Hey, everybody. I just got a new Spyro game to relieve my boredom, but unfortunately, the disk was F#$K. So, I'm writing another 10/11.0 one-shot. Well, there you are.

It was a dark, stormy night at the Roberts household. Eva was tossing and turning in her bed from a nightmare.

Inside her nightmare, Eva awakened to the morning sun, rubbing her eyes. Afterwards, she got out of bed and walked to her dresser mirror. She looked and gasped in horror as she saw that her face was hideously ugly and misshapen. "W-What happened?" she asked in horror. She then dug around in her drawer, looking for some make-up which might make it better, but no such luck. After seeing she had no make-up for her now ugly face, she let out a loud scream. "NOOOOO!"

She finally awakened from her nightmare due to the sound of loud thunder, gasping for air. She quickly jumped out of bed and ran to the dresser mirror. She breathed a sigh of relief, seeing her face back to normal and all her make-up accessories there.

"Is everything okay, Eva?" Kade asked, walking into her room. He was currently sleeping over at her house on the couch, due to the bad storm. "I heard a scream."

"Oh, it's nothing, Kade."

There was a small pause. "You had the nightmare again, didn't you?"

Eva sighed. "Yeah…"

"Eva, how many times do I have to say it? You shouldn't let those girls get to you. You're pretty just the way you are!"

Eva smiled. "Thanks, Kade."

"No problem! Hey, that we're up, wanna get some of that cherry ice cream?"

"Sure!" With that, the two walked out of the bedroom and to the kitchen.

"And, hey, look on the bright side, Eva: at least you don't have Dimentia's face!" At this, Eva giggled.

Once they were gone, the shadow being, who most people now know as the Nightmare King, came out from under the bed. "Well, that takes care of her." He said as he crossed out Eva's name on a 'Kids to scare' list. "Next stop: Harvey's house." With that, he flew off.

Well, there's another one. More 10/11.0 goodness. Eva's nightmare was the same one from Operation: GALACSIA, which is also why the Nightmare King is there. Man, I write a lot of Numbuh 10 stories, huh? Funny thing is I'm planning a multi-chapter story all about Numbuh 10 that'll take place after ANCESTOR. Alright, later.