"Finn! Are you alright?"

Oh how embarrassing... Finn couldn't ice skate to save his life.

As he struggled to take his head out of the deep pile of snow, he could hear a small giggle behind. Just great. Not only can't he ice skate, but he was showing off his non-skating abilities in front of her.

Finn finally got his head out of the pile to face Rachel. She had that same warm smile that only she could wear. He couldn't help but think that the situation was almost worth it if she would smile like that for him.

She offered her hand to help him up, but he brushed it away. His manly ego couldn't take much more of a bruising. She squatted down in front of him and gave him this sad look. Damn... he thinks he hurt her feelings!

"Rach, I just want to take a break. I'm really tired. This is the… sixth time I've fallen,"

"Seventh," Rachel coughed to cover up her response. He could feel his face blush from embarrassment. That's just great. Apparently not only can't he skate, but he can't count either.

"Yeah…um…seventh," Finn coughed. "Anyway I'll just lay down here for a sec,"

"Okay!" She immediately got back up and skated off.

As she skated, He couldn't help but admire her figure. It was hard to believe that she was his girlfriend.

Finn stood up and skated after her.

Just then he heard a crack beneath him.

Oh you have got be kidding to me. Why is fate so cruel today?

His footing became unsteady as the ice continued to crack beneath him.

He let out a yell as the ice collapsed beneath him. His eyes closed in reflex as the freezing water covered his head. He struggled to take off his ice skates; otherwise he would have trouble swimming. While the water was not extremely deep, the skates kept bringing him down. With a kick, he got both skates off and swam towards the surface.

Just as he thought he was going to break the surface, his head crashed against something hard covering the top. Finn's eyes opened wider in disbelief as he stared at the thick sheet of ice in his way.

Where was the opening!

A big bubble of air escaped from his mouth as he panicked slightly.

No calm down. There has to be a way out of this.

He felt around the ice for a way out. He winced as the pain in his lungs from lack of air grew. He needed fresh air fast.

In a desperate attempt, he began to pound at the thinner parts of the ice. Damn... the water was slowing him down. He swam through the freezing cold water; the opening had to be somewhere. Everything was starting to get blurry and his chest was in so much pain. He felt like his lungs were on fire while the rest of him was ice cold. His movements became sluggish as he tried to find the crack.

Where... is that... opening? I can't... concentrate.

A huge air bubble escaped from his mouth as he gave up and floated limply beneath the ice. Finn caught a glimpse of a human shape. Then everything was black.

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