Epilogue—200 years later


About eleven years after the whole kidnapping we had a visitor named Garrett; he came to seek out a different lifestyle and heard that his sire was drinking from animals and decided that he will try it out and see how he likes it, well Jasper and Garrett headed out to hunt when Amelia came in from school she headed upstairs to her room.


"Hey daddy" Amelia said walking up the steps

"Hey baby girl" I said learning the nickname from my mate's dad

I watched her go upstairs to do her homework; I was so proud that she was following her dreams to be a doctor, I guess every time I patched them up she got fascinated with healing people. Of course when she turned eighteen and Aiden turned fourteen we told them the truth about what we are they luckily didn't run away scared they asked us everything about our lives they even told us they didn't care that we were not human they were just lucky enough that we adopted them into our lives.

About an hour later she came down the stairs wearing her scrubs; heading to the hospital working as receptionist she loved the environment of what the hospital brings. We all made sure that she had food before she left sometimes she just leaves early and gets food on the way, thirty minutes later Jasper and Garrett show up suddenly Garrett's eyes are black and he starts growling. He ran through the house growling and roaring in anger; Jasper then explained that if he doesn't see his mate he would start tearing things up.

"Jasper go calm him down" I commanded him

"Dad, you don't know what you are asking of me; besides I have been trying to when he first started" he said

"Major" I barked

"Dr. Cullen" said the Major's deadly voice

"You need to calm Garrett down before he hurts someone" I said

"Garrett" Major commanded

"S-sir?" Garrett stuttered

"Calm down soldier" he said

Three hours later; Garrett was still calm but I looked at my watch and noticed that Amelia would be home seeing as how today was half day for her we heard her car pull up in the driveway, we waited for her to walk in the door and when she did Garrett didn't disappoint he was in front of her purring softly.

"Hey baby" my mate said wrapping her arms around me

"Hey" I said smiling

"Looks like Amelia has a mate" she commented

"Yep; you should have seen him when Jasper and he came back from hunting baby" I said chuckling

We looks over to Garrett and Amelia looking in each other's eyes and never wavering even with other people walking by them; Aiden walked in the room and saw what was happening and he fake barfed sitting down on the couch.

End flashback

I looked over at my mate and noticed that she was playing with our grandkids; you would wonder which one we have two grandkids from Abby and Jacob, and three from Christian and Leah we love our grandchildren and Charlie loves his great grandkids. Amelia did grace us with a grandchild herself they named him Deacon, but we love having them around. When Aiden turned eighteen we went to Paris to celebrate him for graduating high school; we ran into an old friend Sasha there, we got to talking and learned that she left her old coven to travel, and then she turned and looked straight at Aiden and knew that they found their mates in each other.


Four years after Sasha and Aiden mated with each other Aiden asked Sasha to marry him of course her answer was of course a yes so here we are today, I am walking Sasha down the aisle towards my son.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…" Emmett said

We listened to them say their vows to each other and watched the exchanging of the rings; we knew they were not going to go on a honeymoon until after he was changed seeing as how a week before today they came in to asked me if the whole family would be there through the change we all agreed.

Three days passed; and we were waiting on Aiden's heart to stop finalizing the change, his heart thumped four times before it quit and we watched him sit up and look around his eyes landing on Sasha he growled out and we knew when to leave.

"Mine" Aiden roared and Sasha moan causing us to shiver in disgust.

After a few minutes we heard them jump out of the window and head through the forest; they called an hour later letting us know that they will be on their honeymoon and that they will see us in a few weeks.

End flashback

"Carlisle" my mate said sitting on my lap

"Hey baby, what are you doing?" I asked her

"Wondering where your head went to" she said smiling up at me

"Just thinking about Amelia wanting to be a doctor then a mate and then Aiden finding a mate while in Paris" I said chuckling

"That was a wonderful time, just think we got a grandchild from Amelia and Garrett" she said looking at Deacon

I pulled my mate closer to me and watched our grandkids play with their great grandpa; Asia and Joey are Abby and Jacobs kids; Grant, Tyler and Neveah are Christian and Leah's three kids. At first we were wondering how the kids would turn out to be; later we found out that their hearts will beat a little faster and they would turn into wolves, but we didn't mind.


If anyone would have asked me years ago if I would have kids and grandkids with my husband I would have laughed at that; but now I am living every moment up with them, now we did have a run in with the Volturi about a hundred and fifty years ago to say the kings were not too happy at first would have been an understatement but they warmed up to the whole family they did have questions though.


We just arrived to see the vampire kings; when we stepped in the room showing Aro, Marcus and Caius they rose out of the chairs and walked towards us and stopped in front of us.

"Hello old friend" Aro said to Carlisle

"Hello Aro" he said

"Who are all these people?" Aro asked

"This is my mate, her father and his mate, our kids and their mates, and our two adoptive kids and their mates" he said pointing to everyone

"Really, tell me Carlisle how did you have these two?" he asked pointing to Abby and Christian

"Well, my wife was human at the time and she had them" he told Aro

"Really, this is the first" he said holding out his hand towards Abby and Christian

He listened to their thoughts and after a few minutes he let go of their hands and stepped back looking back his brothers and conversed with them for a few minutes then stepped back towards us.

"Well, it's fascinating that you can have a child if the mother is still human" he said

We stayed there and talked with them about everything and they asked us to keep in touch with them and we promised them that we would and headed back home

End flashback

We called them all the time; they promised to be here tomorrow and hang out with us for a few weeks so that's what the kids are excited for the Volturi brothers knew that Jacob and Leah are shape shifters but they calmed down about all of that after a few days.

Fifteen years after my dad and I were changed we all headed back to Forks for Billy's funeral it was sad to see an old friend of ours gone; but while we were there we went around town to see what happened while we were gone, learned something interesting.


We just walked into the diner that dad used to eat at and sat down waiting for our props; we all wanted to find out what happened to our classmates when our waitress came over I noticed it was one of Jessica's lackey.

"What can I get for you guys?" she asked without looking up

"We will have water for our drinks" causing her to look at me

We all ordered our props and started talking amongst ourselves when she showed up with our food; I decided to ask her what she has been up to.

"So, what did you do after school?" I asked noticing that she doesn't recognize me

"Do I know you?" she asked hesitantly

"Yes and no" I said smirking

"Okay, well nothing except started working here about ten years ago after Jessica and Lauren killed themselves after having their babies from a gang rape, I was also raped but I was the only person they left their kids with so I had to stay alive and take care of their kids and mine" she said tearing up and walking away

After that we stayed there for thirty minutes; we headed out leaving her a tip so it goes to those kids she may have been friends with Jessica and all but she was the nicest one out of them all.

End Flashback

We found her address and sent her money anonymously though not wanting her to find out who was sending the money to her and all but she somehow managed to find out number and talk to us luckily it was a prepaid phone and after she calmed down she got off the phone; Serena was nice if she wouldn't of hung out with Jessica in high school.


A hundred and twenty years ago Tanya and I decided to finally go on the honeymoon that we didn't really get to go on when we first got married, I remember the day that we finally decided where to go and my baby girl walked in the room from hunting an immediately asked what's going on.


Bells just walked in from hunting while Carlisle was working; she took one look at us and raised an eyebrow I remember that look from anytime she was trying to figure out what was going on before she asked.

"Okay, what are you two up to?" she asked sounding more of the parent than I am

"We were going to go on a well deserved honeymoon" I said smiling

"That's good, where are you guys planning on going?" she asked us

"Thinking about Canada" my mate told her

"I think you guy's deserve it so go and have fun" my baby girl told us

She got up and hugged us before going up to her bedroom and took a shower before Carlisle came home; about an hour later Carlisle showed up bypassing us and heading to their room we figured it would be best to leave but once we got to the door I had to wince from the moaning that's going on in there.

End flashback

Now here we are playing with our great grandchildren; I know Bells is happy to have more onto the family I know I am happy that I got to see all of this and be with my baby girl for the rest of our lives. I couldn't be any happier than I am right now seeing all my family here and spending time with them then I would have been if I stayed human.