Sequel to More Than an Arrangement, so you'll prob want to read that first (If you haven't)

Dean starts full time at John and Bobby's Garage, the work load is more than he's use to and he barely finds time to eat and shower. Needless to say, it cuts into his time with Cas; he's hopeful though that once he falls into the routine he'll work it out. Saturday Mary asks him to see if Castiel still wants to go to church with her on Sunday which he does. Dean gives his mom Cas's address, just in case he doesn't get up tomorrow.

He doesn't. Mary tries to wake him, but to no avail so she just leaves him sleeping to go pick up Castiel. Cas is waiting outside of his apartment, wearing a white button up with a blue tie and the nicest pair of dark pants he owns, and smoking. He flicks the butt right as Mary pulls up in the family car, a powder blue 1980's Chevy Malibu station wagon.

"Good morning, Castiel." Mary smiles at him as he gets into the car, her golden hair shining in the early morning sun and her white sundress.

"Hello, Mrs. Winchester." Cas replies formally.

"You are way too formal," she laughs gently, "Please call me Mary."

"Very well," He nods.

"I'm sorry; I just couldn't get Dean up this morning." She tells him, pulling out onto the road.

"I understand his new job is very taxing." Cas replies deeply.

"I swear John is over working him." Mark shakes her head.

They chat idly about the weather, Dean and various other topics until the pull up to an old brick building. It has gorgeous stained glass windows and ivy growing up the front and a sign reading: Bethany Street Free Church, All Welcome.

"This used to be St. Jude's," She tells him as Cas raises his eyes to take in the entire building. "Until they built that monstrosity down the street," She adds as they get out of the car.

Castiel starts to grow nervous, his fingers tapping slightly against his thigh.

"You all right, sweetie?" Mary asks him, concern creasing her features.

Cas nods, "It has been a while." He says gravely.

"You'll love it," Mary tells him sweetly placing her arm around his shoulders maternally, as they head in.

The congregation is a fairly small one, Mary introducing him to a couple of her church friends, and the service is a pleasant one. Castiel finally starts relaxing back into a somewhat familiar environment. After the service Mary tells him she has to go talk say hi to a few people in the coffee nook, Cas excusing himself to wait outside.

Castiel smokes, calming himself down, still a little shaken up from the initial undertaking.

"There you are Castiel," Mary finds him not saying anything about his smoking.

"My apologies," Cas says while putting out his cigarette.

"You are an adult your habits are your own, it makes no difference if I condone them or not." She tells him, shrugging as they walk back to the car. "What did you think?" Mary asks once they are back and buckled in.

"It was very enjoyable." He tells her, "I did not know it could feel so freeing," Cas sighs reverently.

"Well, you are more than welcome to tag along anytime." She smiles.

"I would like that." He tells her, his eyes smiling.

Mary ends up convincing Castiel to come back to the house with her for breakfast, knowing Dean would love to see him. Its only 9:30 when they get back so she makes coffee while they talk, waiting for the house hold to wake up.

Dean smells the aroma of coffee and hears faint voices coming from below as her rolls out of bed trudging down the stairs to the kitchen. He finds it empty with the oven preheating and pours himself a cup of coffee. He hears the excited voice of Sammy coming from the back porch and goes to investigate.

When he gets out side he's not sure if he's dreaming or not. There sitting in a chair in just his undershirt is his, well, boyfriend, smoking a cigarette as Dean's mom cuts his hair. Sam is watching on as they all talk about some book or something Dean's never heard of.

"Am I in the twilight zone?" Dean asks, still groggy.

"Good morning," His mother smiles. "There you go Castiel, sweetie," She taps him, brushing the stray hairs off his neck.

"Doesn't he look handsome?" Mary beams asking Dean, as Castiel stands up and faces him.

Dean takes in Cas's somewhat shorter, but still messy, hair their eyes meeting as he nods, "Ya, It brings out his eyes." Dean states softly, staring. Sam makes a barfing motion.

"I know," Mary starts. "I told him it was a tad too long." She shakes her head. "All right, kiddo get up here." She pats the chair for Sammy to get his hair cut.

Cas finishes his cigarette as Dean smirks at him. "Thank Mary," He states, the name sounding awkward on his lips.

Mary just smiles at him, warmly. "Hunny, can you put the Cinnabons in the oven for me while I finish up here." Mary asks Dean.

"Sure thing mom," He says grabbing Cas to pull him along.

As soon as they get to the kitchen, Dean is kissing Castiel roughly. "It looks good," he says, running his fingers through Cas's hair.

Cas just pulls him in for another demanding kiss before pulling away. Dean sets about putting the Cinnabons in a pan and setting the timer as he places them inside.

"I feel like I haven't seen you in forever." Dean tells him, "How was church? I'm sorry I couldn't get up."

"It understand, Dean," He tells him as he leans against the counter. "You've been working, and church was," Cas pauses thinking briefly, "Peaceful."

"That's good, Cas," He nods. "My mom didn't harass you too much did she?" Dean jokes.

"Your mother is a lovely person." He tells him earnestly and almost a little sadly. Cas turns picking up his white shirt off the back of the chair.

Dean watches him, seeing his tattooed back through the thin cotton, he stops Castiel before he can put his shirt back on.

"Do you have any plans today?" He asks, dragging his knuckle down Cas's abs.

"I have some errands," He informs him, considering the term for a moment putting his arms through his shirt.

"Can I come?" Dean asks his voice low and bordering husky, he knows the errands involve Cas's special job, but that doesn't mean they can't find time for some fun.

"If you wish," Cas inform him.

Dean nods as they kiss again chastely. "I forgot to tell you," he starts. "I dunno if it will be any consolation, but I'm pretty sure my dad may have beaten up Raphael after graduation." He smirks, helping Cas button up his shirt and redo his tie loosely.

A super brief smirk passes Castiel's lips, which Dean almost missed. They go to kiss again, voices coming from the hall. They move apart as Mary enters the kitchen with Sam, John following them. The smell of cinnamon filling the air.

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