The New Dark Lord

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Authors Note: This story/chapter had been adopted from Sleep When Your Dead. I'm keeping most of the original story as the first author wrote it. I've made a few of my own changes and additions around the original work.

Chapter 1: The First Letter

Daphne Greengrass was a pureblood witch born to Nathanial and Erlinda Greengrass. She had grown from a child into a beautiful young woman, much like her mother. She was 5' 7" tall with long blonde hair that traveled neatly down her back. She had a wonderful figure that screamed sexuality. Her hips were wide, but not overly so, just right with a firm and well-rounded butt. Her breasts were large but proportionate to her body and attracted her, much unwanted attention.

At Hogwarts, she had earned a reputation for being cold, uncaring, and sometimes mean. Males who were foolish enough to make a move on her or stare too long at her… assets, would find themselves hexed. In the process, she had sent 23 boys to the infirmary over the years. That number did not include repeat offenders. One of these offending males was none other than one Ronald Weasley.

Ron Weasley had attempted to ask her to the Yule ball during her fourth year. He had made the move because, according to him 'the veela turned me down, the bookworm who's lying about having a date won't go with me, and you're in Slytherin so, you have to be a whore, will you go to the ball with me?' that may not have been exactly what he said. It was however, implied. She had promptly slapped him and banished him into a wall. She may, or may not have also hexed him with a spell that would painfully constrict his man bits for a few days. Apparently, he never told his friends about the attempt.

She had refused him for several reasons with the first reason being he insulted her. What was more was her attraction to money, and power. Like many other pureblood witches, the attractiveness of a mate was third to how much money and influence they had to themselves and their name. Weasley had none of the above. There was one boy had all of the above, even if he didn't know it.

The boy in question was Harry Potter. The Potter family was one of the oldest lines in England and had always been strong in name, wealth, and power. Unlike some other families, they had not one generation of squibs in the line. That may have something with the family having a habit of marrying muggle-borns and half-bloods. Though the family had considerable pull to it as well as political power, they hardly used it.

They were also one of, if not the wealthiest family in England. Many people had attempted to figure of exactly how much, but they met stonewalling at every turn by the goblins. One family attempted to find out by bribing them with half their family vault, the money was taken and the only answer they received was 'more than you had before'.

Since the time Harry Potter came to Hogwarts, he was a puzzle to the young Slytherin girl. He had money but dressed in rags that made him look below a Weasley. He also had power from his family and fame but refused that too, perhaps it was a family trait. No matter the reason, he had everything Daphne wanted, and he was incredibly attractive. The three things Daphne looked for in a mate. The three things a pureblood woman looked for.

Her family had a reputation for being dark and her parents wanted her contracted with one such family. The contract they wanted was, according to her father a move to form alliances with likeminded families. Daphne loved her family but marriage for them was something she ever wanted. She would marry for herself first, then family. It was because of these she was able to make a deal with her father. Though they wanted her to marry into the dark, a union with the house of Potter would not be rejected.

Putting a plan in action to attempt to snag him, or at the very least get to know him and then snag him, she sent him a letter requesting to meet with him.

Harry Potter was angry, no furious; actually, there was no word for what he was feeling right now. Beneath all the anger and rage, a deep hollow sadness resonated. Along with its ebbing flow was a sinister dark beat. With each rise of the tide, the beat grew stronger and its roots took further hold upon his heart.

His godfather, Sirius Black, had died less than a week ago in an attempt to rescue him. The only father figure he had, died because of his own carelessness, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Lord Voldemort. He himself was also partially responsible. Harry was fooled by a vision sent to get him to 'rescue' his godfather and in the process retrieve the prophecy for the death eaters and their 'lord'.

Harry led five other students into the Department of Mysteries to rescue his godfather. Instead, the trap triggered leading the six students to fight for their lives. They held their own for a short while but were eventually captured until help from the Order of The Phoenix arrived. They had captured every death eater but Bellatrix who sent Sirius through the veil before fleeing into the main atrium of the ministry. Harry had chased her down there and cast the cruciatus curse upon her.

The cruciatus curse was an unforgiveable, one of three. The use of it on another human resulted in a life sentence to Azkaban. Though the curse failed, harry enjoyed it. The thought of causing this woman such suffering pleased him in some unknown way. He was unable to take further pleasure from it as Voldemort arrived.

His arrival resulted in a duel between his headmaster and the dark lord. The battle between the two great forces was enchanting. The feats of magic those two titans were capable of inspired fear and awe. The two were fairly matched until the dark lord decided to possess him. The agony of the experience was immense. It felt as if your entire body was on fire while being stretched from the inside by a great pressure. Every nerve in his body was actively broadcasting pain until he was somehow able to expel his foe.

The aftermath of the encounter had been hazy. When the battle was finished and the minister realized the truth, he was portkeyed away and then told it was his destiny to kill the dark lord. He didn't remember much more after that than arriving at his summer prison. During that time the anger at Bellatrix, Sirius, Dumbledore, and his fate boiled within him along with all the sadness that riddled his life.

A fresh stream of tears started to flow at the loss of his godfather. On a cloudless day for such a normal neighborhood, Harry would normally be out of his small normal room, doing normal chores and yard work. Between the threat of Mad-eye to the Dursleys and the evil look he had glued to his face between tears he was hardly bothered. If this was a normal summer, he held no illusions that his so-called relatives would be dead by now.

Harry was disturbed from his thoughts with a tapping at his window. The tapping often singled an owl with a message for him. Opening the window, he let the bird in. This owl was not from his friends, as he didn't recognize it. Cautiously taking the letter, he opened it and read. At the same time, the owl left, presumably returning to its owner.

Dear Harry,

I'm aware we've hardly spoken two words to each other in our five years of school. I'm writing to you now because I have a proposition for you.

I believe that I can help you, and at the same time myself. If you could make it to Diagon Alley, next Monday, please let me know as soon as possible. I believe it's in our best interests to get to know one another.

Should you decide to come, meet me in front of Gringotts at 9 am.

Daphne Greengrass

'The Ice Queen of Slytherin has graced me with a message' thought Harry. "What do you think Hedwig?" he said, turning to his first friend when he entered the world of magic.

"Hoot," replied his owl. Unlike other owls Harry encountered, Hedwig was incredibly intelligent. When he was locked away at Number 4, she was often the only source of 'intelligent' conversation. Often he would pass the time in his dark cell just talking to her.

"You think I should go?" he asked, he chuckled lightly as Hedwig gave another lively hoot.

Smiling at the antics of his feathered friend, he grabbed a piece of parchment and started his reply.

Ms. Daphne Greengrass

I was more than surprised when I received your letter. Your reputation is well known and I must admit some curiosity for your correspondence. Normally such random mail would go unanswered. I must admit, in addition to your letter, I find yourself to be quite a fascinating individual given your behavior at school.

If I can escape, meeting you next Monday is acceptable. Instead of meeting in front of Gringotts, meet me in the front hall near the tellers. Perhaps a private room would be best for this business you wish to discuss.

Harry Potter

"Here you go Hedwig, take this to Daphne Greengrass." he said handing the letter to Hedwig who took off into the sunset.

As she left, Harry watched her ever-shrinking form as she delivered his reply. After a while of looking out the window, he went to his bed and drifted sleep. In his dream world, he was only tormented further by the problems he faced in the waking world. There was only so much more Harry Potter could take, and betrayal was not one of them.