Harry Potter, The New Dark Lord

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Chapter 14: Penumbra

Penumbra- The partially shaded outer region of a shadow…

Daphne held her hand out to Hermione. The muggleborn witch stared defiantly thinking over the situation. She knew Harry was around here somewhere. He was the one who brought her here after all. She had seen him less than a day ago. The fact that the ring of Lady Potter sat on Daphne's hand was undisputable. She was Lady Potter, and judging by the opulent grounds outside of her window, and the Potter Crests, this was Potter manor.

One thing was throwing her off however. Since when did Harry know the young witch enough to marry her? Even as one of Harry's closest friends she admitted that she didn't know everything about him. She was sure however that the pair never interacted at school. The closest they got was the potions class at Hogwarts. Even with the house rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin, they were in different circles.

"How did you become Lady Potter of all people?" Hermione asked probingly.

"I asked." Daphne smiled.

"You just asked?" Hermione said incredulously. "And he just what, said yes?" keeping her wand pointed at the blond pureblood.

"Yes, more or less." Said Daphne starting to walk around the bed to face Hermione directly. "All it required was an offer to teach him a few things." She said simply. "What's more is our magic even approves. It flared during our initial meeting." Daphne continued to explain. "I'm sure someone as knowledgeable as you know what that means."

Hermione scoffed. "Teach him what?" she growled ignoring Daphne's reference to magical bonds.

"The culture and traditions of our world," said Daphne simply. "To someone who should have known them long ago."

"I could have taught him," said Hermione.

"I'm sure you could have," said Daphne. "But did he ever ask? Did you even offer? Besides. Knowledge will only take you so far Granger. You need experience. "

"No." Hermione conceded, lowering her wand slightly. Harry never asked for anything from her. Nothing really important anyway. And while she was in a position to help him learn about such things. She never offered to help or even show him.

"Which is why I offered." Daphne smiled. "Somebody needed to step up and teach him. His family is one of the oldest and most respected in England. He needed to know. If it helps he suggested to make it open. If things don't work out after a year. We're free to split." That bit was actually Daphne's idea. But Granger didn't know that…

"How do I know you're telling the truth?" Hermione asked still skeptical.

"You don't, for now." Daphne replied. "Harry is busy with something right now. I'm sure the three of us could talk later."

"I still don't trust you."

"I don't blame you," Daphne replied. "I would be upset if you did. But being Harry's friend I bet we'll soon be great friends." She said holding out her hand again now facing Hermione.

Hermione continued to stare at the blond. She didn't know what to think. So much was happening so quickly. Between the deaths of her parents and now finding out that her best friend was married. Hermione didn't take her second offer either.

"I think I'll wait if you don't mind." Hermione said. "Until I find out what's going on from Harry himself."

Daphne retracted her hand with grace. "Very well." She smiled. "Under the circumstances I don't blame you. I just wanted to see how you were fairing"

Daphne turned from the other witch and looked out the tall window to the grounds outside. The view, though limited, was quite grand. She was able to see a large portion of the well-manicured lawn and gardens before the start of the forest that surrounded most of the manor.

Turning around Daphne took in the details of the room. The bed looked like it had hardly been slept in. The blankets had been folded back showing that someone had gotten into the bed but there were no other signs that someone slept in it. It was as if the person sleeping in it was an inferi or zombie. Getting in and out while not disturbing the area around them.

The dresser across from the bed had stacks of stuff on and around it. Presumably from Hermione's old home. Most of it was clothes or personal effects. There was also more than a few books. Daphne moved closer to look at Hermione's reading habits under a scrutinizing glare from said witch. Most of the books were Hogwarts related with a few extras thrown in. There were however three that Daphne took note of… 'An introduction to the dark arts: 200 dark spells and their origins', 'The Modern Dark Arts', and 'Darkness in the Light: Deadly Uses for Normal Spells'.

Smiling to herself Daphne turned to leave the room and the untouched items. Hermione still glaring at her. Though her wand arm at least feel to her side. Opening the Door again Daphne looked back at Hermione. "You should probably eat something Granger." She said. "You can't plot revenge on an empty stomach now, can you? If you need anything call for Mindy. I'm sure she or another elf can help you." After a moment she added. "Or, if you just want to talk, feel free to find Harry. Or myself." She finished with the clock of the door closing behind her.

Walking away Daphne said, "Well that went well." She smiled.


The next morning Harry woke up in a proper bed. He was naked with an equally naked Daphne. She was laying on her chest curled into Harry's left side. The warmth of her body against his. Harry could feel every bit of her skin. He felt her soft, firm chest against him. Her left arm draped across him, holding him close. Her right hand was up resting on his left shoulder. Harry could feel the rise and fall of her chest with her gentle breathing.

"Morning my Dark queen." Said Harry running his hand across her soft back. Daphne picked up her head and looked at him. The remnants of sleep still visible.

"Good morning," she said sleepily. "I like that by the way." She smiled.

"I love your back too." he smiled as Daphne laughed.

"Not what I was talking about." She smiled. "But what you're doing does feels nice." She mewed leaning up and capturing his lips in a kiss. "I was talking about being your Dark Queen. My Dark King."

Harry smiled as she pulled away and sat up looking at him supported by her arm, her blond hair tickling as she pulled away. He took a moment to admire her beauty in the morning light and smiled up at her. He liked what she called him too. 'King... Maybe one Day' he thought. "I suppose I do need to come up with a moniker for myself and my followers." He said thoughtfully.

Daphne looked down at him and threw her legs over him straddling him her hands on his chest. "How about 'Tall Dark and Lordly' or maybe 'The Dark Stud' might work?" She smiled. Harry snorted.

"That doesn't exactly inspire fear or intimidation." He drawled. "Not to mention leadership to nothing about anything else."

Daphne leaned down and planted kisses down his chest. "Well, maybe I could call you that then?" she said between kisses as Harry moaned.

"Daphne, stop." He said smiling as he leaned up holding her close as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "We should get ready for the day."

"Fine," Daphne mock sighed.

Crawling out of bed the two teens made their way to the closet after showering. They dressed somewhat casually not expecting to go or meet anyone today. After they had finished dressing they made their way to the casual dining room together as seemed to be the routine. As they did they held hands. Harry couldn't help think about how odd their relationship was.

Sure, they were both teenagers. But Harry didn't think that was it. He wasn't uneasy about it. On the contrary, he actually felt really comfortable around Daphne. Even though they knew each other very little for such a sort amount of time, Harry felt they were as close as two people could be. As he thought back to when they first met he remembered their auras and thought magic might be at work bringing them closer.

After a few moments of silence Daphne spoke up, "I saw Hermione last night. And Ginny."

"Oh?" Harry was surprised. "What made you do that?"

"Well, if we're going to be together." She said. "I may as well get to know your friends."

"I see. And how are they?" Harry asked curious of Daphne's thoughts.

"Ginny is really bad. Though I have a feeling that she will make strong recovery soon." She said. "Hermione was a little threatened by me. She wants to see you by the way. Doesn't believe we're married." She smiled.

"She does now." Said Hermione from the dining room where they just arrived. "Next time you two might want to put of a few silencing spells." She said calmly sipping some tea.

"Hmm," said Williams in agreement. "Thank Merlin for self-memory charms."

The two teens blushed as they took their usual seats at the table. The party of four ate mostly in silence. "Hermione," said Daphne. "we did put up silencing spells"

Hermione snorted, "You could have fooled me." She said. "Either the spell was shoddy or the two of you…" She said looking at them "…are louder then what the spell can block. Congratulations by the way."

There was a sudden clang of metal dropping against a plate. Looking up the three teens saw Williams drop silverware against his plate. While using his napkin to wipe his face as graceful as possible he got up from the table. He walked around the table and out the door. "If you don't mind I really don't want to be a part of this conversation. And I do believe I have a patient to look after."

When he was gone after a few moments Hermione started to speak again. "Now that he's gone we can talk."

"Bringing out your Slytherin side Granger?" Daphne said smiling.

Hermione smiled it return and held out her hand to the pureblood which, who was on her right. "My friends call me Hermione." Daphne smiled and took her hand as the brown haired witched leaned closer to the blond. "I can't deny that you two are together." Hermione started, "The Harry I know would do that with just anybody. But if you hurt him, or betray him, I will hunt you down." She breathed into Daphne's ear.

"I expect nothing less." Daphne whispered back. "But I don't think you have anything to worry about."

"I hope not," Hermione replied as they pulled apart smiling.

"Um… what was that about?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Girl talk," they both said almost simultaneously.

"Right," said Harry. "It looked more like you were about to kill each other."

"Nothing to worry about Harry," Daphne said sweetly.

"I was just getting to know your wife a little." Said Hermione. "It would be nice to know that my best friend was married." She said sarcastically.

"Yes…well. It happened quite suddenly." Harry said. "Shortly after the reading of the will." He explained.

"Hmph… that was fast." Hermione said. "How long have you known each other?"

"A few weeks." Daphne said with a smile looking at Harry who smiled back. "According to magic, we're very compatible."

"What does that even mean," said Hermione looking at the couple. She never heard of magic just creating relationships between people. She was aware of magic bonds that could form between two people but there as not a case of such bonds in quite some time.

"When we kissed before we signed the contract" Harry explained. "Our auras flared and merged."

Hermione stared at Harry not believing what he was saying. During her first year Hermione wanted to know if knowing more would make her a stronger witch. She was curious. Were spells always the same strength no matter who cast them? Making superior knowledge the deciding factor. Or, did witches and wizards have a different natural strength level. Downgrading knowledge from a deciding factor to a sharp edge.

During her research she discovered that witches and wizards could have different levels in strength. Unfortunately, the only test to evaluate strength was in the hands of the goblins and was very expensive. For whatever reason tests that the wizards developed themselves never worked correctly. One thing that she was able to discover was that wizards and witches sometimes produced an aura. A swirling pattern of light around the witch or wizard in question.

Auras were no way of discovering how powerful a certain witch or wizard was. Some of the strongest wizards never produced an aura. While some of the weakest produced them frequently. They varied in size and color seemingly at random. Some had attempted to discover what the colors meant. While others tried to prove that a larger aura equaled a stronger wizard. Some even thought that it was the light of the soul.

What the research showed consistently was that there was a strong emotional component to the color and production of an aura. There was another odd observation about them. In very rare cases, when a witch and a wizard shared a form of strong emotional contact or a connection between their very magic. Their auras could flare up. Regardless if they produced one before or not. When this happened they would swirl together and merge. Creating a strong bond between the two. The more the auras merged and combined, the more 'compatible' they were and the stronger their bond.

The strongest and rarest result of merged auras, was the soul bond. Those who were able to share such a bond were incredibly rare. So rare that there was less than 10 recorded bonds ever. Those who shared such connections, complete soul bonds or merely merged auras, did not necessarily need to be in a romantic relationship to form the connection. All it seemed that was required was some form of physical contact and a strong emotional component. Magic took care of the rest.

"The two of you…" Hermione said. "Don't have a soul bond… do you?"

"No," said Daphne. "

"Not sure how much though, we were too busy enjoying the moment." Harry said. "Anyway Hermione, How are you doing?" he asked softly.

A dark look appeared on Hermione's face. Her demeanor suddenly became very cold. "I need your help Harry. I will, kill Snape." She said with venom. "However, I realize that I need training, help me, or don't. But don't get in my way."

Harry and Daphne smirked discreetly to each other. "We have no intention of stopping you Hermione. I've changed Hermione," Harry explained. "I've discovered the origins of my family. And have embraced it. And the world will tremble before me. Will you join us Hermione?"

"As long as Snape is mine," She said, "then I'm in."

The teens were disturbed from discussing it more when Mindy arrived caring a large brass stand for waiting owls. There was two perched across it with Mindy carrying the package of a presumable fourth. "Sorry in interrupt Master and Mistress," said Mindy. "These two will only deliver directly to the recipient." The elf said as she placed the stand down near the window. Walking over to Harry she handed him the package in her arms. "The paper master."

"Thank you Mindy, you may go," Harry said as Mindy disappeared. He was a little surprised that Hermione didn't pay the elf any notice. Or even complain that he had an elf. Looking at the front page of the Daily Prophet Harry found news about last night's attacks. While Harry was reading the paper Daphne took one of the other letters.

The Daily Prophet

The Death Eaters Attack!

By: Sam Ax

Death Eaters have attacked the homes of several well-known family's last night. The list of those attacked includes Bones Manor, Longbottom Manor, The Weasley's at the Burrow, and a muggle family, the Grangers.

You-Know-Who himself was reported to have attacked Bones Manor with several followers. During the attack Amelia Bones (Age 43) was killed. Her niece Susan Bones survived the attack was able to confirm that You-Know-Who, Lucius Malfoy, and Walden McNair took part in the attack. Susan Bones, Heiress to House Bones, is reported as unharmed and currently in a safe location pending further investigation.

It is unclear how Lucius Malfoy, who claimed to be under the Imperius curse during You-Know-Who's first reign of terror, escaped Ministry custody. Mr. Malfoy was captured during the Battle at the department of Mysteries on June 18th of this year. He was captured with other known death eaters. According to sources in the DMLE, Lucius was released due to key evidence either disappearing or becoming compromised.

The attack on Longbottom Manor reported by Aurors responding to the scene was incredibly violent. Augusta Longbottom was killed during the raid. Neville Longbottom, heir to House Longbottom, survived. However his situation is most dire. Exact details of what happened as well as who attack is unknown. Reports suggest Aurors on the scene have undergone willful obviation of the event after storing memories as evidence.

Mr. Longbottom, is currently in St Mungo's recovering from the use of the cruciatus and Imperius upon him. Attending healers report that when Mr. Longbottom arrived he was covered from head to toe with blood and in deep shock. He is currently catatonic and unresponsive. Healers are preparing to move him to the Long Term Spell Damage Ward.

The Death Eaters attacked The Weasley home early during the night. They attacked with numbers. Albus Dumbledore and others responded quickly to the attack and the dark forces were forced to retreat. Early in the attack however, it is reported that Ginny Weasley was taken by a death eater. It's unknown where she is currently located. Those on the scene believe that the attack was done by new recruits of the You-Know-Who's forces. The family wishes the speedy recovery of their daughter and is seeking any information. Any tips should be reported to the auror office.

The final attack of the night was on the home of Hermione Granger. Aurors responded to the use of dark curses being used at the scene. It was initially believed the young muggleborn witch had snapped at the pressure of her O.W.L.'s. Many of those of Muggle decent have done so in the past. However, when aurors arrived at the scene the home was partially destroyed and two death eaters were found in the home. Bellatrix Lestrange and Antonin Dolohov were found unconscious and severally injured. Two muggle bodies were also recovered, presumed to be the parents of Hermione Granger. Both had undergone visible signs of torture.

The purpose of these attacks is not clear. Other than the Bones, the victims are all close friends of Harry Potter. Mr. Potter is rumored to have been involved in the Battle at the Ministry for Magic past June. After the battle several death eaters were captured. It is also rumored that during the battle mass murder Sirius Black was killed. Exact details of the event have not been released to the public and all files of it in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement have been sealed.

Were these attacks revenge for the loss of one of You-Know-Who's greatest supporters? Or was there another motivation behind them? Amelia Bones was the Head of the DMLE. A positon that is said to be the gateway to becoming Minister for Magic. Did these attacks serve as distraction for dark plants into our beloved ministry?

Only time will tell, in the meantime our best wishes are with those who have suffered during these dark times.

For more about the Battle at the Ministry, turn to page 7

For more about Harry Potter, The Chosen one? Turn to page 13

For information about new potential Directors to the DMLE, turn to page 17

When Harry finished reading the cover story he turned his attention to the other letter. It was from a very bland looking owl. It looked like it was barely looked after. Though better than the Weasels owl. Taking the letter from its talons Harry saw that it had a letter from the ministry. Seeing that it was addressed to Hermione he passed it to her. Turning to the last of the three owls, Harry took the letter from the noble looking bird. He was surprised to see it was from Draco Malfoy.

Lord Potter-Black

I would like to speak to you as soon as possible. I wish to discuss the details of the offer left to my mother and I during the will reading of the late Sirius Black. I hope we can arrive to an agreement.

-Draco Malfoy.

"Well, that was surprising." Harry said. "Anything interesting Daphne?"

"My father would like to meet you," she smiled. "He would like to know when we're available for a meeting with the family. What about your letter?"

"He wishes to discuss the will reading," Harry said evenly.

"We should probably meet with him before my parents." Said Daphne. "My father will not like drama at a family gathering."

"I wonder what he decided," Harry said thoughtfully.

Daphne looked at him with a small smile. "Draco is not dumb Harry. Regardless of how be behaves at school. I imagine it would be your benefit, you are almost brothers." She smirked.

Hermione watched on during the discussion intrigued, looking up occasionally while reading the paper after Harry had finished and reading her letter. "Excuse me?" she all but yelled. "What do you mean they're almost brothers?"

"My sister," Daphne said to Hermione, "is betrothed to Draco. He's my brother in law."

After discussing how Draco was almost Harry's brother now. Hermione informed her hosts that a hearing into where she would be placed was scheduled for two weeks from today. Harry assured her that she had nothing to worry about. After discussing it with Daphne, they would do their best to make sure she stayed with them. Being a Lord in Harry's case would certainly help but there was still the problem of his age. Something he was sure that would be able to get overlooked.

If that didn't work Harry had been practicing his mind arts. He was sure he would be able to easily 'persuade' the courts to rule in his favor. Daphne was not thrilled with the idea but decided to show Harry some trust and accept the muggleborn witch. Something she would have to do anyway as she was one of Harry's closest friends.


The rest of the day was spent with the three teens getting to known each other more. Harry explained everything that had been going on to Hermione. He included details about the history of his family. He also explained about some of this magical ability's and natural talents.

"We should get both of you tested for any abilities as well." Harry said looking at Hermione and Daphne in the library. "Hermione. We should also get you a tailored wand as well."

"A new wand for the new me," Hermione sighed. "So Harry, as heir to the founders do you plan on returning to school." She asked looking up from the book she was reading with a small pile next to her.

Daphne looked at Harry after Hermione asked her question. They had not talked about it yet but there was a few different options open to them. As Harry was now a lord and Daphne as his wife, were free to do as they want. Having taken their owls they didn't need to return to Hogwarts.

"I'm not sure," Harry said slowly. "We don't need too. However, there's still the issue of your custody Hermione. So when that's decided we'll have a better idea of what we're working with." He explained. "I think it might be wise to return though. To keep our enemy's close where we can get to them."

"That's probably not a bad idea," Daphne spoke up. "But that same closeness that lets us get to them. Also lets them get to us. However, remaining in Hogwarts puts us in a position to recruit others to our cause."

"We don't necessarily have to return as students Daphne." Harry said thinking about their options. "As heir to the legacy of three of the founders I'm sure I could dismantle the board of governors and direct Hogwarts myself. Would be able to control Dumbledore somewhat then. We could also live there."

"We have plenty of time to make a decision." Said Daphne. She didn't favor one option above any others. Though she was probably leaning more towards attending as a student. If they were to go off and teach themselves there was potential that they would miss some spell theory or understanding. Something that may be needed later in their lives. There was much more to consider as well. Things she would bring up with Harry when they discussed it later.

"When are we going to go after Snape," Hermione growled from her side of the library.

Harry looked at her and frowned. He knew she was eager to deal with him but she was not ready. "It may not be for a while." Said Harry. "As much as I hate to say it, Snape is a powerful wizard. Taking him out will require skill and planning."

Hermione was prepared to argue with him but it died on her lips. He was right of course. It would do no good to go after him, before she was ready. Something she already knew "How do you propose we acquire skill?" she asked. "We can't exactly go around fighting people."

After thinking about it for a few moments Daphne had an idea. "How large is the Hogwarts property exactly?" she asked Harry.

"Very large," he said. "There's the castle of course, then there's also the forest which is quite vast."

"Would you be able to build something in the forest somewhere?" she then asked.

"Like what," Harry asked curiously.

"Maybe a few buildings in a warded off section." She said. "Include bits of the forest as well. Then, using your ownership of Azkaban we take some of the more tame prisoners and leave them in the warded section that only we, or those we allow, to enter and… practice. As we gain experience we relocate more dangerous people to the 'preserve'"

"I like the idea," said Harry thinking it over. Such a construction would be expensive and would take some time. Something else they would have to include was smaller cells for those they were not 'hunting'. There was also one problem. The Dark Mark. If they used any death eaters within the preserve they could summon their master through the mark. They would then have to ward against such magic, or remove the mark. "At some point though we would need actual death eaters to practice against. When we do, we would need a way to ward against the dark mark."

"I was thinking the goblins could build it." Daphne said. "They could use some of the same protections that Gringotts uses."

Harry quickly agreed and the rest of the day passed normally for the trio. Well, as normal to an aspiring Dark Lord as possible. Harry submerged himself in the library learning more magic's. He also spent some time outside honing in his new skills. Also joining him was Daphne and Hermione. He was teaching Daphne many of his favorite spells and dark curses. While Hermione was working on actually using the dark arts. Something she was actually not having a problem with.

Also during the day Ginny had woken up very briefly. She was on so many potions and still in much pain though. She tried to speak but it all came out as gibberish. Harry was happy that she was making a recovery. They would soon find out what exactly happened at the Burrow that caused her to plummet to the ground with a death eater. Though after the article in the paper Harry had some idea about what had happened.


The next day Harry and Daphne woke up in bed together again. While they did not indulge their passions as they did the night before they were still close. Showing and getting dressed for the day the two started their morning routine. Eating a quiet breakfast they went in search for Hermione. To neither of their surprise she was in the library. She confessed that she had been up for some time, having already eaten a meal prepared by Loki, she resumed to teach herself all manner of things.

"Are you ready for your tests," Harry smirked as they prepared to leave.

"Yes," Hermione said confidently. "I was feeling a little underprepared so I revised my ABC's"

Daphne snorted and smiled, "I'm sure you did Hermione." She said as she laughed. Hermione smiled back at the blonde witch as they exited the manor. Hermione paused and took in the world. It felt like years since she was outside. It was almost like she had been reborn. She smiled as she took in the air. She smirked as she looked forward to what they day may bring.

Catching up to Harry and Daphne she took hold of the familiar port key Harry and created. Grabbing hold they disappeared only to reappear miles away in an alley that was near the Leaky Cauldron. Looking around the trio made their way to the dingy pub. As they walked Daphne took a position to Harry's right and Hermione followed in step behind. They passed quickly through the pub and into Diagon Alley. They did not pay any attention to Tom the barman or any of his patrons.

With long but collected strides they made their way to Gringotts. Opening the door they stepped inside and up to one of the tellers. "Greetings Bloodtoe," Harry said taking note of the name tag at the station. "My companions wish to partake in your bloodlines and ability's test."

The goblin did not look away from his work on the desk. "You are aware such tests are very expensive young wizard." The goblin replied taking note of how young the wizard sounded.

Harry frowned slightly expecting the goblin to show a little more interest. "Yes well," he said. "As Lord Potter. I'm sure I can afford such things."

Slightly startled the goblin looked up. "Forgive me Lord Potter," Bloodtoe said evenly, "I did not recognize you. If you will follow me I will take your friends to the testing chamber." Stepping down from the teller's station Bloodtoe led them down the halls of Gringotts. They stopped briefly by a small office to deposit Harry while Bloodtoe took Hermione and Daphne to the testing chambers.

"Do you perform such tests often," Hermione asked as they were led to the room with the giant typewriter which gave the results.

"No," Bloodtoe said simply.

"How often…" Hermione started.

Bloodtoe growled, "Gringotts only releases the individual results to the respective clients. Information about the test itself," he drawled. Which for a goblin was quite freaky. "Or the number or administered tests is the property of Gringotts."

Hermione moved to ask more but Daphne grabbed her shoulder and shook her head. Hermione stopped asking questions for the moment while Daphne deposited her blood into the tank. When that was finished the goblin took Hermione to another test chamber across from the one Harry had used previously. This one however looked like it had not been used in some time.

There was a thick layer of dust all over the room. Even thicker cob webs hung around the walls and over the machine. The tanks of liquid at the top of the machine were empty and bone dry. Not for long however as a team of goblins soon entered the room from the catwalks carrying several containers. Opening them they soon filled the machine and got it running.

Hermione and Daphne exited the room where their respective tests were being performed. They were soon led back to the room Harry was waiting in. Daphne took a seat on Harry's left. While Hermione took one a couple of spaces to his right. Hermione crossed her arms as she sat down.

"Master Bloodtoe," Harry said before the goblin left. "Would it be possible to meet with someone to discuss building something on the Hogwarts property?"

"I shall summon a goblin from the properties department." Bloodtoe dismissed Harry before leaving.

Harry snorted, "Well he's not very pleasant."

"Most Goblins aren't," Daphne chuckled.

The trio did not have to wait long for the results. The goblins did their best to work fast, after all, time was money. The results were brought to them by a Goblin from the inheritance departments to explain their results. The goblin introduced himself as Goldrop. He passed a folder to both Hermione and Daphne.

Daphne Potter Nee Greengrass

Age: 16

Date of Birth: 7 January 1980

Claimable Vaults and Headships:

Louis – claimable vault only

McNight- claimable vault only


Potential Animagus

Mind arts affinity- occlumency gifted, legilimency challenged.

Charms gifted

Natural potions mistress

Magical core- Class 8 or greater.

Class 4a and m1 magical bonds detected.


Hermione Jean Granger

Age: 16

Date of Birth: 19 September 1979

Claimable Vaults and Headships:

Abarth- Vault only


Mind arts affinity –illusions, legilimency gifted. Occlumency challenged

Practical memory

Transfiguration gifted

Magical core- Class 8 or greater

Class 3d magical debt detected.


"Excuse me," said Daphne looking up from her results. "What does 'challenged' mean after a result? As well as these bonds listed."

"Challenged, Mrs. Potter means that that area of magic is difficult or near impossible for you to fully master." Goldrop explained. "A class 4a bond, is an aura bond. I believe it occurred when you and Mr. Potter signed a marriage contract. As for the m1 bond, that's the marriage contract itself."

"What about a 3d debt?" Hermione asked.

"A minor life debt," Goldrop answered. "Most life debts are not enforceable now days." he mused.

"But to who?" Hermione asked.

The goblin gave a full, toothy, grin. "That, miss Granger," he said. "Is something that only you may answer."

"How accurate are these tests in time?" Daphne asked. "I know this says I'm charms gifted. And while I do enjoy the subject, I'm also quite good at transfiguration."

Goldrop looked at Daphne for a few moments while deciding how to answer her question. "These tests are as accurate as possible. At the time of testing. The number or retests is quite low." He said. "Those who have done so at a more mature age usually find that their magic has matured as well and is better developed and open to more magic."

Goldrop continued to explain that this test was primarily intended to find lost heirs to vault left without a will to designate a new heir. Or those that were lost to squibs. The ability of the test to show what each witch and wizards magic was adept at was merely a bonus. It was not meant to carve their skills in stone. With age, knowledge, and control the results could vary dramatically. The only things that would not change were those ability's that were 'natural gifts.

They did not have much else to ask of Goldrop before a goblin of the zoning department arrived. The goblin was sharply dressed in a fine suit. He carried with him a brief case as well as several rolls of parchment. Goldrop left as the new goblin placed the items he brought with him on the table before them.

"Greetings young masters, I am called Yellowsnow." He said introducing himself. "I understand that you wish to build an addition to Hogwarts?"

"Not an addition exactly." Said Harry as Yellowsnow pulled out a map of the Hogwarts property. The property was massive. The actual castle took up about 30 acres. That did not include the quidditch pitch, the lake, or the forest. Those took up an additional 3200 acres. In total the Hogwarts property took up a little less than 5 square miles / 12 square kilometers.

"What did you have in mind then?" Yellowsnow asked.

Harry stood up and looked down at the map of Hogwarts. The map was magical and with a few taps along certain symbols what the map showed could be changed. It could show the density of the forest, along with heights of the trees in a particular area. It could also show underground water deposits, creature settlements, plant life, ground material, cave systems, and more.

Harry taped a few of the symbols. The map changed to show forest density and creature population centers. Harry compared the forest density to locations of the centaurs and the Acromantula.

"Here," Harry said tapping a location deep in the Forrest near the edge of the wards. "I would like to build a small village here."

"A village?" Yellowsnow asked. "But Hogsmege is so close…"

Daphne stood up and looked at the map as well. "Not a typical village Master Yellowsnow." She said. "It needs to be built discreetly and afforded all manner of protections."

Harry continued, "Basically, only myself and those I allow will know of it and its location."

"Further, it would be ideal for it to be built like a bunker." Said Daphne. "The town should be recessed in to the ground with a 50 foot wall around it that also forms a dome over the entire village."

"The dome, wall, and grounds around should be protected against tunneling and spell damage." Harry said.

Daphne tapped the map showing cave systems around the area. She took note of one that ran deep into the earth near the site. "This cave system should also be developed into a dungeon type area. It should also have the same protections as the village."

"How large should this village be?" Yellowsnow asked curiously.

Harry and Daphne looked to each other thinking the same question. Finally it was Harry who answered, "It doesn't need to be too large. Maybe around 20 buildings or so? In the end it should be a fully functional town. Complete with homes, shops, and flats."

"I see… you realize that this will be very expensive." Yellow snow said.

"I do," Harry said "Even more considering that it must be finished by early August."

Yellowsnow's eyes widened as he dropped the papers he was packing up. "Au...august." he stuttered. "That will be nearly impossible!"

"I'm willing to pay a considerable bonus to get it finished on time, with whatever resources you need." Harry replied.

"V... very well…" the goblin whispered. "I will owl you when we have a draft of the blueprints."

"I wish to stress master Yellow snow," said Daphne, "the importance of this project. It must be impenetrable, escape proof, and impossible to find to those not in the know. I'm afraid that extends to goblins as well."

"That may be a deal breaker," said the goblin. "Though I will see what I can do."

Harry nodded and the party left Gringotts. Walking down the alley the trio made their way to the entrance of Knockturn Alley. As they did Harry cast a few spells to ensure they were not recognized or disturbed by onlookers. The trio quickly made their way to the shop of the familiar wand crafter.

Opening the door Harry noticed that the shop had been cleaned and repaired since Daphne got her wand. Walking into the shop the familiar crafter soon appeared from a back room.

"Hello..." he started until he saw Harry and Daphne. "Oh… it's you…" he sighed. "What can I help you with my Lord?"

Harry smiled and gestured to Hermione, "my friend would like a crafted wand."

Hermione had broken from the group and was looking at the various ingredients along the wall. "But she's a…" the wand crafter started to say. Harry narrowed his eyes and moved to pull out his wand as Hermione growled.

"Fine," the crafter surrendered. "This way… miss Granger." The older wizard lead Hermione to the left side of the shop. Along the wall was various jars filled with exotic materials. "Go through these jars and mark which ones you feel connected to." He instructed.

Hermione looked from the crafter to the ingredients along the wall. "I have a question first if you don't mind." She said. "What benefit is a crafted wand? As far as I can tell my current wand works perfectly."

"Ollivanders wands are excellent." He said. "However, like every wand is different. Every witch or wizards magic is different. His wands match with your greatest magical attribute. But not all. A crafted wand can do just that. With more woods and cores a perfect match to your magic can be created. Resulting in a more pleasing wand."

"I see…" Hermione hummed looking at a core jar. Inside was a foul looking substance that looked like moldy slime. "But are they any stronger?"

"Not exactly. The wand merely draws strength from the wizard." He said evenly.

Hermione nodded and started to go through the core materials. Before she did she insisted that the names be disguised. Hermione did not want to know what was in a jar to influence her, if such a thing was possible. Also, it was more exciting, only knowing what you had until the end.

Finished with the jars Hermione moved to the woods and repeated the process. She also asked that the names be hidden from her. It only took her a few moments to find a wood that she felt attracted to. She ended up with three ingredients. The first was a silvery white string that was quite sticky. The second core material was golden hairs. The third jar was a liquid. It was a deadly orange color.

While she did not know what they were exactly, she already knew she would be happy with her new wand. More so with the wood she picked out. It was a long block of jet black wood with thin silver streaks. It made her feel a small measure of happiness since the attack. She was on the outside looking in and it was ok. She would learn all she could now, regardless if it was of the so called light or dark. She would master all the magic she could. Then she would put down those who thought of her as inferior, and prove the world wrong.

After handing the ingredients to the crafter he disappeared to a back room to make her wand. It took him nearly an hour to finish it leaving the trio waiting. When he returned he handed Hermione her new wand and knew it was hers as a deep crimson aura flared around her as the wand bonded to her. The wand was long and tapered down to a deadly point. Her hand gripped around the smooth recessed handle. In a way it resembled a jouster's lance. All along the wood was a design of a spider web. A red hourglass shape panted in a recess along the hilt.

"What is it made from?" she asked with reverence admiring the work.

"The wood is ebony." He smiled "well suited to combat magic and transfiguration. It is said to find those with the courage to be who they want and not stray from themselves." She held up the wand to the light. Admiring the silver patters in the wood which now seemed to shine. It gave the wood an intimidating and demanding presence.

"The first core you chose was Acromantula web. A dark core said to favor deception and control. Particularly gifted with the imperious curse." The crafter continued to explain. "The second was hair of a sphinx. The third was boomslang venom, very powerful for transfiguration. You, Miss Granger, have a wand that should be immensely good for transfiguration and combat magic's. With a peculiar affinity for spells of the mind."

Harry paid the man and the trio was off once again leaving the crafter alone for a change. It was not long before the group had returned to Potter manor. Harry and Daphne left to enjoy some time alone to talk and discuss his plans. Hermione had returned to the library to learn more magic. Her new wand intrigued her. She felt it draw more power from her then her previous wand. She couldn't wait to test it out…

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