I really shouldn't be doing this but I'm going to start a new story. I had another whacky dream and this sprung from it. I swear I have to stop eating cheese before bed. Anywhoo hope you like.

Summary: Olivia finds herself in an all too familiar situation. She's been stalked but this isn't your usual stalker.

This has got to be a record for the worlds shortest chapter but another will be up really really soon, if its wanted that is. I could even post more later today if its wanted, because it kind of kicks straight in with the drama.

I know Alex has left the show again, but she is in this story.

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Chapter 1

It was dark.

It was late.

It was silent.

Her apartment was always like this. Always so cold, so lonely. She was hardly ever here so it didn't need to seem homely. It didn't have to be warm and cosy. It was surprising that she was here tonight actually. Her sleeping form could be made out in the bed, thanks to the bright moonlight pouring in through the bedroom window.

It would have been amazing to go over and touch her soft, perfect, shiny hair. But, no… Tonight wasn't the right night. Besides, they had what they needed, what they had come for.

Her sleeping from still stayed clear as day as they backed up out of the room and then they moved towards the front door, still through the pitch black. They didn't need to see where they were going. They'd been in the apartment enough times to know their way around blindfolded.

Silently they opened the door and stepped out, shutting it tight behind them.

Olivia jolted up in her bed. She was sure she'd heard something. She'd been dreaming, well…more like having a nightmare. Her breathing was heavy as she brushed her hair back off her face and took a quick look around her apartment.

She reached to the side and turned the lamp on and took another more detailed look around her bedroom. She had to sigh as she mentally kicked herself. "It was just a dream." she told herself before she reached out to switch the lamp off and then snuggled back down under the quilt and went back to sleep.

She was totally unaware that anyone had been inside her apartment…again…


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