True, just thought it would be nice to ask." The younger boy said coming into full view.

He was young, that much was true, but immature wouldn't be the word. Mostly clothed in dark clothes with symbols all over them and a hood covering his dark brown hair and almost covering his dark blue eyes. The older boy wore a pair of dark blue jeans, a black jacket over a dark green shirt, and just above a pair of dark amber eyes and near ghost-white hair.

"Today's final duel will be between this young lady, and I believe this to be our own Professor Nakamura, head of the Ra Yellow dorm! Good luck to you both, and begin!" the emcee called out.

"What does he mean by 'Ra Yellow'?" The younger boy asked.

"The dorms are split into colors represented by the Egyptian God Cards, Slifer Red, Ra Yellow, and Obelisk Blue. Each one represents how skilled of a duelist you are compared to everyone else, and how much of an academic you actually are. Take these two into an account and that's your dorm for the year." The older explained.

Down on the dueling floor the two duelists took their position with the professor beginning things off.

"State your name young lady." He commanded.

"Destiny." The girl said plainly.

The girl was by anyone's standards rather beautiful; wearing a pair of shorts reaching down to her knees, a pink t-shirt, a light blue jacket, green eyes, long black hair, and a strange necklace with twelve different symbols decorating it.

"Well, Destiny, let's start! My draw," the proctor surveyed his cards and chuckled, "and I'll begin by playing Sea Guardian Poseidon in attack mode (1700/1200). Next I'll play two cards face-down and end my turn. Your move, miss."

"Thank-you, and I'll start off by playing my Zodiac Aries in attack mode (1800/1000)." A transparent ram sprang from the card onto the field with several stars seemingly making up its body. "Now I'll activate Aries' effect; when I Normal Summon him I can select and destroy 1 Spell or Trap card you have out on the field."

"Interesting…" the proctor said but in his mind said, "Too bad one of these cards is a decoy meant for young amateurs like you. She may have a 50/50 chance but that doesn't negate the fact that duelists always go for the card closest to the deck."

"Aries, destroy the one behind the monster!" Destiny called out.

"What? No!" Nakamura cried out as Aries literally incinerated the card.

"Now Aries attack his monster, Celestial Burn!" Destiny called out while Aries charged the other monster ramming into it and reducing it to tiny shards flying in the wind.

Nakamura's Life Point meter dropped from 4000-3900. Destiny smiled but then saw the trident the monster was holding flying directly at her dropping her gauge by the same amount.

"Wait did I miss something?" the younger boy asked.

"Just Poseidon's ability. Should it be destroyed by a Fire monster, your opponent takes the same amount of damage that you did. But what's even more intriguing is that girl's deck. Now I'm interested." The older one explained.

Destiny grunted slightly and flipped her head back up, "I'll play two cards face-down and end my turn."

"My move!" Nakamura said pulling his card out of the deck. "Now I activate my face-down card, Aphrodite's blessing, should my opponent take damage from an effect I can gain the same amount of Life Points that my opponent took as damage." The trap card activated regaining all of his lost Life Points back to 4000. "Next I'll summon up my Divine Black Smith Hephaestus (1000/2000) in defense mode!"

"My turn!" Destiny called out drawing the top card from her deck. "First I'm activating the Spell card Solar Alignment, now anytime we Special Summon it's treated as a Normal Summon, along with that I'm also activating the Spell card Lunar Alignment, now just as before anytime we Flip Summon it's treated as a Normal Summon. Now I summon Zodiac Leo (2000/0) in attack mode!" a lion similar to Aries jumped out of the card and let out a large roar. "When I Normal Summon this card one of my Zodiac monsters can attack my opponent directly, granted it can't be Leo. Aries, do your thing, Celestial Burn!"

Aries charged the proctor hitting him while completely ignoring the defense position monster and dropping the Life Point gauge from 4000-2200.

"Now for a little extra attitude, I activate my Trap card, Jupiter's Rage! When I control two or more fire monsters on my side of the field I can instantly add one of their attack points to the other one. Leo, take Aries' attack points and strike down that over grown metal worker with Cosmic Cruncher!"

Leo, now at 3800 attack points, charged and destroyed the other monster while Nakamura began chuckling.

"Now I activate Hephaestus' ability; when he's destroyed by a monster with more than 2500 attack points I can automatically Special Summon my strongest monster, Divine King Zeus (3000/2400) in attack mode!"

The large imposing figure of Zeus shadowed the field making everyone slightly impressed.

"So what's so special about this guy?" the younger boy asked.

"Simple, this next turn Destiny's field will get completely destroyed. The turn after Zeus is summoned, a player can discard their entire hand to destroy all cards on the field except for Zeus." The older asked still leaning in the back of the chair.

"Now that it's my turn, Zeus destroy everything on the field!" Nakamura said as he sent all his cards to his Graveyard Zeus summoned a lightning bolt destroying the two Zodiacs on the field and was becoming almost a seizure hazard.

"Now Zeus attack!" Nakamura called out as Zeus summoned another bolt of lightning and sent it down on Destiny.

Destiny stood there without haven taken any damage. She smiled at the professor gaining surprised from everyone including the two boys in the risers.

"What gives?" Nakamura asked as the smoked cleared revealing a Trap card disappearing. "Huh?'

"See when ever Celestial Barrier is destroyed I can choose to negate any effect or battle damage that would come to me in this next turn. Let's just say I saw that move coming." She said winking.

"I end my turn, you saved yourself for this round but next time you won't get so lucky." Nakamura said.

"Why are you here dueling me?" Destiny asked.


"I asked why are you, a noted professor, dueling a simple applicant like me." Destiny asked again.

"I think we can safely assume that you are not just a normal applicant." Nakamura said in defense.

"You didn't know that before you dueled me. So why did you want duel me? Taking orders from higher authority or did you duel me because you don't want me here?"

Nakamura became more and more nervous as Destiny continued.

"I believe you don't want me here because I was either late or because I scored the lowest on the placement test. Tell me, am I getting warm? Or is it because those teachers don't want a girl with a past like mine at their school; prone to trouble?"

"T-that's not it…" Nakamura began and then looked at the floor and at his own hands.

"Well, never mind that, let's end this."

Nakamura looked back up at her with a confident smile and rejoined the duel at his best, "Like you can even hope to destroy the mighty Zeus, it should be noted that this monster can't be destroyed by an effect, so you'd have to find something stronger than it to beat it."

"Yeah right, I summon Zodiac Gemini (1500/1500) in attack mode. Now I attack Zeus with Double Strike. Also it should be noted that when Gemini is Normal Summoned that his attack point are doubled instantly."

The twin constellations gained a red aura doubling their attack points and attacking Zeus destroying the giant deity as well as the twins and forcing dropping Nakamura's gauge from 2200-0.

"Now I know I missed something. What gives now?" the younger boy asked.

"When Zeus is destroyed by battle the user of the card takes damage equal to attack points of the monster that destroyed it, aka 3000. I must say, I'm glad I stuck around. That girl is going to be huge at Duel Academy, and maybe a good rival." The older boy said getting up and walking away.

The younger boy watched as he left and back down at Destiny as she was blowing kisses to the crowd and looked down at her necklace and thought to herself, "Thanks guys."

Chapter 1 complete. Tell me what you think, and send me a private message if you want to see you made up deck on this story. P.S. No one-shot kill cards, 'kay? Until we meet again on fanfic, Sayonara.

Next time: Duel Academy registration, not just a campus tour but a battle between the Zodiac's and what appears to be the Curse of King Tut, what's Destiny gotten herself into this time. Be sure to read the next chapter: Pyramid Party: Zodiacs v. Egyptian Spirits.