A/N: So... This is the sequel to Worst Date Ever, you don't have to read that to understand this at all. Just know that Lassie saved Shawn from a serial killer and now they're shacked up. Yeah, that's... Really all you need to know. Also, feel free to use your imaginations, but I picture the new OMC in this story to pretty much look and sound like Jude Law, because he is absolutely one of the sexiest people on the planet. Enjoy and pleeeease let me know what you think :)

It had been just over a month since Shawn was released from the Hospital and moved in with Carlton. Everything was going pretty well, all things considered. His physical therapy had been challenging sometimes, but it never crossed his mind that he wouldn't eventually be back at 100%. He was a trooper and would do anything necessary to make sure he and Gus won the SBPD three-legged race at this year's annual picnic. Any time it got tough for him, his boyfriend was there for him to massage his aching muscles and encourage him to continue.

Speaking of that, they had dropped the b-bomb officially about a week after Shawn was able to, but refused to go home. There was no reason to hide it, there was no denying it and everyone that mattered already knew about their relationship before it had a title anyway.

For all of the good though, there always had to be something bad to keep life balanced. Shawn had been having headaches and odd sensations that bordered on hallucinations. He had strange, sometimes frightening dreams, not about what happened to him, but something else. He dreamt about a man he'd never met before, but was slowly getting to know.

At first, he thought that it must have been from the pain medication he was on for his therapy, but as he progressed, his medication lightened and the weirdness only got worse. One night he would dream about trivial things, the man making breakfast, sitting alone watching the world go by through the window as he ate. The next night, he would see the man fighting with a woman, yelling things he couldn't make out. He lit up a cigarette and ran his fingers through his hair when she finally stormed out, door slamming behind her. He was living a stranger's life in his dreams, it seemed.

He knew that logically, it was crazy to put any meaning into it. He knew that it had to just be random, some guy he'd seen on the street and his mind was just running with it, but that wasn't what it felt like. It felt as real to Shawn as when he was living his own life. He knew it was insane, but somehow he knew that it wasn't just made up.

One thing that convinced him of that was how strongly he felt the emotions of the dreams. The love, the hate, the monotonous melancholy of this man's life, he felt it all like he was living it first hand. He was also often struck by how beautiful the man was. Not handsome, or good looking, but beautiful. He was tall and lean, with short curly brown hair and full lips. His eyes haunted Shawn when he woke up. They were a blue-green color that looked as if they were hiding every secret in the world and so desperately wanted to tell them. They were eyes that Shawn saw when he closed his own.

None of the dreams came in any sequence that he could tell. Sometimes the man was younger, sometimes he was older, though he was never very old. Shawn had an ominous dream one night that he could feel in his bones was a moment from near the end of the man's life. He must have been in his late-twenties, so young to die, if he had ever really existed at all.

The dreams didn't bother him so much as when they started affecting him when he was awake. He was thinking to himself one day when he realized that it wasn't his own voice in his head. It was like someone else was there, speaking his own thoughts to him. He felt like he could almost see them, just out of the corner of his eye, but when he looked, he was still alone.

He thought that he must be going crazy, but so far, the voice wasn't telling him to kill anyone or to do anything. He decided to keep it to himself. He promised that he would tell Lassiter about it if it got worse, but that wasn't true at all.

From just a dream to a glimpse in the corner of his eye to right in front of him, the transformation happened so seamlessly, he almost wasn't shocked when it finally did happen. It was kind of nice to put a face with the voice and he was right, it was the man from his dreams.

Shawn tried not to hide his surprised when he'd woken up from another dream to see the man lying on the bed next to him, silently watching him. There was no malice in his actions, but waking up to see someone other than his boyfriend there was a bit startling, regardless.

They stared at each other for a moment, before Shawn rolled onto his side and broke the ice. "Who are you?" Neither sat up, continuing to lie there as they spoke.

"You can call me El, if you'd like." He almost smiled, but it seemed just out of his reach to do so.

"Okay, but who are you?" He wanted an explanation, if only as an excuse to hear his voice again. There was something eerily striking about his accent and the way he talked. He spoke slowly, the timbre of his voice sent chills down Shawn's spine.

"Who do you think I am?"

Shawn pursed his lips, thinking to himself as he stared the man down. "Who I think you are is crazy." When the other man didn't make any move to help him, he continued, despite how insane it was. "I think you're a ghost. But that doesn't make any sense because ghosts aren't real."

"I didn't think so either, but here I am, aren't I?" He sighed, looking past Shawn, sadness in his eyes. "You haven't seen how I died yet, have you?

When their eyes locked again, something clicked in Shawn. He was certain in that moment that he hadn't been living some false life in his dreams, he had been watching this person's memories. This ghost's memories of when he was alive. "No, I haven't." He didn't question it, he knew that's what it was. All skepticism was tossed aside and he knew that was what had been happening and as psychotic as it seemed, he still believed it with every bit of himself.

El made a small 'hm' sound, and dropped the subject. "Why me? Why am I seeing your memories?" Shawn wanted answers. Answers would make him feel less crazy.

"We're connected, Shawn. More deeply than you can imagine right now."

"How?" Shawn huffed, getting annoyed at not getting any real answers.

"Shawn, are you listening to me at all?" Lassiter snapped his fingers in front of the younger man's eyes, trying to get his attention. He sat down on the edge of the bed and put his hand on Shawn's forehead. "Are you feeling okay?"

Shawn blinked, confused beyond belief. Only a moment ago, he was lying here, speaking to a ghost and now Lassiter was sitting on the bed talking to him. Given that Lassie isn't looking at me like I'm nuts, I guess I wasn't talking out loud just now..

"I'm fine, just a little tired." Shawn plastered on a fake smile and sat up, ready to begin the day, but knowing he would be too distracted to get anything useful done.

Carlton didn't believe the smile for a minute, but he trusted that Shawn would talk to him about whatever it was when he was ready. "So what trouble are you going to cause today?" Shawn smiled at the Head Detective and crawled over onto his lap.

"Why don't you stick around and find out?" He smiled, connecting their lips as he ran his hands down his partner's sides. There was nothing like the firmness of his partner's chest and warmth of his lips to make Shawn forget about the weirdness moments ago.

Carlton moaned into him and kissed back for a moment before pulling back. "Some of us have to work, you know." He let Shawn paw at him while he tightened his tie.

The psychic whined, but let him leave at the very last minute. He had enough things to keep him occupied and they would have plenty of time together later. Shawn got dressed and decided to take a stroll for breakfast.

A stack of pancakes and a pineapple smoothie later, he was sitting on the end of the pier, trying to remember something from the dreams that would help him figure out who El was and how they were connected.

"Sweets and a smoothie, huh?" El stood beside him, leaning heavily against the wooden rails.

"Breakfast of champions." Shawn wasn't as surprised at his arrival this time.

He took a deep, peaceful breath and for a moment, Shawn wondered if he was really even breathing. "You know, you can just ask if you have questions."

"Yeah, well you weren't that helpful earlier." He kept sipping, watching the people around him to see if they were reacting. He didn't want people thinking he was talking to himself like some lunatic. No one seemed to notice.

El smiled, Shawn's paranoia was kind of cute. "That's because Carlton was so kind as to interrupt us. I thought you might want a few moments alone."

He stopped slurping and looked over with a suspicious expression. "How do you know his name?" He thought it was possible that he may have been hovering around Shawn longer than he thought, without being seen. That didn't feel right, though.

"I know a lot about him, Shawn." He had a nostalgic look on his face as he looked over the water. "We grew up together. We were best friends before I died."

Shawn looked at him, trying to read his expression to see if he was being truthful. There were too many questions running through his head, but he settled on the one that would hopefully help answer all of the others. "What's your name?"

"Elliot Warren." He knew where he was going with the question. Shawn would do some research, find out who he was, if he was lying or not and then they would go from there. He just hoped that Shawn was ready for what he was going to uncover.

He started to walk away when Elliot threw in one more useful bit of information. "March 3rd, 2003." He nodded, not needing to ask what that date represented. He was going to find out everything that there was to know about Elliot Warren and he had to admit, it felt kind of good to be back in the game.

- TBC -

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