Hey guys! Here is the sequel of The Puppet Master! I've made some changes so if you guys have read the sneak peek please reread, because I forgot to mention some things on the sneak peek. Like the significance of direction. You'll understand when you read. Enjoy! ^^

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

Ciel was in his office working.

His eyes were tired of reading too much and his hand started hurting from all the signing.

He leaned back on his chair and sighed, then reached for the drawer to his left and extracted the charred paper that was his family tree.

He examined it more carefully and noticed that something was wrong.

He squinted on the burnt part of the paper, trying to read through the blackened spot.

A light wind from the window blew the paper away from his hands and landed back in the drawer.

He noticed something in the drawer and something silver caught his eye so, he rummaged through the papers and saw a silver key.

He stared at the key and wondered what opened it.

Then he remembered the locked drawer that he could not open since the key was never found.

Forgetting about the family tree, he bent over and inserted the key in the keyhole on the last drawer to his right.

As he was about to turn the key, there was a knock on the door.

"Young Master?" Sebastian called from outside.

"Yes? Come in, Sebastian," Ciel said, pretending to work.

"You have a visitor. Sir Charles Grey, the queen's butler," Sebastian bowed as Charles entered.

"Good afternoon, Ciel Phantomhive," Charles bowed and gave him a kind smile, but Ciel had a feeling that behind that smile is where evil intentions lie.

"Charles Grey. A pleasant seeing you. What brings you to my manor?" Ciel greeted with a fake smile.

"I am here by the Queen's order to congratulate you on a job well done with the "Puppet Master" case," he congratulated walking slowly around the room.

"Tell the Queen I said my thanks," Ciel said, watching his every move.

"Shall I bring in tea, Young Master?" Sebastian asked, standing straight.

"No no, no need, Sir Michaels. I'm about to take my leave. I just came to give the message," Charles said, heading towards the door.

"Why didn't she just send a letter?" Ciel asked, curious.

Charles paused on the doorway opening.

"That's a good question, Earl. But as always you will know the answer. Good day," Charles smiled and waved, as Sebastian closed the door behind them.

Ciel was left in his office with a lot of questions in mind, but he just remembered the drawer that he didn't get to open.

He reached down for the key, but suddenly Sebastian opened the door carrying a tray with tea and cake.

"Your afternoon tea." Sebastian simply announced, setting it in front of Ciel.

Ciel continued to sign his papers and pretended to work.

Sebastian poured the tea, when he noticed that the left hand drawer was open.

"Honestly, Young Master, if you are not using the drawer please close it. It shows neatness and order," Sebastian scolded, as he walked towards the drawer to close it.

Ciel closed it calmly before Sebastian could even touch it.

"I'm sorry Sebastian. I will remember," Ciel said without taking his eyes off the papers.

Sebastian looked at him then walked back to the front of the desk.

"Do I have anything planned today?" Ciel asked.

"For now, no. Excuse me Young Master, I have duties to attend to." Sebastian bowed.

"Mm.." Ciel replied.

Sebastian got out of the office, suspicious about his young master.

As soon as Ciel heard Sebastian's footsteps descending down the hall, he waited until all was quiet.

He then reached down to the last drawer, turned the key and heard a click.

'It opened!' Ciel thought in victory.

He pulled the drawer and checked its contents.

Inside the drawer lies a very old leather journal with a rope around it.

'Who could've owned this?' Ciel asked himself as he brushed off the dust that was covering it.

He unravelled the rope around the leather journal and opened it; careful not to rip or destroy it.

On the first page he saw a name that he thought he would never see again.

His hands started to tremble, when suddenly there was a knock on the door and Ciel quickly hid the journal back in the drawer.

Sebastian came in again and stood in front of Ciel's desk.

"Young Master, are you finished with your tea?" Sebastian asked.

"Not yet. I'm too busy signing the papers. You can come back later." Ciel said with a bead of sweat sliding down his face and his pen trembling in his hands.

"Young Master?" Sebastian asked with concern, moving beside him.

"I'm fine, Sebastian and I'm very busy so could you please come back later?" Ciel said.

Sebastian was about to turn, when a silver object caught his eye.

'The key!' Ciel thought as he silently followed Sebastian's gaze.

"Young Master? I have never seen that key before." Sebastian said with an accusing tone.

Ciel didn't look at him and kept his eyes on the papers.

"Young Master?" Sebastian pressed.

"I found it." Ciel whispered.

"I can't hear you, Young Master. Please speak up." Sebastian said, now with a stern tone.

"I said I found it! I found the key to the locked drawer! Are you happy now?" Ciel shouted, now looking at Sebastian with tears coming out of his eyes.

"Young Master? Why are you crying?" Sebastian asked with concern in his eyes.

Ciel didn't notice that there were tears and wiped them with his sleeve.

Sebastian then produced a handkerchief from his pocket and attempted to wipe Ciel's tears.

Ciel took the handkerchief from his hands and wiped them himself.

"Because…. the content of the drawer…." Ciel looked at Sebastian, "is my father's journal."