"Where are we going, daddy?"

Matthew Sanders looked straight ahead, a strong grip on his daughter as they made their way past various labs and whirring machines. He couldn't look at her, it would ruin everything.

"Ooh, what's that?" Dianah turned her head to stare at an assembly line, her large green eyes wide with excitement. "What are those? What do they do? Hey daddy, are you listening?"

A single tear escaped his eye. "Yes, Dianah. I'm listening."

They were getting close. Some of his colleagues looked at him with sympathetic looks, and he hated them even more. They didn't know. They couldn't understand.

Dianah tugged on his coat sleeve. "Daddy, look! Look at the big robot! What is it?" He felt her bounce with excitement as they neared the prone figure of GLaDOS. They'd just barely turned her off in time to stop anyone else from dying. This was a desperate measure, one their dying boss had ordered to happen in the event SHE tried to murder them.

Tom, his superior, patted him on the shoulder. "You're doing the right thing, Matt."

He pulled away sharply, letting go of his daughter's hand. "Don't touch me. "

Tom shook his head, turning his attention to Dianah, who was still staring at GLaDOS. "Dianah?" She turned to him, smiling that big smile she always had. "Do you want to see how it works?"

An excited squeal erupted from the little girl, and she ran and took Tom's hand. "Can I daddy? Can I?" Matthew turned away, tears no longer able to be held back. Dianah didn't notice, already walking off towards the room marked "Control Lab".

"I find myself with an increased sense of curiosity for science and testing," the mechanized voice said, echoing off the walls of the chamber. "And the effects of said tests on human subjects. I would request that we increase the level of difficulty, in order to push the limits of human endurance. I am quite curious to see the results."

It was a complete success. The scientists high fived each other and broke out a bottle of champagne.

Later that night, Matthew Sanders hung himself from the rafters of his attic.