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She always hated when the sky grew darker—when night arrived and the stars brilliantly glowed from their perches up in the sky—for that was the time when all her work had to cease. Her SHIELD employees would bid her a polite "Good night, Miss Foster," and then be on their way back home to their families. The lab's lights would dim and many of the machines that had buzzed during the daylight hours would become quiet. She would work much longer than her employees though and it was usually around midnight that either Darcy or Erik had to stop her and remind her that rest was important too.

But what could be more important than finding Thor?

Every night when she shut her eyes, she was back with him in that dusty desert, the sky rumbling above them. Every night he would kiss her hand and promise to return and every night, she would wait there only to awaken the next morning and find she was alone.

He had been gone two months now and as more and more days passed; Jane had a harder time fighting the doubts that plagued her mind. What if he was happy in his kingdom and didn't want to come back? What if there was a crisis he needed to attend too? What if he found another girl—a prettier girl?


Jane snapped out of her thoughts to see Darcy—her trusted assistant—and smiled softly. She knew by the looks of Darcy's tired expression that it was her bedtime. Jane shook her head and read a few more sentences of her latest research.

"You go, Darcy," Jane told her. "I'm in the middle—"

"Jane, enough," Darcy ordered as she walked over to Jane and begin to gently pull her away from all her research. "Thor wouldn't be happy if he saw you working to death."

"But I need to—!"

"Find him, I know," Darcy sighed as she kept pulling Jane towards the door. "But you won't be able to find him if your brain is totally fried because you stayed up all night." She smiled widely. "Besides, if you do find him tomorrow, do you really want to collapse from exhaustion the moment you see him?"

"No," Jane confessed and Darcy grinned victoriously. "But I was right in the middle of this—!"

"Bed time, Jane Foster," Darcy commanded. "And then you can get up at the ungodly hour you always do and start again."

Jane finally gave in and with a sigh, let Darcy lead her out of her lab.

"What ails you, my son?"

Thor's head jerked up as he was thrust out of his thoughts. He met the concerned gaze of his mother and sighed.

"It is . . ." His voice trailed off into uncertainty. He didn't want to trouble his mother. After all, she had almost lost her husband and had lost both of her sons-one for good and the other had returned. Sure, his mother was truly a warrior Queen and could hide her emotions well, but Thor could still see that deep down, she was still grieving for Loki.

"Do you still mourn for your brother?" The Queen asked cautiously. "It has been two months, Thor, and we must learn to accept what has happened and move on." Thor chuckled dryly.

"Mother, please do not lie to me when we both know you still grieve as well." Thor told her.

"You were always good at seeing through my lies," His mother informed him, a sad smile on her face. "Thor, what ails you? It is the middle of the night—a time for rest—and yet, you wander the halls of the palace, like a restless spirit."

"I cannot sleep," Thor reluctantly replied. "I am plagued by images that I do not wish to see." A frown graced his mother's flawless face and she gracefully crossed the distance between them and hugged her son.

"What do you see?" She whispered and Thor held her tightly.

"I see Loki fall when I could've saved him," His mother grip on him tightened. "Mother, I see Jane—I see her running to me as I fall in the battle against the destroyer, risking her own life—and I see her desperate gaze as I leave for Asgard." Thor let go of his mother and angrily crossed to the huge window that let him see the Bifrost Bridge. He could make out Heimdall, the faithful guardian of what was left of the bridge. Every morning, Thor went to see Heimdall and every morning, Heimdall would inform Thor of what was taking place in Jane's world.

"You love her," His mother stated and Thor nodded his head. "You love her and yet, her world is lost to us."

"Mother, what if she thinks I have betrayed her?" Thor asked frantically. "I promised to return to her and yet—" His mother placed a slim hand on his shoulder.

"Thor," She chided gently. "If this woman—if this Jane Foster, can cause this much of a change in you, I am certain she knows that you will return. After all, Heimdall tells me that she is trying to find a way to bridge the gap and find you." His mother smiled and Thor couldn't help but feel at his ease. His mother always had that way about her. She could make any problem seem solvable and could always make your worries disappear.

"I just wish I could see her . . ." His voice trailed off into pain as he could hear her voice agreeing to their deal—a deal that he could no longer uphold.

"You will," His mother promised. "You will soon."

"Yes," Thor replied. "I must have faith then."

"Yes, my son," His mother replied as held out her hand. He took it and she began to lead him back to his chamber. "After all, if she has not given up faith, then you must not give up."

With one more glance out towards the Bifrost, Thor let himself be dragged back to his chambers for another night of restless sleep.

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