Another three months had pass and the Guardians are hot on their trails. Ezylryb sent Otulissa, Digger, and Twilight to look for Soren and Gylfie in the past. They know that it has been a long time since they saw and heard of the two owls. The only thing Ezylryb told them is to look for the two owls at St. Aggie's area.

Digger lighted down on the ground and looks at the blood stains on the ground "It's a fresh kill."

Otulissa lighted down on the base of the tree together with Twilight "How fresh?" she asked

"About two days ago." Digger looks at the patch of broken leaves on the ground and beside it was a footprint of a Tyto "A Tyto made the kill. Though the print does look familiar. And whatever that died her must've been the same size."

A theory struck Otulissa's mind but she's not gonna conclude her theory just yet "Let's check St. Aggie's." she looks at her friends "Let's go to St. Aggie's, our questions will be answered there."

Twilight spreads his wings "Let's get those two home." the two owls nodded and raises to the air ready to take their friends back

Gylfie was on a nest waiting for someone she dearly loves. She takes a look at the white orb she's sitting on. Their offspring. Soren was still out hunting for food while under guard by some of Kludd's Pure Ones. Gylfie still remembers that day when they admitted their love.

Gylfie leaned on Soren's wing "Do you think that the 'right' owl is here for us?"

Soren shook his head "I think not. Why?"

Gylfie closed her eyes and smiles " 'Cause I already found the one that I like to spend my life with."

Soren smiles "Let me guess: you're leaning against his wing, right?"

Gylfie churred softly "Yes, Soren. I-I-" Gylfie was cut off by Soren's beak touching her's

Soren pulls back "I love you, Gylfie. You're the only thing that matters to me now."

Gylfie was almost speechless and happy "Really, Soren?" Soren nodded and touches her beak with his. She pulls back slowly "I love you too, Soren."

The memories was interrupted by a clacking of talons entering the chamber with the sound of dripping blood from the prey "Hello, dear."

"Soren!" Gylfie jumps out the nest and hugged her mate

Soren takes a quick peak at the egg "How's our 'little one'?"

Gylfie smiled "The egg's doing fine. I still can't believe that we made that possible!"

Soren walked towards the nest and smiled "And that's because of our love." Gylfie leaned on to Soren's wing

The rescue party soon arrived into St. Aggie's killing the owls that were on guard. Otulissa told Twilight to stay hold the entrance so they could exit there. Digger and Otulissa silently sneaks into the chambers of every Pure Ones soldier. And for months of searching they finally found their two friends.

"Soren! Gylfie!" Otulissa called out

Both owls turned around and saw the faces of their friends "Otulissa? Digger? I-Is that you?" Soren asked with a quivering voice

Otulissa nodded "It's time to go, Soren. Back to the place where you belong, Ga'Hoole." Soren and Gylfie both smiled for hearing that word, the word that gave them hope "Come on! Let's leave this place before more guards arrive!"

As the two owls ran towards the chamber's opening, Gylfie turned around "Soren, the egg!"

"Oh! We almost forgot!" Soren grabbed the egg from the nest "Let's hurry."

The owls soon made their escape leaving a couple of dead guards. Gylfie and Soren will finally return home where they can raise their egg properly. But they haven't told anyone about the egg. The only thing they told Otulissa and the others is that the Pure Ones are gathering flecks for something massive, massive than the rescue operation that was led by King Boron and Queen Barran a year ago.

Kludd grabs hold of one of the soldiers that saw the owls escape "Why didn't you call for reinforcements?!"

The Tyto was quivering with fear "The owls that got them looks to tough for me!"

"That's why you could have called for reinforcements during their escape!" Kludd throws the owl across the chamber "The next time you show your face to me you better have good news than this one!"

The owl stood up "Y-Yes, my lord." The owl flies off

To Be Continued...

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