Original Title: Gylfie's Love

By: wolfofwater

I POMfan44 will continue his story from now on.

It was yet another night at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. It has been a couple of months now since the Guardians sieged St. Aegolius. Only two owls were brave enough to escape that horrifying academy. Ever since Gylfie and Soren escaped, she has developed special feeling for the male Tyto Alba. The two of them stayed together ever since. Gylfie was now inside the library where she could find a good joke book to lighten her mood.

"Ah, a good night to read a joke book." Gylfie used her talon to pick up a book from the shelf

"What are you reading, young'un?" Ezylryb walked near to Gylfie to see what she was reading

"A good joke book, Ezylryb." Gylfie said

"Your always a joyful young Elf owl are you?" Ezylryb churred and looked back at Gylfie "I have a question for you young'un."

"What is it, Ezylryb?" Gylfie asked

"Do you like the young lad?" Ezylryb asked

"What do you mean?" Gylfie look at Ezylryb

"Soren? Do you like Soren?" Ezylryb asked once more

"Uhm, how can you tell?" Gylfie's gizzard was starting to quiver

"I know how a female owl looks like when she likes someone." Ezylryb said

"Well, now that you mentioned it," Gylfie paused "yeah I think I do have some weird feelings for him. When I'm beside him, I feel safe and secured everytime."

"Well, that's what my mate told me before she died at the Battle Of The Ice Claws." Ezylryb said

"I'm sorry for your loss, Ezylryb." Gylfie said

"Don't worry young'un." Ezylryb said

After reading a good joke book and having a little conversation with Ezylryb, Gylfie went to the dining hollow where every owl eat spots her best friend at the usual table where they all eat together. But he was talking to their new friend Outilissa. A very lively and intelligent owl who lives at the Ga'Hoole the first time the Band arrive at the Great Tree, Outilissa was already flivling with Soren. How could Gylfie compete? After dinner, Gylfie was approaching the Band's hollow and she only saw Digger inside. It looks like Soren and Twilight are out flying with the other owls.

"Is there something wrong, Gylfie?" Digger asked

"No, nothing why do you ask?"

"While Soren and Outilissa were talking, you look like your a bit annoyed." Digger said

"Me annoyed? No, I wasn't annoyed or anything." Gylfie's gizzard was quivering from hiding her true feelings towards Soren

"Trust me, I know what an owl looks like when he or she is annoyed." Digger said

"How so?"

"Well, let's just say I knew that expression from a certain owl." Digger said

"Well,I am a bit."

"Well I think I know what's wrong with you."

Gylfie raised an eyebrow "What?"

"Nah, it's nothing. Just forget everything I said."

"Please, Digger." Gylfie smiled and widened her eyes and tilt her head and stared at Digger "Please."

"It's really nothing." Digger faced away from Gylfie, but she walked at where Digger was facicing "Okay, I'll talk. I really don't know how you females do it." Gylfie stopped the look that she gave to Digger " Your in love with Soren and your jealous when Outilissa is talking to him."

"Well, yeah I'm really in love with Soren, but Outilissa's in the way." Gylfie paused "Whatever happened in this hollow don't ever EVER tell anyone my secret."

"I don't know if I can keep a secret from Soren and Twi-" Digger looked back at Gylfie and she's doing that look again "Okay, I promise that I'll keep my beak shut about this secret."

"Well, I hope you keep your promise, Digger." Gylfie said

To Be Continued...

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