A/N: I have to warn you guys, there is no fluff between Byakuya and Rukia as it is a dystopian story, where it is sad, upsetting and 'really quite horrible.' Yeah, so it's an M and for warning, there will be violence, swearing, um non-con/dub-con, whatever you call it, lemons and god knows what my mind will put into it.

This is in an AU universe where Hisana is still alive when she and Rukia live on the Kuchiki estate, so basically, it's where Hisana didn't abandon Rukia as a baby but kept her instead.


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My Duty to my Sister


Rukia remembered that day, when her duty to her sister changed everything. She remembered how her sister had protected her in Rukongai, often having to resort to stealing and working awful jobs to support them in the hovel they called home. She remembered how her sister soldiered on without complaint to give herself and her dear little sister everything she could and loved her dearly despite her being a burden. She also remembered when her sister met Byakuya Kuchiki, how she went to soul reaper academy soon after that and her sister and herself moved in with him. She had never liked him, he had always ignored her and saw her as a burden, but his love for Hisana had made him agree to let her stay there, as long as she had a room far away from theirs and she didn't make too much noise.

For this, she was somewhat grateful; he had, after all, pulled them from poverty and provided them with a beautiful house, lots of space, exquisite food and an almost ridiculous amount of money. Of course, the elders of the clan saw not only herself but also Hisana as scum, but as long as she didn't bother them, then tended to pay her no mind. However, the day she remembers most clearly, was that day, when her sister confided something in her and then asked something of her she could never had imagined. Her whole world had changed in that second, and she knew she would no longer be able to fight in her squad, meet up with her friends, go to the real world, see Ichigo and go to school like most young people. She had however, kept herself composed as she had digested the information, but inside, she knew her world was over.

She looked to the sleeping figure next to her, the one lone person who could now give her solace, even after everything that had happened. She had learned so much from him, how to appreciate herself, how to love another and how to feel confident in herself, even though she looked the way she did. She allowed herself a small smile as she snuggled closer to him, and even though it was bad now, she had no idea how much worse the situation would soon become.