If I told you how much I like you
How much I care
And how much I need you
Would you be surprised?

If I told you how every day
Whenever you smile at me
My heart skips two beats
Would you be filled with shock?

If I told you how jealous I am
Of any girl that you like
Or whoever you've dated
Would you believe me?

If I told you how I noticed your curly brown hair
And you deep brown eyes
And you big caring heart from the moment I saw you
Would you even care?

If I told you that I wrote
Exactly 436 love songs
And couldn't get the courage to sing any of them to you
Would you feel bad?

If I told you that I constantly battle myself
One half telling me to go talk to him
And the other worrying about what you would do
Would you laugh?

If I told you that I've dreamed of you
And a happily ever after
With me
Would you consider it?

If I told you that
Almost everyone knows who I like
Except the one person who matters
Would you figure it out?

If I told you that
I came up with all these questions
In 30 minutes
Would you be freaked out?

If I told you how much
I pray that you would notice me
For once, as more than a friend
Would you?

If I asked you
What would it take for you
To like me
Would you answer seriously?

If I changed for you
Getting up at 6 in the morning
To look like everyone else
Would it make a difference?

If I allowed Mayzie to give me a makeover
And I straightened my feathers
And I became a different bird
THEN, would you notice me?

If I read this to you
And you cared enough to listen
And you stayed through the whole thing
Would it mean that I have a shot?

If I told you that I'd do anything for you
Would you test me?
And if I passed...
Would you love me?

A little one-shot poem for Gertrude, cause she needs more stories on here! I have a feeling this was a rejected version of "Notice Me, Horton". This was actually very easy to write, since my school did Seussical, and the guy I liked played Horton. I actually made another version of this, and posted it on FictionPress under the same name. If you want to check it out, my pen name on there is Poetgal. You can look through all two of my poems!

I actually am really proud of this. Please review and tell me what you think!

Gertrude, Horton, and Seuss forever,
Em Cabot

P.S. I don't own Seussical the Musical or Gertrude. I only own a laptop and feelings.