Well…this was spawn from listening to a song that kind-of fit an idea I have. What if those who have died in Transformers: Prime didn't die…they either survived or weren't kill…what would happen?
Well…this is what I wrote what would happen.

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers…or the song…

'…frozen inside without your touch
Without your love, darling
only you are the life among the dead…
-'Bring Me to Life' by Evanescence

He shouldn't be alive. Really, he knew he should have been dead. But, by some strange stroke of fate and luck, Starscream hadn't off-ed him on the Decepticon bridge.

Now, he was waiting out the inevitable in the 'Con brig.

The red-horned mech sighed, arms crossed on top of his drawn up knees. As he sat, knowing little could be done now, he began to think. On his life, the war…his teammate. Especially one.

Cliffjumper wondered how she was holding up knowing that he had been taken prisoner.

Sorry Arcee…

He had been close friends with both her and Bumblebee. They were like family. Now, he might as well make silent amends to them.

Sorry Arcee, Bumblebee…sorry Optimus for falling into 'Con hands…Bulk, Ratchet…

He sighed, optics shuttering off. He knew the inevitable was coming. The Decepticon brig was grimily quiet, as was Cliffjumper as he waited for his fate.

"I'm sorry…" he muttered, hearing his voice and other outside sounds reverberate off of the dismal dark walls. At first, he ignored the sounds, thinking it to be just 'Cons being 'Cons. Then the noises steadily grew till they were cries and yells. The red mech's optics flashed on, and he looked to the bars of his prison before getting up and walked over to see what was going on. He peered out the bars but saw nothing.

"What the…" he muttered, then noticed the door at the end of the hall hiss open, and a small, darken form walked in, door shutting behind the bot. The small form continued down the hall, glancing around, as if looking for something. Then that was when Cliffjumper realized who it was.

"Arcee?" he said, a bit shocked at her appearance here. Then the form picked the pace up and hurried over to the occupied cell. She stopped in front of the cell, meeting the red mech's gaze.

"Cliff'…finally found you."

A grin spread across his faceplate, a small one growing on hers as well.

"Hey Arcee…glad ya found me as well…"

The blue femme rolled her optics and shook her head lightly. Then they both heard a noise outside the brig, a noise that was growing closer. The two Autobots glanced over at the doorway, then at each other, having similar worried expressions.

Then the femme muttered, "Well, let's get you out of there so we can head back to the base…" Cliffjumper nodded and let the other pick the cell controls, shutting off the energy bars. He grinned at the freedom, she rolled his optics and muttered a 'Come on then…' He walked out of the cell, pausing for second. That confused Arcee for a second, before the red mech was hugging her. She was surprised , before smiling softly and returning it.

"Thanks…" she heard him whisper, before she replied with a 'No problem…' Though, it meant a lot that she had found the other alive. The hug was short-lived before more and louder noises came from just outside the brig.

They broke apart, smiling at each other, before Arcee said, "Well, let's go before the 'Cons get back and find their 'guest' missing…"

Cliffjumper chuckled and nodded, heading towards the Space Bridge portal that the blue femme requested. They both walked in it just as the door hissed open for the Decepticons on the other end of the hall.

Later On…

The red-horned mech met the new humans, surprised to see that Arcee had gotten along with one. He had been worried that the other would have been lonely if the 'Cons had decided to off him. Even though she had 'Bee…Cliffjumper and her had been close friends. It would have been horrible if the Decepticons had killed him.

So, as he stood on the cliff's edge and watched the sun's dying glow, his thoughts wandered to the 'what if's if he would've made it.

"Credit for your thoughts…" a voice asked as it approached. The voice and footsteps told him who it was before the form stopped at his side, and he glanced over.

"Just thinking…" he replied, still watching the golden orb fade under the horizon line. When after a little bit of silence, he glanced over to see why the other was silent. The golden-orange rays reflected off of her blue armor, creating streams of sunlight dancing on her frame.

He watched for a little bit before saying, "Thanks…" She glanced over at him, meeting his gaze before nodding. Cliffjumper nodded before turning his helm back forward.

"I would have hated to see 'what if' I had died…"

She nodded, watching the sunset as well. She knew if he had, it would have haunted her for afterwards.

Alright, so…the last bit didn't come out exactly like I would have liked it to. I really couldn't think of anything else…but, oh well…