Title: Their second Kiss

Fandom: Glee

Characters: Kurt, Dave, New Directions

Rating: PG

Author's note: After a prompt over at LJ

Their second Kiss

It was summer and it was ridiculously hot, the sun had burned down for days on end, so when Puck suggested renting a lake house, the New Directions were totally for it.
It was Finn who had invited Dave, even though he still hadn't decided to join the Club.
"He's still one of us now" Finn explained and the others accepted it.

Dave had come out via Facebook just a week ago and they knew - thanks to Kurt - he needed friends.


Kurt was miserable.
He had thought going to the lake house would be a good distraction, but instead it gave him even more time to think about Blaine and their recent break up.
Apparently, Blaine had too much problems with a long distant relationships and anyway, being friends was way more beneficial to them, it wasn't like they did anything very couple-like. At all.
Kurt sighed.
He had known that his refusal to go any further in the sexual department would be a problem someday, he had just hoped that BLAINE of all people would be more understanding.
He said he loved me. Didn't really feel like it he thought and sighed again.

"Hey, Kurt!"
He looked up into the water and saw most of his friends, waving at him.
He smiled a bit, stripped off his shirt and went to them.
I should just TRY to have fun, at least.

They soon divided into groups to have a furious battle of Who-can-get-the-others-too-swallow-the-most-water.

Dave said he would pass on this one, he knew, he'd never be able to concentrate.
Kurt was just too distracting.
So he sat on the grass surrounding the lake, trying not to stare too obviously.
I've never seen him wearing so... little Dave thought and swallowed.
Kurt's chest was... very nice.
Well trained, but not overly muscular, the same for his long legs and he seemed to have been in the sun a bit already - he already started to tan quite nicely.
Dave did his best to NOT look anywhere else on Kurt's body. He didn't want to come of as a perverted creeper.

Suddenly, Kurt vanished.

Dave stood up, confusion changing into concern very fast and looked across the lake.
The others noted Kurt's absence, too, and started to look around.
It was Rachel, who gave the shout and pulled Kurt back on the surface. He was unconscious.
Puck dragged him out of the water and Dave helped to lay him on his back.
Everyone was crowding around them, panicking.

"Stop that!" Dave shouted and they went quiet. "Step away. He needs space to breath."
They followed his words. Apparently, they just needed someone to give them orders to stop the panic.
Okay, how did this go? Dave thought and checked Kurt's breathing. It wasn't there.
Okay, keep calm. You can do this. He checked his pulse. None.
Mechanically, Dave moved Kurt's head a bit, pinched his nose, took a breath and lowered his mouth over Kurt's.
Breathe in, breathe out. Two times. Then, find the heart.
He did it the same way his father had taught him, found the heart, pounded on it a few times and didn't flinch when he heard a rib crack.
This happens, it's normal, go on!

At the third round, as his mouth was just over Kurt's, it happened.
Kurt coughed, Dave's mouth filled with water and he moved back quickly to spit it out while Kurt rolled onto his side and vomited into the grass.
Dave wiped his lips and put a gentle hand on Kurt's back, ordering the others around in a low voice.
Soon they had clean water and some towels in easy reach.

"What... what happened?" Kurt croaked and drank some of the water to clean his mouth.
Everyone started to explain in a hurry but he just shook his head and winced when he tried to take a deep breath. "What..."
"One or two of your ribs are cracked" Dave explained. "I am sorry, couldn't stop it from happening."
Kurt stared at him. "So... you resuscitated me?" he asked, putting his fingers on his lips.
Dave blushed. "Uh... yeah..."

"I'll get the car!" Finn said. "We'll drive you to the hospital, Kurt. Guys, will you clean up?"
The others nodded, leaving Dave and Kurt alone for the moment.

Kurt smiled. "I... I don't know how I can thank you, Dave. You saved my life."
Dave shrugged. "I just knew what we had to do. I am sorry for your ribs."
Kurt shook his head. "No, it's fine... but..."
And his smile grew into a grin.
"You know, you really seem to have no luck with kissing me."
Dave blushed again. "What do you mean?"
Kurt moved closer. "Well, first time I pushed you away and this time, I wasn't even conscious. Really, no luck. Let me change that."

And before Dave could even think about an appropriate answer - That was no kiss, just a resuscitation - he felt Kurt's lips on his, cold, but moving.
Dave's mind was blank but he reacted instantly, returning the kiss.
Kurt moved back after a minute and smiled again.
"There. Much better, right?"
Dave nodded, a stupid grin on his face.
Oh yes. Much, much better.