Disclaimer- I do not own Peacemaker Kurogane or Okita-san himself.

A new style for me, a poem. I really like Okita-san, and I did a little tribute. Enjoy!

A walk through a courtyard

A pleasant laugh greets the innocent

A happy smile for the children

A prance through the corpses

A sharpened sword greets the unfortunate

A mad grin for the count

Light shining on the blade as he sliced flesh

Sliced flesh that bleeds the rebels white

A smile becomes strained at the sigh of carnage

Wreaked by his own hands

A cough forces its way through his chest

A drop of blood fall from his lips

Who could have thought that such a great man could fall?

From something as simple as a disease

Broken from the few years of wielding the fate of hundreds

The fate of death for all

Wide innocent eyes betray nothing about his sins

Only his torn heart shows the pain of wrongs committed

Dancing in the sunlight

Dancing in the rain

Dancing through the pain

Dancing to the grave

He never lost his smile

Not through the pain of murder

Nor the pain of death

And even the pain of losing your precious ones

Dying takes bravery

But dying with a smile takes something more

Letting go of his sins, and in doing so, his life

A killer who can play with children

A dance at his grave would bring him to peace

Happiness only in death

I hope you liked it. Please tell me what you thought!