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Do androids love with electric hearts

It was a rainy night when Roy saw Rick Deckard, his brown hair, his chestnut coloured eyes, and his distant emotions. He seems like he's a lonely shadow walking in the night looking at the ground in sadness, he can't tell if the streams down his face were the rain or tears.

After a moments hesitation he walked up to say hi to him. Hello I know we got off on the wrong foot, but I thought I'd say hi, Roy said. Well thanks, it's great to finally have someone that cares about me, Deckard then said . Why what happened ? Roy asked. Rachael died a year ago, she was killed by a mugger, Deckard replied.

Oh I'm so sorry,Roy said . Don't worry we weren't really close anyway just friends, Deckard. Well I always wanted to tell you something but I was too scarred to say anything, Roy then said. What was it ? Deckard asked. I just wanted to say, I love you.

After what seem liked years, Deckard replied I feel the same way, but I didn't know that replicants were able to love. Well we are and I can show you for proof, Roy said. He then pressed his lips against his.

Deckard was shocked at first then he felt more relaxed a few seconds. After the kiss was over, Roy was going to leave, but Deckard then said wait I still want to be with you. Really? Roy asked. Really, Deckard replied. Later they were sitting on the roof where they had their confrontation 2 years ago.

You know looking back now this whole prejudice of replicants seems very foolish, Deckard said. Yeah and I guess you put that prejudice aside for once? Roy asked. Yes and I'm glad I did, Deckard replied. then the rain stopped and the stars appeared.

Oh the stars are very beautiful, Roy said. Yeah this is the first time I saw them, Deckard replied. I heard if you make a wish on a star it will come true, Deckard then said. They made their wish at the same time and deep down they knew they made the same wish. That they would be together forever.