Author's Note: Due to the absolutely wonderful and amazing Avengers that came out recently, I've had a hard time writing this story. I'm going to be ignoring certain aspects of the Avengers in order to write the story as I originally planned it. Due to this, part of this story may appear AU. Anyways, thanks for all the continued support on this story. Sorry it's taken me this long to update it. Please enjoy!

Jane awoke to see Pepper by her bedside. Pepper smiled warmly as Jane's world came into focus once more. A cursory glance around the room revealed the impersonal white walls of a hospital. Jane groaned as she forced her sore muscles to move her body into a sitting position.

"Easy," Pepper soothed. "Don't over-do it, Jane."

"What happened?" Jane mumbled, her voice raw as if she had been screaming for hours.

"We were attacked, remember?" Pepper seemed to be speaking to her as if she was a small child and Jane frowned. She was a scientist for God's sake! She was smart and she could—wait, attacked? She didn't remember that at all.

"We were?" Jane questioned, trying to force her mind to recall the memories of what had happened on the plane ride.

"Yes," Pepper told her. "You don't remember?" Jane closed her eyes and forced her mind to go over the fuzzy memories. She remembered the plane, she remembered the pilot, and then suddenly she was here with Pepper.

"Not really." Jane confessed, slightly upset that she couldn't remember what had caused her to be hospitalized.

"That's normal," Pepper said seemingly to herself. "You hit your head pretty hard. You have a concussion."

"What attacked us?" Jane inquired as she tried once more to remember. She could recall a voice—a man's reassuring voice, calling her name. Had she been with Thor? No, that was impossible since he was all the way on Asgard and yet, she felt like he had helped save her somehow.

"Fury is working on it," Pepper answered. "From what I've heard so far, it looks like a more compact, flying version of the Destroyer that Thor fought before."

"Loki?" Jane mumbled, confusion gracing her features. She remembered that Thor's trickster brother had been responsible for the Destroyer's attack to begin with. Could it be possible that he was to blame for this attack?

"No," Pepper replied. "We're not sure who's behind it." Jane sighed and reclined back on the bed. Amazing that after sleeping for so long she was still so exhausted.

"Darcy?" Jane inquired at the same moment that her faithful assistant walked into the room. She had a few bruises on her head and her lip was split, but otherwise, Darcy appeared to be fine.

"Hey," Darcy greeted. "How you feeling?"

"Fine," Jane lied. "You okay?"

"Yep," Darcy answered with a quick grin. "Just a few bruises and cuts." Darcy took a seat on the edge of Jane's bed and handed her boss a bag of Hersey's Kisses, one of Jane's guilty pleasures. Jane smiled for the first time since she had awoken and Darcy chuckled. Pepper's phone beeped and she sighed before rising out of the chair.

"Tony needs my help," Pepper explained. "He'll swing by to check on you soon, okay?" Jane nodded and Pepper vanished out the door, the sound of her heels clicking down the hall. Jane opened the bag of Kisses and popped one into her mouth. The smooth chocolate felt good on her rough throat and the sweetness perked her up a bit.

"Anyone else get hurt?" Jane inquired.

"The pilot died," Darcy answered grimly. "But everyone else made it out fine. You hit your head on your way down though."

"Yeah, Pepper told me I had a concussion." Darcy nodded and Jane smiled softly. She was glad that Darcy was here—it made this whole confusing situation less scary.

"Fury is still looking into the attack," Darcy told her. "And Agent Coulson has guards posted outside your room."

"So, they're worried?" Jane questioned.

"Tony couldn't catch the thing that attacked us," Darcy explained. "SHIELD just wants to take extra precautions." Darcy stared at the ground and Jane placed a hand on her assistant's arm and patted it reassuringly.

"We're going to be okay." Jane promised her.

"But that thing—" Darcy protested.

"Darcy," Jane began. "I promise you, everything is going to be okay." Darcy nodded her head and Jane allowed her eyes to close and sleep to claim her once more.

Thor paced the length of his chamber.

His mother was in a coma—one that his father blamed him for—and his father—his king—had forbid him to see Jane Foster. He knew where the All-Father was coming from, but Thor couldn't forsake Jane. He loved her whole-heartedly and wanted nothing than to see her again. He wanted to protect her from whatever evil force was trying to hurt her and he wanted to make her laugh.

"My prince?" Thor stopped his pacing and saw a guard bowing to him from the doorway.


"Her Majesty is asking for you." Thor froze, processing the words.

"The Queen . . . she has awakened?"

"Yes, my prince," The guard replied with a small smile. "She asks for you." Thor allowed a full-blown grin to grace his features and quickly sprinted to his mother's chamber. Frigga smiled as she regarded her son.

"Thor." Thor embraced his mother and quickly kneeled beside her bedside.

"Mother," Thor said and he held her tightly. Relief coursed through him and he felt the burden on his shoulders lighten considerably. "You have awoken."

"Yes, my son," Frigga told him, letting go of her eldest. "I have caused you harm. I beg your forgiveness, Thor."

"Mother, it was my fault!" Thor exclaimed. "I almost lost you—" Frigga grinned and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Thor." The All-Father's voice caused him to freeze where he was. Turning slightly, Thor saw his father slightly out of breath as if he had been rushing here.

"Odin." Frigga said with a small smile. Odin embraced his wife, an unabashed grin on his features, and Thor couldn't help but grin as well.

"How?" Odin mumbled softly and Frigga shook her head.

"I have always been far more skilled with magic than you," Frigga boasted. "I just needed to recover." She then glanced at Thor and allowed her eyes go back to Odin. "Now, forgive each other."

"What?" Odin questioned.

"Mother—" Thor began.

"I will be deaf to excuses," Frigga explained. "Odin, apologize to Thor for saying that his love for the mortal endangers Asgard and Thor, apologize to your Father for snapping at him." The two men stared at the Queen, different shades of confusion etched on their faces. "I am waiting."


"Now, Odin." Frigga ordered, her voice hardening.

"No." Odin snapped as he stormed out of the room and Frigga frowned. She held Thor's hand and squeezed it gently.

"Alas," Frigga sighed. "I knew that would be too simple."

"Mother, it will be alright." Thor assured her.

"Yes, it will be," Frigga agreed. "For I will make it so. You and Jane Foster shall be reunited."

"But Mother—"

"Worry not, Thor," Frigga assured him with a small smile. "Everything shall come together."

Thor nodded his head, but he wished he could believe her.

Honestly, he wasn't sure if his father would ever forgive him for his relationship with Jane.

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