Getting The Guy

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Jessica POV

Oh My Eddie!

I just had a brainwave!

Edward Cullen would be mine




All Mine!

I wonder if he can cook as good as KFC?


Lauren waved her manicured hand in front of my face.

"Meeting in half an hour! 3rd floor stairs!" I whispered.

She smiled evilly and then we went to …...*drum roll*... class



Lauren said,

"What do you want? I'm missing a period with Edward here!"

Maybe I shouldn't tell her.

She might steal MY man.

Oh well, I'll just tell her.

"Ok, you know how when Tyler almost ran Bella over and Edward saved her? Well a few weeks after that they got together. We could do the same!"

"Ur, Jess I don't wanna go out with you"

"No, I mean you try to run Edward over, I save him and he realises how much he loves me!" I said.

Lauren looked annoyed.

"What has this got in it for me?"

I fanned myself with 1000 bucks.


I pulled out another $100 from my purse.


I pulled out $500

"Give me at least $1000 more"

Daddy was going to kill me.

Although he might not notice how $10000 had gone missing from his wallet.

"$300 more"






"FINE! $998 it is then!"

Edward must give me loads of money to pay back my Daddy.

Lauren smiled.

"Runner-Over at your service!"


"Awesome. Lets go run over some Cullen!"

We high five-d, because that is what sophisticated cool people do.

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