Living Legend: Our Little Secret

Commission for Firebug

Ryan whimpered faintly, staring about, giving a faint 'eep' as he stumbled through a spiders web and went sprawling on his ass, huffing softly and looking about. He was only nine, and he was terribly, horribly lost.

There had been a Pokémon in the woods, on the very outskirts, and he had wanted it. He had his own Pokéball, everything! And now, he was lost. he'd only gone in a few metres, intending on coming back out the way he had gone in, so as not to get lost, but he had been turned around, and now, he didn't know which way home was. Didn't know if he was going deeper into the woods, or towards the fringe of them.

And he was scared.

The woods were frightening, creepy, cold and dark, and there were Pokémon in there. Pokémon he didn't want to own, Pokémon he didn't want to even know existed.

And he was stuck in here with them, all alone.

A heavy rustle came from the tree's nearby, and he started, jumping to his feet and fleeing behind a tree, peeking out around the edge, heart thudding horribly hard in his mouth. "H-hello? Is s-someone there?" he asked, voice quavering, "P-please don't hurt me!"

The rustle came again, and his eyes went wide, his mouth falling open as a rapidly moving pink something came shooting out of the bushes towards him, causing him to take a step backwards and then stumble hard onto his ass, his head hitting the ground with a faint thud, making him see stars.

"Mew?" came the inquisitive tone, and a cute pink face floated over his head.

Ryan gave a cry of surprise and rolled away, backing up against the tree with a frightened whimper, closing his eyes and turning his head. "!" he murmured, over and over again, almost hyperventilating.

"Mew." the Pokémon said again, and then flew through the air towards him, graceful and weightless...and yet, without wings, somehow.

It came to a halt in front of him, and then extended its short, cute paws, pulling his head around to face its own, eyes locking on his.

And then it began to talk, in Pokémon...but at the same time, a new voice started in his head, high-pitched, cute, but somehow soothing.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you." she said. Oh yes, the Pokémon was female, had to be female, with such a feminine tone. And she was...making him understand her? It wasn't so great a leap of logic...he had always wondered why psychic Pokémon didn't just talk with their trainers...or maybe they did, and other people just couldn't hear it?

"'re out here w-with the scary things..." he protested weakly, and the Pokémon shook her head.

"Mew." she admonished, out loud, "Do I look scary to you?" she asked calmly.

"N-no...b-but Growlithe's aren't scary-lookin...and they're scary!" he protested once more.

"Oh shush." she said firmly, quieting him with a 'finger' against his lips. "Why are you so far out here?"

"I'm lost!" he wailed plaintively. "I saw a Pokémon! I wanted to catch it, but now I'm lost, and alone, and..and...I'm scared..." he admitted, almost sniffling a little.

"Don't be scared, little one." The Mew said with a faint smile, rubbing her cheek against his reassuringly, floating a few inches above his lap, her impossibly long tail swirling gently behind her. you're not alone any more. I'm here with you..."

It was several hours later that Ryan was escorted out of the forest by the bobbing pink Pokémon, and he stared up at her, with wide eyes. "What's your name?" he blurted out.

"I'm a Pokémon, I don't have a name, silly." she said, not sounding admonishing in the least.

"But even Pokémon have names!" he protested.

" can call me 'Mew'" she said with a slow nod, bobbing once in the air.

He grinned and bounced up, grabbing her out of the air and hugging her tightly. "Thank you Mew!" he said with a vigorous nod, giving her cheek a kiss. "I'll share my candy with you later!"

The pink Pokémon blinked once, and she gave a faint purr of satisfaction, licking his cheek in return, and then squirming out of his grip. "Go one now, home with you." she chided, shooing him with her tail and paws.

"Okay! I'm going!" he said, before bouncing away with the limitless energy youth displayed.

The Mew watched him go with a grin, spinning once in the air, and then disappearing back into the forest.

Ryan was once more in the woods, and he wasn't lost this time. Well, not really. He knew where he was, sort of. He was lost, but that's where he wanted to be, so, technically, he knew exactly where he was.

He wasn't scared this time, oh no, he was searching, working his way deeper into the forest, seeking the elusive pink Pokémon he had seen the day previously.

The bushes ahead of him rustled, and he grinned, forging ahead through the underbrush, "Hi there!" he said with a happy smile, as he came upon the rustling bushes and immediately reached a hand into them, fearlessly.

A faint growl met his actions, and his eyes widened, freezing, slowly parting the brush in front of him, swallowing audibly.

That wasn't the mew!

A pair of angry red eyes met his, narrowed and dangerous, lips raising to reveal canid teeth, pointed and dangerous, jaws flashing open in a snapping motion towards his hand, making him automatically yank his hand backwards and stumble away, as fast as he could, ankle hitting an upraised tree root and sending him sprawling.

The Houndoom, having sprung at him, sailed over Ryan's head as he went down, having intended on pouncing on him, sailing clear over him and hitting the ground hard, rolling and splaying its paws to bring itself to a halt faster, squaring its stance and lowering its head, staring at him, growling faintly.

Ryan swallowed and drew himself to his feet, backing up until he hit a tree, and then looked upwards, not seeing a single tree branch that he would be able to climb up and onto.

Another growl distracted him, and his eyes widened as he watched the dangerous fire Pokémon turn, and start to stalk around him in a slow circle, eyes narrowing on him, claws digging at the ground with each step, red eyes narrowed dangerously.

Ryan stepped in a slow circle as well, constantly trying to back away from the circling Pokémon, stumbling for a moment over a branch, and then picking it up hurriedly. "Back!" he said, brandishing the stick at the Pokémon.

Its eyes seemed to narrow further, and it blew a stream of fire onto the branch, lighting it on fire, almost making him drop it as he gave a faint whimper.

The Houndoom growled at him again, and started to advance towards him, muscles rippling under the black hide, forcing him to keep backing up, red eyes glowing maliciously at him, faint spirals of heat escaping the parted jaws.

It's body began to tense, and it sprang at him!

Ryan cowered backwards, dropping the branch and covering his head with his hands.

A help echoed throughout the trees, and his eyes snapped open just in time to see the Houndoom go sprawling as a pink streak intercepted it mid-leap, sending it rolling and splaying out across the forest floor, kicking up earth and fallen leaves before skidding to a halt on all fours, snarling.

The mew squared her stance, floating slightly above the ground, little paws splayed defiantly, eyes narrowed on the opposing Pokémon, placing herself between it and Ryan.

Ryan could only watch, wide-eyed, as the Mew moved to protect him, placing herself directly in harms way.

The Houndoom squared off against this new opponent, sizing her up with a single up-and-down glance, tailtip swishing back and forth as its lips drew back in a snarl, launching towards the Mew, in a pouncing movement, clearing the ground by a metre, easy.

The mew's body tilted forwards, and she launched herself in counterpoint, catching the leaping fire Pokémon square in the stomach, pushing it hard into the ground with the follow-through of her forceful mid-air assault.

Bouncing clear, she spun back into the air, and spread her forepaws again, defiantly.

The Houndoom bounced back onto its feet and snarled at her.

But she stood her ground, determined, almost stubborn.

With a snarling growl, the Houndoom bounded forwards, staying on the ground this time, hesitant to leap, knowing now how fast the pink menace was in the air, instead leaping up at her, staying land-bound.

A horrible cry escaped the Mew as her tail was caught in the fiends jaws, having tried to just juke upwards away from it, and having failed miserably.

The Houndoom gave a snarl of triumph, dragging the mew downwards with a hard, jerking tug of its jaws, forepaws clasping about her, drawing her inexorably closer to those jaws, which switched position, biting down hard on her stomach, making her cry out in pain.


The Houndoom reeled backwards as the stick made contact with its head, and Ryan forged after it, slamming the stick down on it again. Perhaps stick wasn't the right word. It was more a small log.

Ryan didn't even know how he got there, or where the stick had come from, too caught up in the adrenaline rush, rage written on his every feature as he slashed at the Houndoom again, and again, and again.

Wham! Wham! Wham! each blow was accompanied by a yelp, until the fire Pokémon gave a piteous whine and collapsed in a heap.

Ryan stared down at, upper lip curling, eyes narrowing, lifting the log up high, teeth clenching, ready to bring it down with every ounce of his adrenaline-augmented strength, until he heard a scratching in the bushes besides him.

His nostrils flared, and his eyes, wide with rage, turned to the right, staring into the bush...and into the eyes of a young Houndour.

Gaze turning back to the Houndoom, he lifted the stick higher, pausing a moment, staring down at her, a faint whine escaping as another Houndour timidly stepped into the light and barked at him with a shrill, high-pitched cadence.

Ryan panted hard as he slowly lowered the stick, and then dropped it to the side, his brows furrowing, hands shaking as he went for his backpack, pulling out his potion. He sprayed it into the Houndooms mouth, timidly holding her mighty jaws open with the fingertips of his free hand, at arms length, in case she came back to consciousness too fast, and then he retreated.

She sprang to her feet with a snarl, growling at him and narrowing her eyes, putting herself between him and her puppies, and he nodded once, backing up slowly. He picked up the Mew, frowning down at her, careful not to turn his back on the Houndoom in the process, carrying her until he was sure they were far enough away, his heart pounding in his throat, feeling sick and shivering faintly from the aftershocks of the adrenaline surge. "H-hey, Mew? Are you alright?" he asked, shaking her gently.

"I hurt..." came the quiet reply, though the Mew's prone form didn't move. She was bleeding slightly from the bite mark to her stomach, and the skin underneath had started to turn a sickeningly black and yellow.

"I'll get you help!" he said with a firm nod. "I'll put you in my Pokéball!" he said with a firm nod, ripping it out of his backpack hurriedly. "Then you can rest in there, and I can run to the Pokécentre!"

The Mew made a faint sound, and stirred against his arms, but didn't say anything, breathing shallowly. Ryan clicked the ball against her forehead, and her weight left his arms, the red glow encompassing her, before snapping into the closing ball. The Pokéball itself didn't rock, didn't move, didn't make that odd sound it did, like latex shifting, it just went still.

Ryan frowned worriedly, and started to run, as fast as his young legs could, towards the Pokécentre.

Ryan was back on the outskirts of the forest, holding the Pokéball that contained the Mew, extending his arm, snapping it open. The pink Pokémon appeared in a flash, and whirled in the air a moment, confused, blinking at him.

"Hey there, feeling better!" he asked, bouncing a little on the balls of his feet and grinning at her.

"Much, thanks." she replied, peering at him, her eyes narrowing on his Pokéball, her ears drooping.

"You're my Pokémon now!" he declared unnecessarily, holding out the Pokéball and beaming.

The mews ears fell further. "...I know." she said, forlorn, giving a sigh. "I guess you want me to do tricks? Go fight other Pokémon?" she asked, perking a single ear at him, seeming admonishing.

"Nope." he said, beaming a little bit wider. "I figured out exactly what I'm gonna have you do!" he said firmly.

The Mew raised an ear, her brows furrowing, tail slowly swirling beneath her, looking concerned. "...Yeah?"

"I want you to promise that you'll play with me." he said, suddenly serious, holding her Pokéball up, as if giving a gentle reminder.

"...Okay, I promise I'll play with you." she said, shaking her head once.

"Good." he said with a grin, and then opening the Pokéball, holding the halves in either hand, and then bending it open until the centre divider snapped with an odd sound and a flare of reddish energy. "There, you're free."

The Mew blinked at him once, and drifted closer, peering at him, a single brow raised quizzically. "You're freeing me?" she asked curiously, confused.

"'Course I am." he said with a grin, "Silly Mew, you think I'd really keep you as a Pokémon? In a ball?"

She blinked and drifted backwards a step, her cheeks flushing. "W-Well..." it was obvious that that was exactly what she'd though.

Ryan laughed and bounced up, catching her and hugging her close, rubbing his cheek against hers. 'I love you, Mewie." he said earnestly, kissing her cheek once, and then releasing her, "See you tomorrow!" he called, waving happily.

The Mew blushed, her tailtip swaying back and forth uncertainly, watching him go with sparkling eyes, an odd expression on her face.

Ryan got home to find his mother and father sitting at the kitchen table, waiting for him.

"Son, we have news." his father said, turning to him and smiling warmly, "We're moving to Kanto!"

Seven Years Later:

It was spring, flowers were blooming, new life was growing, Pokémon for fornicating everywhere, Poochyena's were humping legs. All in life was as it was supposed to be, and Ryan was back in the forest.

He was sixteen now, out on his own, not a Pokémon to his name, a little bit too preoccupied with his memories of that pink Pokémon from so long ago.

It had only been twice he had seen her, but it had stuck with him, in the back of his mind. They all said Mew was a legend, that she existed only in stories and fresco's, or that she had once existed, and then died long ago...but Ryan knew the truth, and so he was going to prove them wrong. He had all he needed right on his belt.

Starting from the outskirts, he made his way inwards, a bottle of Pokémon-repelling spray at his belt, in case he had to ward off something nasty...he was prepared this time, no longer the little boy. He was a man now. Or he was damn well pretending as hard as he could that he was.

The woods got darker, the deeper he went, and soon, he was tripping and stumbling, and the path he had so carefully tried to remember so many times at night, when he pictured himself coming back to the forest, had hanged. It looked nothing like he remembered...nothing at all like it.

Sunlight was fading, and he realised with a start of panic that he was lost. He had no clue which way to go to get home, and a frightening sense of D j vu settled over him.

Rustling in the bushes nearby caught his attention, and the spray bottle was immediately in his hands, pointing at them, ready to let loose the liquid Pokémon loathed so.

A pink shape drifted up from the bush, and his eyes widened, before narrowing triumphantly. "I found you!" He declared with a grin.

"Only because I wanted you to." Mew replied in a smug tone, looking him up and down, floating above the bush with her little arms crossed in front of her. "You took a long time to return." she stated.

"I'm sorry." Ryan said with a faint wince. "When I got home, my parents told me we were moving...this is the first time I've been back in this area." he said apologetically, holding his hands up placatingly. "I...brought you a present though...?" he offered tentatively, reaching for his backpack.

The Mew drifted over closer, but not too close, hesitant of the odd ways humans had. More than one would capture her without thinking twice.

Ryan pulled a candy bar from out of his backpack, and held it out for her at arms length. "I...I kinda promised to share my candy with you." he said sheepishly, unwrapping it for her, and then bobbing it lightly in her direction.

The Mew gave a faint giggle at that, drifting over closer, bobbing in the air, before snatching the candy bar out of his hand and darting backwards, inhaling the scent of it eagerly. "Oh I remember you offering to share your candy with me." she said with an earnest nod, "I thought it was so cute of you. The little boy with the heart of gold. Though you're not so little any more, are you?" she asked, drifting over closer to him, peering at him speculatively, taking a bite of the candy bar and idly chewing on it as she inspected him.

"I...guess not." he said with a slow nod, giving her another faint, sheepish smile. "I'm all grown up now. But I'm" he said, lamely, helplessly.

Mew giggled softly, and drifted over closer, holding out the candy bar, "You said's only sharing if you have some as well." she said firmly.

Ryan nodded, and reached a hand out for it, but she pulled it back at the last second, and put one end of it in her cute little mouth, so that a few inches stuck out of her maw. Can't use your hands!" she told him in a sing-song tone, grinning around her mouthful.

He blinked at her once, and then swallowed faintly, leaning forwards slowly, and opening his mouth, pressing the end of the candy into it, and letting it slide into his mouth, slowly, carefully, until their lips were almost touching around the shaft of sweet sugary candy...he bit down quickly and then drew back, chewing on his prize and peering at her sheepishly.

"Good boy." she said with a grin, popping the remainder of the candy into her maw and then quickly floating over to him, catching him in a hug around his chest, her head pressed to him tightly, sideways, an ear against him, as if she were listening to his heartbeat. "Oh I missed you Ryan." she said with a smile, tilting her head to peer up at him.

He laughed nervously and stroked her head and ears gently with a free hand. "I missed you too, Mew!"

The Mew purred faintly, and floated up higher on his body, lapping at his chin gently a moment, a soft, reverberating purr echoing from inside her little chest. "C'mon! I'll show my home!" she said eagerly, and made her way over to a bush, starting to push it aside.

Ryan made a face, hesitant, not quite sure what to expect as he shifted over closer, peering into the bushes where the pink pokemon had disappeared, his eyes widening slowly.

Behind the bush, or, well, mostly underneath it, was a hole, leading underground, just wide enough for him to fit into...headfirst. It would be a one-way trip, unless it widened out further along. The walls of the tunnel glowed oddly with some inner fluorescence, a faint odd colour.

"Uhm...I'm not quite sure about this..." he said, taking a step backwards.

"Don't be a wuss." came the reply, and two small, yet firm paws pushed him forwards, headfirst into the tunnel. A girlish giggle echoed from behind him as he put his hands up and gave an 'oof', landing in the soft dirt of the tunnel, grumbling faintly.

"Just crawl, Ryan. I'll be waiting." the Mew said...and something about her tone was different this time, almost as if she were enticing him...trying to seduce him. Ryan frowned, and then continued to crawl, having no way to gain enough leverage to get back out of the tunnel, wondering what the Mew had in store for him.

Twenty minutes later, and he was finally through the tunnel system, covered in dirt, his skin a pasty brown colour. There had been hundreds of tunnels branching off the main one, but they all led backwards, like a river system, forks diverting down different paths. The Mew must have had a hole in every part of the forest that she could come up out of.

And she was waiting for him.

The first thing he saw, were lights. He could see clear down the tunnel, due to that odd phosphorescence, but these lights were different, drifting, incandescent flares of yellow light that seemed to float back and forth, like feathers in the wind.

As he crawled out of the tunnel and got onto his knees, straightening up, he saw Mew, floating amongst what seemed to be petals, falling from the ceiling.

It was a large, conical room, with a crescent of cliff in front of the main 'island', which was on one side of the hollow cone, jutting out over the sheer drop down into darkness lit sporadically by the falling petal-like objects.

The walls were all rock, but they glistened with black jewels, perhaps Onyx, unshaped, uncut, wild and rugged in their simplistic beauty as they reflected each petal that fell, creating a cascade of colour on otherwise barren walls.

Far, far above were the roots of a large tree, which shimmers and swam, as if many caterpillars cut from precious gems crawled there, the odd lights falling from that odd, writhing mass.

It really did look like petals, red on the inside, blue as it fell, slowly turning yellow as it continued to fall past them. Every time one of them hit the ground, it dissolved, into a faint yellow powder, which was immediately blown away, sparking and fizzing into the air.

It was a magical, wild sight...a place where humans were never meant to tread.

And Ryan suddenly felt nervous.

"W-well I'm here." Ryan said nervously, carefully keeping away from the edge of the 'island'. The cliff continued all the way down into the darkness, and there was no jutting 'lip'...but he still didn't want to trip and fall!

"I noticed." Mew said, her voice melancholy, her eyes closed, turning away from the floating petals and turning towards him.

Ryan noticed then that the petals touched neither of them. It seemed as though they just...veered clear, as soon as they got close.

"You know you're the first human to see this place in hundreds of years?" she asked of him, canting her head to one side, her voice expressionless.

"W-well what happened to the first one?" he asked, swallowing hard. Somehow...he still felt like that little boy who got in over his head, lost and alone. There was just something about the alien place he found himself in. It unnerved him.

"He died." Mew replied calmly, waving a paw around at the view. "What do you think?" she asked calmly, as though she had said no more than someone had stubbed their toe.

"W-well it looks nice." he said with a firm nod, breathless, a little nervous now, starting towards the tunnel he had come from really slowly.

"Where are you going?" Mew asked, eyes narrowing on him, tailtip giving a little swish back and forth, ears laying back, brow furrowing, her cute little face suddenly looking quite unhappy. "You're not thinking of leaving, are you? I have to make sure you don't tell anyone about me." she said flatly, and started to drift over closer to him.

"I won't tell anyone, I promise!" Ryan protested with wide eyes, turning about and starting to bound towards the exit tunnel as fast as he could, praying that he would remember the way back to the surface through the maze of branching tunnels.

"I have to make sure." The mew replied, eyes narrowed dangerously, quickly zipping in front of him and blocking his escape, her eyes starting to glow faintly.

Ryan tried to dodge around her, but ended up teetering, rigid, and then falling flat into the dirt, spluttering once in confusion. Why couldn't he move?

Little paws rolled him over, and the Mew shifted to float above him, tail swirling beneath her, eyes narrowed. "I need to make sure you never, ever tell anyone about me. That you never, ever lead anyone to me. Because if you did, then they would take me away." she said flatly.

Ryan swallowed hard, and tried to reply...but his tongue wouldn't move! All that came out was an indistinct onslaught of sounds, unintelligible.

The Mew shushed him with a paw on his mouth, smiling, eyes still glowing faintly with a strange kind of bluish energy, like the glowing petals that fell from the ceiling above. "Shhh, this'll be more fun if you don't resist." she said with a giggle.

He struggled, or tried to, screaming at his body to move as the Mew shifted out of his line of sight, and he felt his shirt being lifted. Visions of horrible things flashed through his mind...what she could to his exposed stomach, with him being unable to resist...

A breeze graced his groin, and he knew she had started to tug his shorts down, and his head went into overdrive, trying his hardest to start moving. She couldn't be thinking of doing anything bad to that could she?

Ryan gave a faint struggle, and then his eyes widened, a faint sound escaping his mouth as he tried as hard as he could to move, feeling two little paws fasten around his flaccid penis. Horror images flashed through his mind, and he would have screamed if he could have as a soft, warm tongue gave his tip a sudden lick, his confused mind wondering exactly what the hell was going on?

A faint giggle reached him, and her soft tone ordered, "Relax, Ryan."

Shudders passed over him as he felt another lick applied to his flesh, and another, her tongue soft, moist, and smooth, causing his breathing to increase, and blood to start flowing to the limp member, quickly engorging it, causing it to rise.

The Mew smiled up and him and began to stroke him with her paws, insistently, firmly...there was no doubt she knew exactly what she was doing.

As she focussed on her work, her immobilisation of his limbs began to decrease in power, until he found he could speak again, and move, just slightly, immediately hissing down at her, swallowing audibly. "W-what the hell are you doing? S-stop!"

Mew giggled up at him innocently, huge tail swishing back and forth slowly, eyes narrowing up at him as he finally managed to tilt his head to peer down at her with wide eyes, her tongue pausing on the tip of his now-hard member. "...I know you want this...I could feel your heart beating when I hugged want me, you're excited by me..." she breathed heatedly, presing her lips to the very tip, and letting the head of his eagerly throbbing cock spread her lips open, her maw opening to allow it to slide in, soft tongue undulating sensually against the very tip and underside as she gave a soft, smooth suckle.

Ryan's eyes widened, and he would have shifted his hips were he allowed to, eyes rolling back a little bit and toes clenching up, hands spasming, fingers clawing at his thighs in their inanimate positions, face screwing up as he gave a faint groan, trying to deny her words, but not able to speak, and not able to deny the truth of the matter...

"See? Not so bad, is it?" she asked with a giggle, pressing her muzzle onto him further, her eyes narrowing deviously as she pressed him into the back of her mouth, half of his eager cock buried in her maw as she stroked gently at the rest of it with her little paws, sliding them up and down what she couldn't fit in her mouth, suckling gently at him, rolling her tongue around him like a girl with a adults-only lollipop.

Another soft giggle drifted up to him, and he felt the odd sensation of immobilised limbs leave him, mouth parting a little and teeth clenching as he felt the Mew's wonderfully soft tongue trailing over the head of his pulsing cock, agonizingly slow and sensual, teasing him with its slow, decadent progress.

With a little shift of her body, she shifted her paws down onto his balls, and began to knead at them gently, her tail sliding up from underneath her, coiling around the base of his length and squeezing gently a moment, before starting to slowly slide up and down in time with the suckles and rolling of her tongue about his tip.

A long moan left Ryan's mouth, and his eyes widened as she started to slip even more into her maw, feeling his tip starting to slip down her very throat, and any thought of her stopping left him completely.

Her tail, paws, and muzzle gave a concerted squeeze at his sensitive flesh, and he let out an exclamation of surprise and delight, back arching fully and head falling back, staring upwards, watching the oddly-coloured magical petals swirling all about them as pleasure wracked his senses, his breathing starting to increase in rate.

A soft murmur of contentment left the Mew as she tasted a dribble of pre on her tongue, causing her to wrap the soft muscle about the eager shaft, and tug at it with her tongue while suckling hard at him, pressing him further into her mouth, sliding another inch down into her throat, swallowing reflexively, causing her muscles to constrict and squeeze around his sensitive flesh, her paws swirling over his balls, kneading at them firmly, tailtip jerking off the inch or two that was still outside of her muzzle.

"You like this, don't you?" she asked, a definite purr in her tone, not even having to stop her work or remove her mouth from him to ask the question, her tailtip squeezing as she pressed down further, taking him all the way in, her tail uncoiling rapidly to allow her to bury her nose in his pubic hair, groaning about him lustfully.

Ryan tried to answer, his eyes going wide as she went down on him as far as physically possible, her tongue swirling around his base, paws still playing with his balls, squeezing them gently, her suckling increasing in pressure, insistently. "Ohfuck...god!" he exclaimed, hands automatically going to her head, gripping her ears gently and shifting his hips impotently against her muzzle, panting hoarsely down at her.

"I'll take that as a yes." she stated smugly, cute eyes peering up at him oh-so-innocently, with inch after inch of eager, thick cock buried in her maw and throat, her head starting to shift back and forth, sliding him in and out just a little bit. "Ohhhh, are you going to cum?" she cajoled, grinning up at him around her mouthful, cute, sweet, and utterly seductive.

Ryan tried to shake his head, not wanting to admit the fact...but they both knew the truth of the matter. His cock was starting to throb more insistently, spilling dribbles of thin precum across her tongue.

Mew grinned up at him mischievously, and quickly drew back, sliding the length of his shaft from her maw, and then pressing her tongue to very tip, cradling it against her tongue and grinning up at him as her tail coiled about him again, eyes narrowing lustfully at him as she started to jerk him off with her tailtip, lapping delicately at his tip while her paws squeezed the midpoint of his shaft.

"Tell me what you want, Ryan." she said with a giggle, peering up at him and sensually drawing her tongue around his tip. "Beg me for it..."

Swallowing hard, he tried to slide a hand down and finish himself off, the Mew's gentle motions not near enough to make him finish, merely keeping him on the verge of climax, almost teetering over...

But his wrists were pinned!

Mew's eyes glowed faintly as she giggled at him, tailtip starting to squeeze and coil as she worked it up and down. "Beg me for it, Ryan, and you'll get what you want..." she cajoled.

He scrunched up his face and tried to press into her mouth, failing horribly as she immobilised him again, just giggling sweetly and coiling her tongue about him teasingly, sending him mad with her teasing, and finally, he relented, cheeks flushing deeply, voice breaking as he gasped at her weakly, "P-please! M-make me c-cum! Fuck I need to...god I just need to cum!" he murmured desperately down at her, face a mask of torturous enjoyment.

Mew gave a deep purr, eyes narrowing on him, opening her mouth and pressing her tongue to him openly, her paws stroking him firmly now, tailtip quickly jerking off his base as her tongue flicked insistently against his engorged, needy flesh.

Ryan's eyes went wide, and his back arched, hands scrabbling at the ground a moment, the petals drifting about them seeming to explode with colour as his cock throbbed, and then exploded, right into the Mew's muzzle, at point-blank range.

She gave a faint sound as the first creamy gush of seed cascaded over her tongue and ending up splattering against her back of her throat, her eyes automatically closing and head pulling back a moment, ropes of clingy, gooey seed splashing over her cute face, before she gasped and gathered her courage, fastening her maw about the tip.

Her entire body shuddered faintly with each spurt as she struggled to contain it, muzzle constricting about him as she swallowed desperately to keep up with the flow, tailtip uncoiling and flicking behind her as her eyes opened and widened, pulling back with a gasp and causing a long cascade of his liquids to seep from her maw as she gasped for breath, letting the remainder of his warm, creamy liquids splatter over her chin, chest, and stomach.

"Good boy!" she murmured, grinning at him, face liberally striped with lines of warm, sticky seed, red flower petals swirling about her form...a constrast of cute and adult elements.

Ryan lay panting on the ground, sprawled out, watching with cloudy eyes as dancing petals fell all about them, more then before, a veritable flare of colour, blood-red objects drifting about them.

A faint purr left the mew as she held a paw up and lapped at it innocently, cleaning it, and then starting on the other one.

Finally getting the energy to move, he sat up, leaning heavily on a palm and peering at her. "...why?" he asked, seeming a little punch-drunk.

"'re not going to tell anyone about me if you have a chance of getting that again, will you?" she asked innocently, smiling at him as she drifted closer, and then hugged him around the middle. "I'd hate to have to tie you up...Or maybe I'd like it...I'll let you ponder on it in your dreams, or nightmares." she said with a mischievous, evil giggle.

Ryan gave a weak laugh, and pulled her into a hug, kissing the tip of her nose a moment, smiling down at her.

Outside the cave, a black-cloaked individual lurked in the shadows, holding a pair of binoculars and a mobile phone, dialling a number set to speed-dial '1', not even saying hello as he held the phone to his ear and whispered into it, his expression turning ominous, "Operation Cleansweep is a go..." and then hung up, smiling at where he had seen the Mew disappear.

Mew smiled and licked Ryan's cheek, as blue petals danced about them, somehow never touching either of them, her long tail drifting across his leg, affectionately holding herself to him. "Stay with me a while, Ryan?" she asked, peering up at him.

"Of course." he said with a faint grin, hugging her once.

"You won't tell anyone?" she asked, seeming worried a moment.

Ryan reassured her with a gently stroke to her ears. "It'll be our little secret..."