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"Talking in a flashback"


'You have to be fucking shitting me," thought Grimmjow Jeagerjacques. 'You are fucking SHITTING me.' Bright turquoise eyes, narrowed in anger, ran over his surroundings.

The Espada found himself in a small alley, the shady kinds where shit always went down. 'What the fuck am I even doing here? This is the human world... why am I here and not in Hueco Mundo?' The Sexta Espada searched his dazed and hazy mind for any recollection of what had happened to him. Suddenly, the mental fog lifted as realization hit him.

'SHIT!' thought the Espada, eyes wide from disbelief as he recalled the events of the previous day.'SHIT! fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!'

Aizen disapprovingly at the Espada standing below him. "Welcome back... Grimmjow." The blue-haired glared right back at him, unfazed.

"Why so quiet? Don't you have something to say to Lord Aizen? Grimmjow?"

Grimmjow rolled his eyes disgustedly at the pathetic kiss-up. "Not really." He wasn't going to say he was sorry for what he did. So he went to the Human World and attacked the Shinigamis in Karakura. Big fucking deal. So what if he was the only survivor? They his Fracciones. He could do whatever the hell he wanted with them. At least he won, right? He could've finished off the pathetic excuse of a shinigami too, had the dog not stopped him.

Tousen scoffed. "What impudence."

"It's alright, Kaname," Aizen said to his faithful dog. "The truth of the matter is, I'm not all that upset."

"But Lord Aizen! He-"

"-I believe Grimmjow's actions were an attempt to appease me. That's how I view this incident. Am I right? Grimmjow?"

Turquoise eyes narrowed at the words. 'Bullshit. The fucker is mad. Why the fuck can't he just say it instead of pretending to be all calm? Asshole...' Feeling the flare of reiatsu, Grimmjow swallowed his anger.

"Yes...my lord." Grimmjow's fists clenched. He hated this man but more so, he hated himself for fearing this man. Suddenly, Tousen grabbed him.

"What the hell's your problem?" It was no secret that the dark skinned Shinigami disliked the Sexta. The dislike was mutual, to say the least. Grimmjow tuned out the ramblings of the two ex-captains, only listening every once in a while to make a snide retort. 'Assholes...' He hated all of them. He hated Aizen for being stronger than him. He hated Tousen and his haughty ideals and views of justice. Bullshit. He was going to kill each and every one of them. One day...

Grimmjow saw a flash from the corner of his eye. Before he had the time to react, his left arm was gone.

"AGHHH! DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! DAMMITT!" The amputated arm burned into ashes before him.

Aizen sneered. "Of course, such mistakes can't go without punishment. Can they, Grimmjow?" Brown eyes glittered sadistically. "Grimmjow Jeagerjacques, Sexta of the Espada. You are hereby stripped of your position, your powers, and your reiatsu. You are exiled to the Human World until further notice."

"WHAT?" the blue-haired was dismayed.

Aizen cleared his throat. "Syazel Apollo Grantz." A smirking mad scientist walked in, pink hair bobbing and glasses glinting.

"Yes, Lord Aizen?"

The brown haired shinigami gestured at the blue-haired Espada who was still screaming. "You know what to do."

The pink-haired smirked. "Of course, Lord Aizen." Brandishing a syringe, the Octava sonido-ed over to Grimmjow.

Giggling maniacally, Syazel injected him with whatever it was inside the syringe. As Grimmjow slowly sunk to the ground, limbs growing heavier, surroundings fading away, he heard a manic cackle. "Have fun... little kitty."

Grimmjow growled under his breath. How dare they? He was a king. Then he realized something. 'Wait... "little.. kitty"...?'

Blue eyes roamed over his body. A hiss escaped his throat when he saw the black fur and tail on his body.

'Aizen Sousuke. Syazel Apollo Grantz. Kaname Tousen. I will kill you. ALL. OF. YOU.'


Sooooo how was it? My very first time writing a fanfic and my very first time showing anyone my work (other than for school). I'm more of an artist than a writer so please excuse my crappy writing. I have a general idea for how I want this story to go but I'm still open to ideas. Because I'm kinda just making it up as I go, this will probably be full of mistakes and randomness. Please tell me if I have any mistakes in the story line or typos or whatnot. This is probably going to be over 20 chapters long, the length of each chapter varying. I have a 4-day weekend to do this so I hope to be finished or at least half-way done with "Random Acts of Kindness" before then. Updates will be somewhat irregular if I don't finish before the weekend ends.

The story takes place after episode 122 (I don't know about the manga chapter, like around chapter 200) when Grimmjow and Ichigo first fight and then Grimmjow gets taken away back to Las Noches.