Authors Note: After Edward left, Bella became the typical teenage screw up, drinking and partying. Victoria decided to pay a visit and ended up biting Bella and leaving her to go through the change alone. Fast forward 80 years and Bella is still alone (having decided to stay that way) and has moved back to Forks even enrolling in the high school again. One her first day however, she gets a blast from the past as the Cullen's have once again taken residence in Forks. How will Edward and Bella cope with seeing each other again?

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Disclaimer:This story is the only thing I own as it came out of my imagination, the characters have come out of Stephenie Meyers.

Chapter One


I pulled into the school gates and parked in a vacant space. I'd moved back to Forks a few days ago and enrolled in my old high school. It had been 80 years since I was last here. 80 years since I became a vampire.

Victoria had come looking for me a couple of months after he had left me. She felt it was pay back enough to just bite and leave me. Alone. To start this life on my own. I was hard to leave once I'd changed but I couldn't risk hurting anyone I knew.

Charlie had died 50 years ago and everyone who had ever known me was gone. So I knew it was safe for me to return. I had met a few vampires throughout my 80 years – but I preferred to stay alone.

I had changed a lot since I'd last been to this high school. When he left me – I changed. I went to parties, got drink, got tattoos and piercings. I was a typical teenage screw up. Now I was a different person – confident and independent.

I got a lot of stares as I climbed of my bike – mostly from boys. I was used to it. My long urban hair fell round my face in effortless curls and my thin curvy body always drew attention. My outfit only attracted more attention. I was wearing tight black leather leggings that showed off my legs and a tight fitting waistcoat that stopped mid-stomach, showing off most of my stomach and my tattoos.

I picked up my leather back and began walking to the office my high heeled boots clinking against the concrete. I was near the building when I saw something that stopped me dead in my tracks. Edward. I stared at him taking it in. it was really him. The same bronze hair, golden eyes, everything. And he wasn't alone…

His family was with him: Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie. All of them. I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. That was when Alice looked toward me and smiled. I didn't respond. I couldn't.

I saw her whisper something to the rest of them and watched as they all turned to face me, shock plastered on all of their faces. As soon as my eyes locked with his and I saw him say my name: "Bella", all the feeling rushed back into my body and I could move. So I did. I walked straight past them and into the office.

"Hello, dear. You must be the new student," the lady behind the desk said.

"Yes, I'm Bella Swan," I confirmed, forcing a smile.

"It's nice to meet you Bella. Here's your class schedule and I hope you enjoy your time here."

"Thank you," I said, taking the paper from her. I glanced at it and saw my first lesson was English. I left the office and headed straight there, praying I wouldn't see any of them.

I walked into my English class and to my relief saw that none of the Cullen's were seated inside. I carried on walking until I reached an unoccupied desk at the back of the class. I smelt him as he walked in, his delicious scent even more potent inside the small room. I looked up knowing who it was, but unable to stop myself. The sight of him made him even more irresistible. His bronze hair, messy as always, his angelic features and his sparkling eyes made my still heart hurt.

"Can I sit with you?" Edward asked.

"It's a free country," I said as he sat beside me.

"What happened to you, Bella?"

"I think you lost the right to know anything about me when you left me in the middle of a forest on my own," I said angrily.

"Bella, please-"

"No Edward. You can sit with me aslong as you shut up. I'm sick of your lies."

"Fine. I won't talk to you for this lesson. But you must agree that if we're attending this school we need to come to an understanding."

"Just stay away from me and we'll get on fine."

"Bella we need to talk."

"Fine later."

"At lunch then?"


He said nothing else as the lesson started. But it was like I was back in our old Biology class. It felt as if electricity was flowing through me and I had to grip the table to stop myself reaching over and touching him.

The hour which followed was possibly the longest I had ever spent in my 98 years of existence. As soon as the bell rung I was out my chair and walking towards the door, desperate to get away from him so I could think. As I made my way to my next lesson I was certain of only one thing – I wasn't looking forward to lunch.