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It's morning. You can't see the clock so you're not sure what time it is exactly, but the sun is definitely trying to peek through the curtains. There are noises coming from the suite's kitchen, and some wonderful smell you can't identify wafting into the bedroom..

Allison sits up, alarmed and whispers, "House, there's someone in here."

"Yup. The hotel's chef is cooking our breakfast."

"What? Really?" She's got the blankets pulled up to her neck, and her eyes are as wide as they can get.

"I arranged it when I booked the suite. We don't have to leave this room for the next 24 hours if we don't want."

"Oh. That sounds nice," she says, planting a kiss in the vicinity of your earlobe and then stepping out of bed, the tail of your shirt just covering her beautiful backside. She pulls open the curtains and steps out onto the balcony. "House, the view is gorgeous. Can we eat out here?"

The view is indeed gorgeous, you think. Would be even better if she lost the shirt. "We can eat anywhere you want," you call out. Maybe you'll eat off her naked body.

Choking down a Vicodin, you head for the bathroom to answer nature's call. It's the first time you're really seeing it and Allison is right, it's pretty impressive. The tub looks very inviting. Definitely big enough for two. After breakfast might be a good time to dive right in and go a few laps, metaphorically speaking.

The chef serves your breakfast on the balcony, and it's indescribably good. Allison is making appreciative sounds with every bite and you're getting more and more eager to hear those sounds in a different context. You've been half-aroused since she got out of bed wearing nothing but your shirt, which she is still wearing while emitting those little moans. You wonder if she knows how sexy she is when she does that.

"So, what do you want to do next?" you ask. Sex, please say sex, your brain repeats like a mantra. But this weekend is hers, so you'll let her decide.

"I think," she says, smiling a sultry smile, "that first we should take a long, hot shower. There's a nice big bench in there."

Score! you think with a grin. "Sounds good. Then what?"

"Then maybe we could go for a walk in the park?"

"All right. You finished? 'Cause I'm ready for that shower now."

She laughs at your eagerness and pushes her plate aside. "Yes, I'm ready," she says, rising and standing between your knees, holding out her hands to help you up.

Instead you pull her down into your lap, running one hand up the smooth skin of her thigh and kissing her thoroughly. After a few kisses, she stands again and breathlessly murmurs, "Let's move this to the shower."

"I'm right behind you," you tell her, grinning your most lecherous grin. Amazing how she makes you feel like a horny teenager.

Once in the bathroom, she starts the water running and then unbuttons your shirt and lets it drop to the floor. You were half out of your boxers before you even left the balcony. Seeing her naked, you kick them completely off, sending them sailing across the floor. She steps beneath one of the many shower heads and jets; the water flows over her naked skin, clinging to it like a lover. You follow, immediately reaching for her, and she laughs as you pull her hard against you.

"Someone's eager," she says, rubbing her palm against your stiff prick.

You moan and kiss her, taking her hand off you lest things end all too soon. You're as horny as a man who hasn't been laid in years, painfully aroused and ready to burst. After more hot, wet kisses, you back toward the bench and sit, bringing her with you. She turns her back to you and you guide her down until you're inside her deep as you can go, moving your hands up her slippery skin to her breasts to caress them, placing kisses all along her neck.

She moves up and down, slow and steady at first, those breathy moans of hers driving you mad. You can't stop sliding your hands over her body to touch her everywhere. When you reach between her legs, she moans louder and starts to move faster, setting a pace that drives you mad with pleasure. Pressing down on her clit, you thrust upward as best you can, closing your eyes against the slick heat of her body around your engorged prick, and she comes hard with a soft gasp. The pulsing grip of her orgasm on your cock brings you to climax right behind her, and you cry out in release, clutching her so hard you're afraid you might have bruised her.

Leaning her head on your shoulder, she looks up at you and says in a breathless alto, "Do you know what you do to me?"

How can you answer that? You don't know, can't even fathom that she'd find you attractive or sexy. Most times you just go on faith that she does, somehow. She's just about the only thing you have faith in. Allison and science.