Hello everyone! I know I have to finish other fics, but I wanted to post this one. It's something different than the other stuff I wrote, a future fic. I hope you like it. I would be glad to read your comments :)

When she woke up that morning, the left side of the bed was empty.

She rubbed her eyes and stared at the hollow spot with sadness. She had hoped he wouldn't leave her that early, but she knew he had to work. It had always been like that for more than six months, the period they had started living together in a penthouse they bought to wish each other Merry Christmas in a non ordinary way.

She had chose the furniture, and he did choose just the details. He said she had charte blanche, he was sure whatever she'd chose it would've been lovely.

And in fact it went out lovely, their lovely place to hide when they didn't want anybody to disturb them.

Nothing like the open room at the Empire, this was really wider and they had their secret rooms to hide if someone they didn't want to see came to visit.

Her eyes glimmered a bit as she watched the streets outside of the window of the room.

It had been raining the whole night and there wasn't a glimpse of sunlight, but this didn't matter that day. It wouldn't ruin the magic of that cheesy holiday.

It was the day she'd been waiting for months, and her excitement was evident. Sometimes she considered that day even more important than her birthday just because more than presents, she was comforted about the feelings the people she loved felt for her.

She giggled like a little girl once Dorota got in her room with a medium box covered with red and pink paper and a big bow right on the center.

Blair's maid would come just to dry the laundry and cook, and especially that day Blair did want her there to prepare lunch for him. If he ever got to lunch with her. It was sad he barely had a free minute if not late at night and on week-ends.

Her feet moved uncontrollably on the carpet and she ignored the fact that she was bare foot and the floor was pretty cold, she needed to express her glee. She would look like a four year old if someone who wasn't used to her childlike way to show emotions watched the scene.

She ripped up all the colored paper to find that the box was empty.

Her happiness suddenly faded, and a pout appeared on her face as she thought the gift wasn't from the person she'd expected to. There had probably been a mistake.

She thought that there had to be a card with the name of the sender. She found the little white card buried under the ripped papers after a while she'd searched for it, and she was surprised it was blank as well. "What the... Dorota!" She called out for her maid. "Who sent this box?"

When Dorota arrived to her room she had the face of someone who knew too much, but she just answered she didn't know. "Doorman brought it five minutes ago." She shrugged her shoulders and nodded at the same time with a certain confidence that made Blair suspicious.

"Dorota." She pressed anxiously with rage, "Do you know something, do you?"

The maid shook her head with a confused look, but Blair didn't want to give up. She was on her feet before she could even say something and she reached her maid so close that she almost scared her. "You know something. Spill it Dorota!" She shook her shoulders.

The woman trembled in her arms and she smiled awkwardly. She bit her lip like someone who wasn't sure if she had to confess something or not. She looked around her with fear and Blair removed her hands from her arms, until she finally let it out. "Mr... Nate sent this."

Blair moved few paces back and turned to the window shaking her head, her curls moving from side to side as she tried hard to get why.

She and Nate hadn't been together in forever. They had broken up more than two years before, and so she thought he might had sent the box by mistake. But it was hollow... So it must have meant that he wanted her to use it? It was all so weird. It wasn't something Nate would do. She thought about it. Nate wasn't that creative to do something like that. What for?

She brought her hand on her chin as she tried to think about it. "It's empty." She said in a low voice as Dorota carefully watched her walking back and forth in her room. She shook her head as to shrug that thought out of her mind, and she got at Dorota back again. "This was the only one? There's not anymore?" She looked disappointed.

Dorota tried to smile but then she shook her head.

Blair fumed then. She rolled her eyes and punched the bed, then sit on the edge. She made a face and started to shook her head. "I can't believe he didn't send anything." She said, in her voice a tiny bit of rage. She clenched her fists in anxiety, and looked at her maid with fire in her eyes. "Why, Dorota? Why? I thought he would send something!"

She kept shaking her head uncontrollably as Dorota tried to give her an explanation. "Miss Blair, is still ten. Early. There's all the day to send box and roses."

"He forgot," Blair decided, getting up from her bed again. "He wants me out of this penthouse. He does. Yes, he does! Dorota! What can I do, Dorota?" She nervously bit her index finger and tried to keep herself calm but it looked impossible. She didn't know for the first time why it looked so important, but it did.

Truth was that he usually never forgot a date. A birthday, Christmas, and their anniversaries. He did remember even the monthly ones. He used to leave her a red rose on the pillow of their bed at the Empire when they slept there, when she stayed the night. Then he would call room service and woke her with a tray full of fruit and sweets that he knew she loved.

He would put relaxing music and prepare the bathtub filled with bubbles and essences just for her and then join her. And he would always sent roses over her place at Saint Valentine. It was some occasion he never missed.

The year before for instance, he'd sent her a conspicuous number of roses in her room that she found once she woke up. It had been a nice way to start the day, and when she went to visit him to his Hotel room to greet him, he would give her another present. She'd got a white gold necklace the year before, something that cost around 50,000 dollars.

He was never stingy.

She started wandering in the room while Dorota watched her not knowing what to do to calm her Miss down. She finally decided to go downstairs and prepare her a cup of tea, and Blair gladly accepted, adding that she was probably going to receive something soon.

Blair thought her maid wasn't that wrong after all, and so she decided to do something to occupy her time meanwhile.

She went to the bathroom to take a shower. She would surely go to the Empire to play the fake stupid and to see if he really had forgotten about V-Day, and if he did he was as hell a dead man. He couldn't escape her wrath. She would be hurt in the deep of her heart.

She closed herself in the bathroom and started to prepare the bathtub. How it would have been nice if he would be there with her. He would play with her curls and wash her back carefully, and she would do the same. Then they would stay into the water cuddling until the bubbles would disappear and they would move into her room to continue what they started in the tub, on her comfortable bed.

She looked at a paper on the wall, few things she remembered she didn't have to forget or it would be too late. It was something important that he didn't notice when he was in that room with her, washing his teeth or shaving his squared face. It was something usual to write down, she liked how he was so nonchalant with that matter like another person wouldn't do.

He gave her the space she needed, and rarely asked questions he knew were private between a woman and a man. Those little secrets a girl would be too shy to confide to her boyfriend.

She tried to avoid the note and what she wrote few days earlier, and she started to undress.

When she took off her nude slip she looked carefully at her tiny figure in the mirror.

She didn't know why that day the sight of her body that she still thought wasn't enough for him, caused her to think. She was still the same, and the edges of her hips and legs hadn't changed ever since she and him became an item. Indeed, they got better.

But she couldn't figure out why she was bothered, rather uneasy, at her vision. It didn't look like she had something out of place. She was beautiful. That's what he always said too.

She threw her panties into the clothes hamper and then slowly reached the bathtub to immerse her whole body.

The water was hot and she jolted at the warmth. She threw her head back on the edge and closed her eyes. She was surprised that she fell asleep, and when she woke up, she decided it was time to dress up for him.

She put her bathrobe on and stared in the mirror once again, this time to brush her hair. She lost at least fifteen minutes doing that, and she thought she had slept a lot in the bathtub so that when she would get back in the bedroom or the foyer, she would find flowers or at least a box full of chocolates or a fine piece of jewelery.

She wanted to and needed to. It was a simple demonstration of love, and he couldn't deny her that. He couldn't have forgot.

She went out of the room to get in the bedroom to get dressed and was annoyed that the room was still like she left it. She helplessly decided to get dressed once a several time had passed since her hot bath; nothing that looked like a gift was on its way.

She tried to distract herself from the thought that was Valentine's Day and she didn't receive anything yet by going out.

Serena was available. She was single, and to Blair's surprise, she would love to go shopping with her to buy anything that could make her friend happy.


"Can you believe it, S? He didn't even send a little card. Neither a flower." Blair complained to Serena in the afternoon. The two were walking to reach a new Dior store. Serena had suggested to go there, she knew that haute couture usually calmed Blair when she was upset.

Serena nodded and looked disappointed by the news. "This is so rude of him," she said bitterly. "I thought he was actually going to surprise you. That's something he would do."

Blair held her friend's arm tightly as she pushed the door of the store. Serena could feel her best friend's anger. "He will pay for it," she promised, and then she started to reason about punishments she would give him as Serena looked at her with approval, even though she was concerned when Blair mentioned she would handcuff him and leave him naked on their bed.

When Blair finally chose a red silk dress and some other shirts and skirts, she came back home but without Serena. She found out her friend had a date with a new guy, and had to go. Even Serena had somebody who gave her flowers.

Blair got upstairs soon to find the room unchanged. She didn't have high hopes, but she wished at least in a card. What she found was just the towel she threw in anger on the carpet few hours before.

She kicked her heels fast and threw her bag in the center of the big bed and stared for a while at the ceiling until she decided to take her phone.

No calls nor texts on that one either. She fumed in fury and thought about dealing his number and give him a wake up call, but she didn't want to do it just yet. She wanted to wait at least until the hour he usually got back from work. If he would get back home with nothing or worse, without remembering it was V-Day, there she would get mad.

She sighed one last time before drifting to sleep. She was angry but she was a bit tired too. She didn't know why. She hoped she wasn't getting sick.

She woke after a while thanks to Dorota. She had no idea the maid was still there. She usually got back to the Waldorf's penthouse after six o' clock, but this day looked different.

"Dorota..." She said with a sleepy tone. "Why are you still here... It's late." The maid was really closer to her face, and she smiled lightly at her.

Blair noticed she had a small box in her hands, and this made her sit down. "I was about to go. Doorman gave me this." She moved the little box in the air and Blair picked it up in excitement.

She was surprised, and this brightened her mood a bit. She took the box from Dorota's hands while the woman was watching her with wide eyes. She looked happy that a gift had finally arrived; she couldn't bear the rage of her dear Miss Blair if it didn't.

Blair took the little box on the bed and opened it carefully. It wasn't that big, but whatever was going to be inside, could have been enough to forgive the lateness.

She scratched the red paper and threw the bow away to explore the new box. She was disappointed again when she just found a card into the small package.

"What does this represent? A card?" She asked more to herself than Dorota.

The maid couldn't help but just shrug in response. She didn't have any idea.

Blair sighed and threw the card on the bed. "I want to be alone. You can go now, Dorota. Please." She said with a firm tone, unable to look at her. Dorota soon started to walk away and closed the door behind her.

She felt like she wanted to cry. It was almost dinner time and he still hadn't arrived yet.

She decided to examine the card in the end, and she noticed it was actually a Hotel card. It looked like the card of the Palace Hotel, but then she read it with attention to find it was from the Plaza.

What did it mean? He probably wanted her to go there, she thought.

She decided to give it a try, but she didn't know if it was from him. The box didn't have any sender, it could have been anybody.

She smiled at herself when she thought of the possibility, but she had just one boyfriend after all. Who would send her a card for the Plaza?

It wasn't like she was the desire of many men, or at least, that she was aware of.

She jumped off the bed and went to the bathroom to have another hot bath. If it was him who had send that, she would go to the date with a pleasant scent.


She had decided for the best look. She put on the dress she bought in the afternoon with Serena, a long dark red dress. She left her hair loosened on her shoulders, and put on a new white wool coat.

She was surprised the doorman had given her something. She was afraid to read it because she probably knew what it said. She had waited for it for days, she didn't particularly appreciated that it had arrived just before she would go to her date.

She opened it soon to read what was inside, and then with a worried expression she slid the letter into her clutch, and went to the curb where her car was waiting.

She would think about the letter next morning.

It was at almost nine when she reached the Plaza. She took the card out of her bag and went to the elevator. It took her to the penthouse soon, and she realized it as soon as the door opened in front of a luxury living room.

She widened her eyes in amusement. The penthouse looked amazing, even better than the one the Palace had. Well, this was the Plaza. She should have thought it was better.

She stepped into the foyer, and looked around. She wondered where he was. If he was there.

She stopped when she heard footsteps, and he appeared from behind a Greek column on the right that she was meanwhile checking.

She frowned in disapproval and he smirked back at her. He reached her soon, and his hand went on her hips as he kissed her cheek gently. "You are late," Blair complained.

He stepped a few inches back and studied her. He still had his smirk on, and he looked pleased by her complain. "But now I'm here. Disappointed?" He asked, his voice softer than ever.

She rolled her eyes and started to let go of her coat. He took it for her, and she was almost smiling when he did. He was such a gentleman that she couldn't help but being amused by his behavior. She put her clutch over the coat, and he took her hand.

She didn't know where they were going until she spotted a small table next to the enormous window who showed the street and the buildings nearby.

He lead her to her chair, and let her sit before he walked away into the room next to that one, to soon get back with something in his hand. Flowers. It were red roses, such a classic. He brought them to her and she examined them on the table, and she opened her mouth in surprise when she noticed a white rose at the center. She couldn't believe he was that romantic. Her pout dropped and she finally smiled a bit. "It's still too late," she complained.

Chuck rolled his eyes and a crooked smile appeared on his face. He wouldn't give up. He knew she wasn't going to wear that sad and angry face forever.

"We couldn't have dinner at ten in the morning, Blair" he explained as if it wasn't obvious.

Blair bit her lip and looked down at the flowers. They had a tiny card put on the right package, and she carefully took it to read. She was pretending to still be angry even if she was slowly pushing the feeling away. She did like his choices, she had to admit it to herself, but he still wasn't entirely forgiven.

She opened the small card. Just few lines were written, but they were enough to make her heart thudding in awe for him.

I'm sorry you had to wait this long, but I swear it will be worth it. And if you don't believe me... I would seriously be offended and I won't probably give you your gift. -Chuck

A tiny smile formed on her face as she read it. She raised her head to look at him, and he was quite amused by her expression. She looked either surprised or dazzled.

She started to pout and he knew what she wanted. He sighed happily and searched in his suit's pocket for something. Blair didn't know what he was looking for, if it was her present or not. She watched him with inspecting eyes as he took out something from his jacket, or that's what she thought. It looked like he hadn't anything in his hand.

She started to be disappointed and wished he wasn't joking. That wasn't the time to joke. She had waited for hours for a present, and even if it wasn't a cool behavior because she shouldn't base her life over gifts and flowers from her boyfriend, she knew it counted much for her.

He didn't open his hand until he was done with what he had to say. He cleared his voice before he started talking. "I'm sorry you had to wait," he repeated the words he'd written onto the card. "But it wouldn't have been the same if I gave you this present at morning. It's just... It needed an atmosphere, and this place looked perfect."

She kept holding his gaze while folding and unfolding her hands on her lap. She hoped he didn't catch her, but she knew he already did. She was patiently waiting for what he had to say next. It looked important, and she was beside herself with joy already.

"I promised I would take care of you... Give you a good life and try to be a better man." He continued. "But I can't do that if..." His voice trailed off.

Blair put a hand on her mouth and she asked for the bathroom in a husky voice. It looked like she was choking to him, so he put whatever he had in his hand back in his pocket, and took her to the large bathroom of the penthouse.

He helped her taking her hair back as she threw up. He didn't have any idea of why she would do it, they practically didn't eat anything yet, but he wasn't sure she ate before going out.

When she was done, he helped her sitting on the small couch of the large bathroom. She had closed her eyes, and he noticed she was paler than before. His arm remained still behind her back as she had let herself lie on his chest, her arm gripped on his hip.

He didn't want to say anything, but pushing the thing further wouldn't be good for her health. He knew she had had problems, and if they came back he needed to know.

He leaned down to press his forehead on her hair. "Blair." His voice was low and calm. He didn't want to give her a questioning tone, he knew she wouldn't answer him. "If you... If something happened... I need to know. I just want to help you." His tone was sincere and kind. He really wanted to help if he could. He loved her, he would do anything for her.

She flinched in his arm and he could feel her jaw move as she swallowed lightly.

His hold tightened on her back and she relaxed a bit. He kissed her hair and gave her time to recompose herself. She needed it.

Silence fell on the room for what it seemed like an eternity. It was the only thing in that room, and this bothered him. Chuck wasn't sure he could talk, but he had to try even if she wouldn't answer again. He would slowly find out what did she have.

"Do you need anything?" He asked softly closer to her ear.

She didn't even shook her head on his chest, so he reached for her face and started to caress her cheek. She didn't want to answer, it was okay. He wouldn't force it out of her if she didn't want to share it, but he would soon. She didn't need to lie about her health with him. He stood with her while she had her eating disorder two years before, and he would stand now.

He sighed loudly on her hair, and he felt her hand grip on his shirt as words finally escaped her mouth. "I'm pregnant." She managed to get out in one breath.

He couldn't believe her words that he had to take a full minute to realize. His mouth had fell open and he didn't know what to do in that moment. He just adjusted her in his hug so that she was facing him, and with his hand he tried to raise her chin.

Her eyes were teary, and her make up a bit ruined. He grinned nicely as he wiped away the tears from her cheeks. She was puzzled, unable to make a move or say anything. She just wanted to know if this new revelation was okay for him.

Chuck kissed her mouth quickly and rested his forehead on hers. "I love you," he whispered and he kissed her again, this time harder. He pulled away soon and noticed she was still looking at him with uncertain eyes. "Don't cry." He ordered, and wiped away the new tears that were falling on her cheeks. " I love you. I love you." He repeated, trying to comfort her.

Blair's mouth opened and she let out a sigh before she was able to motion few words. "You're not mad?" She asked with fear, afraid he would tell her something she didn't want to hear.

He looked away for a moment and then back at her. "Why would I be" he whispered. He started rubbing his hand on her back lightly, and she relaxed another bit. "You are pregnant, Blair. Above all, healthy. I already love you. Both of you." He crooked a smile and lowered his head to kiss her. It was sweeter this time, and he could feel his cheek damp because of her tears. She couldn't help but starting to cry again, she was incredulous.

"When did you find out?" He asked with interest once he broke the kiss.

She bit her lip and looked at her folded hands on her lap. "Less than two hours ago," she confessed. "I wonder why my Doctor decided to send me the results this late and on V-Day." She rolled her eyes complaining about her Doctor's way to act. "She could have sent the results once I was at home wondering why I still didn't get any gift at noon. I was mad!"

He started giggling in response that she had to look back at him with a pout. "Why are you laughing, Chuck? It's not funny! I'm still mad by the way." She leaned away from him and went almost to the edge of the couch.

"I love teasing you."

Blair changed expression soon, now she looked like an angry child. She pretended to ignore him because he kept laughing lightly on the other end of the couch.

He kept giggling and extended his hand towards hers after a while. He had such pleading eyes that she unfolded her hands and reached his to hold it tight. Her angry face dropped and she smiled. "I hate you," she murmured.

He stood up then, and she looked at him with uncertain eyes. "Let's go in the foyer" he suggested, and she nodded as he helped her standing up.

Once they reached the foyer that was after the small table he had prepared for her, he thought it was time to give her the gift. He didn't think eat was a good idea, he honestly wasn't sure what to do, if she could throw up again if she would eat something.

He took her to the large red couch and stopped before she would sit down.

She started looking at him with confusion. She didn't know what her present would be, but she was sure it was going to be amazing, whatever thing was. He had a great taste, she knew it.

Chuck became serious and took a long breath. He was struggling to find the right words to start or better continue his speech. "I don't want to be your boyfriend anymore, Blair." He said the words in a husky voice. His expression was hard, and Blair froze in front of him.

The words felt like daggers in her ears, ready to cut her to pieces. She didn't know what to say. It was like her world was falling down. From the galore of the bathroom of few minutes before... To this. She widened her eyes, unable to answer him at first. She just wanted to cry, but it seemed like tears this time didn't want to come yet. "W-why?"

He looked down and and bit his lip, trying to find a decent answer. "Because we've been for too long. I'm honestly sick of it."

She swallowed hardly while he still held her gaze. Tears were starting to form in her eyes, but this time she decided to keep her mouth shut. He looked like he had more to say. He pursed his lips and put his hands in his pockets. Blair watched in silence as he took a few more seconds to find the words. She knew they would be decisive. She was already afraid. He took a step forward to her and pulled his hands out of his jacket. "I really want a change." He said dark. "Why I should be a boyfriend when I could be something more?"

She was hit by the words once again. "Something... More?" At that point, she couldn't hold the tears back anymore. Her eyes started to become glossy, and her hands started shaking. She looked down and had to hold herself together not to fall on the couch right behind her.

He nodded. "Yes, something more fit." He answered coldly. "I wanna marry you."

She frowned as soon as she realized. She threw herself on him and started punching his chest lightly. He let her do it for a bit, then his stronger arms got the best of her and he held her tightly. She sighed in his grasp, and started cursing at him ponderously. "I was right hating you!" She hissed, then she stopped as long as she released herself from his hold.

He had something in his right hand, and he opened in front of her. It was a small velvet box, and inside there could only be one thing. The beautiful ring she had ever seen was placed right in the center of the white velvet that coated the inner space of the box. It must've been a rare diamond. It was so big and the lights made it shine as if it was a source of light itself.

He took the ring from the box. He looked in her eyes and smiled as she tried not to cry of joy this time. "Will you?" He asked her sweetly.

She rolled her eyes. "Enhance my position, be something more? I... do."

He smiled widely and slid the ring on her fourth finger fast. He kissed that hand and circled his arms around her tiny figure to tighten her in his strong grasp. He started to give her kisses down the trail of her neck until he slowed down and rested his head on her shoulder.

She raised her head from his chest and stared at him for a good minute until she felt the need to kiss him. Her lips crushed on his and his grip tightened on her back. Her hands went on his chest right were she felt his heart beating under his white shirt. He took all the strength he had to pick her up in his arms, her mouth dangled in disappointment as he leaned a few inches back not to stumble into the carpet right behind him. She brought her hands behind his neck and held on the edges of his jacket not to fall down, and he started walking away from the foyer to the bedroom door.

It was like no one of them wanted to sleep that night. What had happened just few hours earlier felt too overwhelming for the both of them to just drift off sleep easily. They had loved each other for a while. He had been careful enough not to hurt her, and she had noticed it, assuring him he didn't have to worry just yet.

He had been kind and gentle anyway, trying not to be hard and unstoppable as he used to. She appreciated this regard he had, but it looked like she was just one month pregnant, and have strong sex like they usually had didn't look like a thing that could do any damage to the baby she was carrying then. It was too early.

They were lying at the center of the great bed. He had asked for pure silk red sheets and general red bedding, and candles and flowers all around the room. They had of course did the work he asked for, and he could tell she had been satisfied too, even if he knew she probably didn't have much time to look around as they were busy undressing each other earlier.

He was lying right behind her, on his favorite side of the bed. His hand never left her waist under the sheets as he leaned in towards her neck to smell her Chanel. He wondered if she was awake like him, and her little body moved a little in his arms almost at the same time he thought about it, because she was probably asking herself the same.

Her hand cupped his and she squeezed it, and he squeezed it back, lacing their fingers together. He moved closer to her body until his chest was almost touching her bare back. His strong arms tightened the hold, and she rubbed her head back a bit trying not to hurt his nose as he placed his forehead on her dark hair.

"I can't sleep" he confessed her with a low voice.

"Me either," she answered starting to play with his long fingers. He sighed on her shoulder and she froze in his arms. It was cold outside, and for what she knew it had snowed too.

He felt her goosebumps on his arms and brought her closer to his body as he tucked the sheets over her shoulder, supposing she was cold. But she brushed the sheets away as soon as he managed to fix them, leaving her breasts almost exposed.

The arm that was surrounding her moved from her waist to her shoulder as he was shielding her. His hips moved closer and he let his hardness touch her soft back, feeling her nipple on the skin of his right arm harden in response. He could tell that she was almost excited as he was.

She giggled lightly and smiled when his member started teasing her from behind. She knew he was doing it on purpose, but she was too exhausted to do it again. It was like he had the need to make her his once again that night, even if he was dead tired like her. "Chuck. I'm tired for that..." She admonished him, so he just kissed her shoulder and backed a bit.

He didn't protest, he just sighed. A small grin appeared on her face because she was pleased he wanted her so bad. He was so hungry of her like any other man had never been. She felt loved and needed because she also knew that she was the most precious thing in his life.

A long moment of silence passed then, and she wasn't feeling him anymore. It had been a while since he hadn't moved or just sighed. She thought he had fallen asleep, so she quietly twirled around in his arms to check.

His eyes were closed shut, and his shoulders relaxed as he still hold her. She adjusted herself in his grasp and he put his arms around her as his eyes opened slowly. It looked like she had woken him, she suddenly felt sorry for it. "I didn't mean to..." She murmured as he winked slightly and closed his eyes again and just took her closer to his scruffy chest.

She put her head on to where she could feel his heart pounding, her breasts pressed firmly on his body. Her legs found place in between his, and she tucked the sheets on both of them this time. He kissed her hair and inhaled her pleasant scent as one of his hands rested on her hip and then went on her waist like a while before.

He started caressing the spot with kindness, and the gesture made her shiver in response. He smirked with eyes closed, and she noticed it. He loved when he made her jolt in his arms, a slight response that made him feel worth every time.

She rubbed her cheek on his bare chest when she felt his hand drifting right on her belly button. She knew what he wanted to mean with that sweet motion, and she couldn't contain her joy. It was a joy that he hadn't been opposed to this baby, their baby.

"You know, I've never been happier before now." He confessed shyly, his voice barely a whisper. She looked up to see he was looking at her in awe.

"You're offending me, Chuck Bass." She teased. He looked a bit confused by that statement, and she liked moments like these, when she could flurry him like the first time. He was about to reply when she beat him. "You're saying these two years with me weren't worth?"

He smiled crookedly and kissed her forehead. "You wish. You promised you'll pass your whole life with me. You'll have to endure me for the rest of your days. That is arguable."

She laughed and punched his chest lightly. "Shut up" she went to kiss his cheek. She placed her head back on his chest and finally closed her eyes. It took them a while to fall asleep, but they finally drifted to dream land when the first lights of the dawn broke into the bedroom.

They wouldn't wake before lunch time next day, but the night they had spent wide awake had been worth it the insomnia. All of it. For once, she didn't fully regret waiting.

They would be together in this.