I'll Always Be With You

Summary: Sam's in a coma after the Wall in his mind falls. Now, after the final events with Castiel and Purgatory, Dean decides to take matters into his own hands to help save his brother's fragile psyche. Using leftover dreamroot, he goes into Sam's mind to help him wake up but isn't expecting what he finds. Angsty/worried!Dean /Comatose/lost/confused!Sam

Tags/Spoilers: While it's based on events through the series and up to the Finale, I'm not sure I'd tag it to anything but it may still contain some spoilers to the Finale so be wary.

Warnings: I'll rate it for language and some situations and I normally throw a warning per chapter if a scene requires one but just be alert for those.

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, the concept or anything to do with the show. The all-powerful and knowing Kripke does that. I'm using them for entertainment purposes and to withhold the boredom of all summer with no new episodes.

A/N: This was actually the first plot bunny that came to me after watching the Finale. It's changed shape a few times and even I don't know how it'll turn out in the end except we'll have drama, angst, tears, hurt boys (This is me we're talking about so when don't I hurt the boys?) and maybe even some flashbacks to Wee!Chesters or Teen!Chesters. Read and enjoy!


"Damn it, boy! Will you slow down and listen to me!"

Having already wasted too much time as it was, Dean Winchester didn't plan on wasting anymore time listening to what he was already pretty sure was a standard Bobby Singer lecture on the rashness of Winchesters, especially when he already knew and accepted that this plan was more than rash.

"No time to waste, Bobby. I know what I'm doing," he remarked, moving things around in the Panic Room while reaching for the small bag in his back pocket. "Sam's been down too long so I'm going in after him."

Feeling like pounding his head in or slapping the oldest Winchester in the face to maybe bring him back to reality, Bobby Singer jerked his ever present trucker's cap off to toss it to the floor of the heavily secured from nearly everything Panic Room. "Dean, you've been through Hell in the past twenty-four hours and you don't know what Sam's facing in his head so…"

"Exactly!" whirling from the desk where he'd been double-checking his idea, his tired and worried green eyes landed on the prone, unmoving body of his younger brother and he felt his stomach twist in worry. "Sammy's been zoned out like this ever since he had that damn wall kicked down. Now I'm going in for him because I swore that I wouldn't let it fall and it did."

"Dean! You didn't cause the wall to fall. Castiel blasted it out from under him," Bobby argued, still recalling their panic when the Angel had moved behind Sam and then the boy had dropped like a stone. "You don't know what further damage going into Sam's mind could cause him…never mind the fact how do you plan on getting…Dean…"

The warning tone was there even before he noticed the bag in the young hunter's hand and wished he'd thrown that damn crap out before. "You know how dangerous dreamroot is, Dean."

"I know that it worked to help you and it'll work to get me to my brother," Dean replied shortly, mixing the ancient root in a glass of whiskey since he could easily recall the last time he'd drank the stuff. "Bobby, Cas opened Purgatory and has gone post nuclear. He's wiped Raphael off the map and could've done the same to us. I will not lose my brother to this crap and Sam can't fight this alone.

"Sammy's strong and he had to get stronger way too fast but as his brother and the guy who raised him and knows him better than anyone else I can tell you that he cannot handle this fight alone," he knew this even as he knew himself and considering he'd just barely gotten his brother back he wasn't about to lose him to this.

Looking between the two Winchester brothers, Bobby sighed. He'd known these boys since Sam had been in diapers and their Dad had all but dropped them on his doorstep. He'd taken them in at times when their own Father had been too busy, he'd been mentor/father/friend to both Sam and Dean for the past twenty-eight years.

He had watched these boys each fall and break only to come back stronger. Bobby had known Sam was going down a bad path when he first lost his brother after Dean went to Hell and things got worse for him as it went along.

Angels and Demons had tore his boys apart, lies and mistrust hadn't helped but Bobby had thought at the end, when Sam had made the choice to accept Lucifer in order to trap him in his Cage, that things had been getting better until Dean learned that his brother hadn't stayed long in that Cage and things went bad again.

Finding out that Sam's soul was missing had hurt Dean more than what the boy had done while without it. Dean had fought to get it back even when Sam hadn't wanted it and Bobby still recalled how far gone that side of Sam had been in his effort to not get his soul back and how close he'd come to killing Bobby.

"Dean, I know you don't want to lose him but if you go in and something happens…" the older hunter shook his head grimly. "What can you do for him in there? It's Sam versus his own mind."

Sitting down on the floor next to his brother's bed, Dean stared at the glass in his hand to something he'd placed in Sam's hand before reaching up to clasp that hand tightly in his before gazing up at Bobby with a simple smile. "I can show him that I'll always be with him and that he's not alone. Wish us luck."

A quick swig of the drink soon had Dean out like a light, leaving Bobby alone to worry over both of the boys while praying that Dean didn't see too much in Sam's memories that he'd never been meant to see and that Sam could handle what he was seeing.

"Luck? Hell, boy, I'll be prayin' for you both to get your asses back here," he muttered, situating a chair where he could watch both the basement and his boys while reaching for his shotgun as he settled in to wait.


A/N: Short part this time. Bear with me since even I'm not sure where this will go but come back as Dean explores the ever shaky mind of his brother while encountering things he knew and things he didn't…some of which don't want him to ever find Sam or save him.