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Meanwhile, Goku's eyes were shining with pure excitement.

"Let's train then!" Goku declared. Bardock smiled at his younger son.

Raditz banged his head against the ground again.

"Idiots... We are all going to die..."

Chapter 7: Oceans and Hair

Bardock ignored Raditz's protests, and grasped his armor.

"Well, Kakarot, my grandson, and whoever wants to fight, come with us. We are all going to train to be possibly killed in the end in the hands of a gender confused lizard with weird lips." He stated, and flew off, leaving all them behind.

Everyone else shared a moment of silence before Krilllin broke it.

"Seems legit." He commented.

Bulma shrugged. "Even if it does, I still think that I should make a time machine."

"That was a random thought." Piccolo pointed out. "Why would we need a time machine?"

"To be able to escape the lizard, and let those idiots deal with it." Bulma said brightly.

"... Make sure there is plenty of water." He requested.

Goku smiled, and asked, "Oh! Where is Gohan?"

"He is the jet. He didn't want to come out." Master Roshi answered.


"He had a bad feeling that if he stepped out, he would be kidnapped for some reason." He replied naturally.

Goku stared at Roshi for a minute and two seconds before going to the jet.

"Hey Gohan, come on out! We are going to train today!"

Gohan shyly came out. "But daddy, won't mommy be angry?"

"Yes, Gohan."

"Then shouldn't we go home?"

"Gohan, she may be angry, but once she realizes that a new enemy is coming, she will surely agree!" He responded, and took the small boy in his arms.


Goku waved at the rest. "I am going after my dad! You guys decide if you want to die painfully, or quickly!"

He flew off, a blue aura around him as he increased speed. Gohan held on to his father tightly.

In another place, a son was also holding onto his kind and wonderful father.

"HEY! You are not serious, right?" Raditz asked. The poor lad still could not move. "Don't you DARE throw me into the blue thing here."

"You mean the ocean, Nevermind." Bardock said as he flew and looked for a good spot to drop his son.

"Do you know how annoying that gag is? The readers are probably annoyed by it too!" He remarked smugly.

"It was only two chapters." Bardock replied, and smiled as he spotted a part where many sharks were swimming, innocently waiting for fresh prey.

"Are you sure?" Raditz inquired. "Because I- Eeeeek!" He shrieked as Bardock let go, and flew away quickly.

He sank to the water, before rising to the surface, and glared at his father...

... who was not there anymore.

"I just love my father." He said sarcastically, and spit out a starfish. The starfish wondered how he went from a rock to the surface. Then the small sea creature watched as the Saiyan was surrounded by sharks and attacked by them.

'Ha ha, karma.' The little starfish thought.

"Okay, so what do you say? Do we die painfully or not?" Krillin asked.

Bulma, Piccolo, and Roshi shared a glance.

"Well, for you, Krillin, it's painfully." Bulma replied.

"Huh? Why?" He inquired, slightly hurt.

"Come on, Krillin. Last time you died, it was not painful. So it is only fair that you fight this time." Bulma... reasoned.

"That's right." Roshi added.

"Oh, okay, that makes- wait." The short man gave them a long look. "Are you implying that I didn't fight and that I allowed the evil guy to kill me?"

"Pretty much. The guy my father sent was plenty weak." Piccolo muttered.

Krillin sulked. "Okay, okay. How about you, Master?"

"Hey, I am the old pervert of the series. How do you think people would feel if I left, ho?" He asked, and adjusted his sunglasses, making them shine against the sunlight.

"They would be extremely happy and girls would be able to keep their windows open at night."

"Exactly! Oh wait-"

"Anyway." Bulma interrupted. "He can't fight. He is too old."

"Don't ask me to fight." Piccolo murmured. "I decided already that I would."

Krillin beamed at the group. "Okay, now that it is settled... Who gets to pilot the jet?"

Piccolo, being Piccolo, snorted, and flew in the direction Goku flew off to.

The other three shared a determined look and got into a small circle, then held out one arm.

"Rock, paper, scissors, ha!" They all yelled at the same time.

A silence engulfed the fields as they all looked at what they got.

"Uh... So I beat Master." Krillin said, and looked at his rock and Roshi's scissors.

"But I beat you, Krillin!" Bulma protested, and looked at her paper.

"However, I beat you, Bulma." Roshi added.

"... Later, losers!" She exclaimed, and got in the jet, closing it so that the two bold men could not enter.

She took off with her jet, and smirked as she saw them raise their fists at her.

The two shared a look.

"How are we getting home, master?" Krillin asked, wanting the advice of his wise teacher.

"One of us gives a piggyback ride to the other." Roshi concluded.

"Okay, who carries who?"


"Rock... paper... scissors, ha!"

Bardock landed on a nice plain place with no one inhabiting it. He sat down, and waited until his pupils arrived.

The first one to arrive was Goku and Gohan.

"Hey! So are we starting?" Goku asked, and sat down in front of Bardock. Gohan stayed next to Goku, and politely bowed before he sat down too.

"No, not yet. We are missing your brother, the green bean, and perhaps the bold guy." He responded, and took a big breath.

"Didn't Nevermind come with you?" Goku wondered.

Bardock smiled. "He had some matters to deal with before we started."

"Oh, I get it! Yeah, it's good that he goes to the bathroom before we begin." Goku mused.

"Yeah, let's go with that." Bardock laughed and looked at his grandson, who looked down.

"Hello." He greeted, and Gohan looked back up.

"Hello, sir." He said hesitantly.

"Are you Gohan?" He questioned.

Gohan nodded, and Goku smiled at his son.

"He is your grandfather, Gohan." Goku gestured towards Bardock.

"Oh." He looked at Bardock a little more confidently, and more curiously.

Bardock merely grunted, and looked up as he saw a speck coming their way.

The speck got larger, and both older Saiyans stared at it horrified.

Gohan looked as the person landed and gave a small shriek of fear.

Who was this... this creature?

Small Gohan fainted at all of the hairiness.

Goku blinked. "Uh, Raditz, what happened to you?"

Bardock smirked. "He had a little accident, and decided to take a bath."

Goku laughed. "Wow, that's embarrassing! Don't worry, we won't think any less of you!"

Raditz's hair was all wet and all over the place. He looked like a big hairy monster.

Or that guy from the Adams family, only taller.

I will give you a cookie if you know who.

"I did not have an accident." Raditz hissed. "And gosh, thank you for calling me by my real name."

"No problem, Nevermind!" Goku chirped.

"Spoke too soon." He muttered, and sat down.

Goku looked down, and finally noticed Gohan. He poked his son on the forehead.

"Uh, Gohan?"

The unconscious boy did not reply.

"Hey, Gohan, did big uncle scare you?" Goku asked.

Raditz gave him a dirty look. Bardock looked at the scene in amusement.

"Gohan... Gohan..." He chanted in a singsong voice, trying to wake him up.

What a nice normal family.