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Chapter 6: The New Queen

That evening the queen sat on her bed looking outside the window.

When a gentle voice of a little girl startled her. "You have failed me my queen."

She turned to where the voice was and found a shadow.

"That boy deserves the truth and I have decided to tell him." the queen said.

"Tell him what?" the voice asked.

"About the plan. Being queen does not mean anything if you are feared by your own people. If I get dethroned so be it." the queen answered.

"My queen you are ever so just." the voice complimented as the figure moved forward.

"Thank you for guiding me. You truly are my guardian angel." the queen thanked.

"Thank you my queen but..." the figure stepped into the moonlight and revealed her form, "you are of no use to me anymore."

The queen was horrified with what she saw. "You... You said you were an angel!"

"Oh I didn't lie. I am an angel." the figure raised it's hand and waved it and with that gesture the queen's neck snapped.

She lay on her bed, mouth and eyes wide open and dead.

"A fallen angel."