A/N: I decided to start a new story and stop "Changes" for a while. I still don't know what to do with it and it will continue in the summer. An alternate universe in which Bardock does survive the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Hope you enjoy it!

Kakarot, my son. You will defeat the evil tyrant Frieza and avenge the whole Saiyan race. You will… You will…

The light engulfed him. He choked on his own blood. He had fought with the last bit of his strength left. He had done it with all of his efforts and lost. Frieza had beaten him. But it didn't matter… It didn't. He was smiling with pride. His legacy would survive and kill Frieza. His own blood would. A monumental event was to take place in the future. And Frieza would finally be defeated. His empire would collapse.

Far away, a small baby with spiky hair woke up at the sound of the voice of the father he didn't know.


Little did he know that his life wasn't over yet and many adventures he would have to face... Not yet.

A/N: Little chapter. Then bigger chapters will be out as the story progresses…